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Made in China 2017 Exhibition Report

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Updated: Mar 23rd, 2021

Made in China 2017 is an exhibition organized to attract attention to the sphere of infrastructure, building materials, innovative technologies, etc. The given event was held in Qatar in Doha Exhibition and Convention Center. The area perfectly meets all requirements of the organizers as it is big enough to house 15000 guests and about 300 exhibitions. Therefore, there were many various zones devoted to construction, highway, railway, and building engineering, communications and radio, rail transportation products, etc.

Regarding the fact that the main aim of Made in China 2017 was to interest potential customers in the offered products, there were numerous media events to highlight particular aspects of the industry and attract peoples attention. Moreover, visitors were able to attend specific seminars about investment programs and the environment. In general, the exhibition became an essential event in the sphere.

Therefore, among numerous companies that presented their products, I would like to speak about five ones. The first one is Guizhou Dagong New Energy Technology Co. The organization works in the sphere of electric motors and produces Vol gate, electric rolling door, roller shutter door, and other motors. It boasts the unique quality of its products and innovative technologies that are used to manufacture different goods. It has arrived at the exhibition with the primary aim to promote its products and ensure that customers will demonstrate a stable level of interest in it. Moreover, trying to expand and enhance its functioning, Guizhou Dagong looks for new partners who could be trusted and who could help the company to evolve.

The second company is Foshan LongTai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. It develops, manufactures, and sells staircase railing, stainless steel baluster, and other components that are used in this sphere. The company was founded in 2007; however, nowadays, it is a potent agent that is focused on further growth and looks for new opportunities. For this reason, Foshan LongTai uses Made in China 2017 as the platform to attract attention to its products and find new partners who also work in this sphere and could share their experience to attain significant success. Therefore, the company demonstrates stable growth and could become one of the leading organizations in the field.

Shenzhen Ostlumi Technology Co., Limited is the third company I would like to discuss. It uses the most innovative and technological approaches to manufacture LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED accessories, etc. Made in China 2017 offers a perfect opportunity to familiarize potential customers with the companys main products and attract investors attention. Therefore, Shenzhen Ostlumi Technology Co. wants to run globally, and it needs an experienced partner who could be trusted and which could help it to evolve and become a significant factor. The company also correctly realizes the current trends peculiar to the sphere and emphasizes its innovative character when presenting outstanding products.

The fourth company is Guangzhou Binz Import & Export Trading Co., Limited, which tries to provide customers with various products from China for them to enjoy the perfect quality and realize their ideas. The nature of the company means that it has to work with numerous partners to deliver goods to different countries. For this reason, the exhibition becomes a perfect opportunity to promote its services and attract peoples attention. Guangzhou Binz cooperates with a number of Chinese organizations; however, it also tries to find new international partners here to create the basis for its further evolution and growth.

Finally, Foshan Nanhaiguangya Lighting and Electrical Co. is the company that produces LED light systems that could be used in different settings. It considers Made in Chine 2017 an excellent opportunity to find new partners and popularize its goods among the targeted audience.

Altogether, the exhibition in Doha Exhibition and Convention Center is a central event in the sphere of infrastructure, building materials, and innovative technologies. The fact is that it attracts the most important or promising companies, which will obviously shape the given field and introduce numerous tendencies regarding its further evolution. I should say that Made in China 2017 is a well-organized event.

First, the choice of the place is perfect as Qatar is the area that attracts the attention of numerous potential investors because of its economic power and blistering rise. Furthermore, Doha Exhibition and Convention Center provide an outstanding opportunity to organize everything in an appropriate way and house all guests and companies that want to participate. There are also special seminars which are introduced to increase individuals awareness related to the discussed issues and guarantee the increased level of interest in products that are presented. Additionally, media events are an essential part of this show as they help to create the atmosphere and highlight the most important aspects of Made in China 2017.

Finally, the focus on Chinese companies is fundamental to the modern business environment as organizations should not ignore this market. Under these conditions, the exhibition fosters global cooperation and results in improved outcomes.

I should say that Made in China 2017 is a perfectly organized event that obviously attracts the attention of numerous companies and cultivates innovativeness, cooperation, and close economic relations between different countries.


First of all, I should say that CoverTech 2017 Qatar, Hospitality Qatar, and Made in China 2017 are unique events in the world of business. All these exhibitions were organized with the main aim to develop international cooperation, share perspectives on the evolution of different spheres, and promote the use of innovations. Moreover, they all could be characterized by outstanding management. All participants were provided with the needed space and things they required for the demonstration of their goods.

Moreover, CoverTech 2017 Qatar, Hospitality Qatar, and Made in China 2017 not just presented the audience with products that are popular nowadays; however, there were numerous seminars during these exhibitions which helped visitors to improve their knowledge related to the sphere and reconsider outdated approaches.

Therefore, another similarity is that all these exhibitions were held in Doha The choice of the place is not accidental. First, organizers correctly realize the modern tendencies in the contemporary business world. Choosing Doha, they cultivate the evolution of business relations between the Middle East companies and other important agents. Moreover, the rapid economic growth of the region attracts the attention of numerous investors. Finally, as one of the most fast-growing cities in the region, Doha possesses all facilities which are needed to house all participants. For this reason, the choice of Doha is perfect regarding the aims of these exhibitions and the desired result.

Therefore, another similarity between all three exhibitions is their focus on technologies and new approaches. CoverTech 2017 Qatar, Hospitality Qatar, and Made in China 2017 managed to create a unique, innovative environment that astonished visitors. Moreover, companies that presented their products here also tried to demonstrate the use of revolutionary technologies and ways they could be implemented in real-life activities. I think it is one of the most important aspects of all these exhibitions as they provided visitors with the idea of how our future might look and what technologies we will use during the next several years.

Nevertheless, the main difference between these events is their themes and primary focus. For instance, Hospitality Qatar attracted companies working in the hospitality sector, whereas CoverTech 2017 Qatar was an international exhibition for decoration, and Made in China 2017 focused on Chinese companies that tried to find new partners. Despite the fact that there were some similar products, the main idea of these exhibitions was different. Organizers obviously acted regarding previous events and wanted to create a new and unique platform for companies to demonstrate their goods and share visions.

Altogether, I should say that the three exhibitions mentioned above have numerous similarities which come from their nature and main aim. However, having visited them, I should say that feelings are not the same. CoverTech 2017 Qatar, Hospitality Qatar, and Made in China 2017 impress people; however, these events do it in different ways. I believe that this fact evidences a great success as all visitors remained satisfied with the suggested program and products.

Moreover, I am sure that the impact these exhibitions have on the modern business world could not be compared. These events promoted international cooperation and fostered an improved partnership between companies across the world. For this reason, I assume that there is a significant need for new exhibitions of this sort to increase peoples awareness and create the basis for the further economic growth of the region.

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