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Art Exhibitions Essay Examples and Topics

Paleontology Museum’ Analysis

The main goal of this paper is to provide a description of the museum and my personal feelings about the visit. Hall of Footprints has one of the largest collections of the trackway and fossil [...]

Made in China 2017 Exhibition

Regarding the fact that the main aim of Made in China 2017 was to interest potential customers in the offered products, there were numerous media events to highlight particular aspects of the industry and attract [...]

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Exhibitions

In regard to this, I have purposed to carry out some personal research on the Rosetta stone and specifically the language that was used at the time of this stone.

A Visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC

People visited the museum to learn about the atrocities caused to the Jews by the Nazi administration, headed by Hitler. The other piece I learned is that in the museum there was a video of [...]

Penn Museum Exhibition of Mediterranean World

Romans apparently devoted a great deal of attention and resources to the finer things in life. Both the history and the artifacts help to understand the culture of the Romans.

Exhibition Chicago: Crossroads of America

Among all the historical artifacts, the pioneer locomotive an exhibit of the City on the Make exemplifies the cornerstone of the building of the city best symbolizing the cause and effect of its industrialization and [...]

Cantor Arts Center’s Sculpture Exhibitions

Amongst these, I chose to visit the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University to explore the exhibitions. My experience in the Cantor museum was exciting as I had the opportunity to view the striking artifacts.

Interactive Design of Museum Exhibitions

Furthermore, the process of learning is also at the core of every exhibition as museums usually provide much information about the authors of art pieces and the history of art itself.

Virginia Holocaust Museum’s Genocide Presentation

In terms of the educational objective, I aimed to learn the aspects and details of the Holocaust through the artifacts, objects, and things that belonged to people experiencing these events' atrocities.

Virginia Holocaust Museum Trip and Experience

I wanted to make sure that I could listen to myself and truly feel what the Holocaust was for humanity and is for me. I felt outraged that someone could think they had the right [...]

Virginia Holocaust Museum Field: Trip Reflection

I must admit that the very fact of listening to the voice of somebody who went through the horrors of the Holocaust proved to be at least as revealing as all of the artifacts and [...]

Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ Marketing Challenges

The primary challenge facing the MFA is the gradual decrease in the number of visitors. Since the MFA is a museum, it presents interest to the two groups of customers: local and tourist visitors.

Art Exhibitions and the Impact that They Leave

The specified approach toward representing the idea of beauty, in general, and the female body, in particular, seems quite legitimate seeing that Carolee Schneemann has been known as the pioneer in the study of subjectivity [...]

Etihad Museum

The museum is the visitors pavilion, and the museum is underground. The museum looks at the time period of the unification of the United Arab Emirates.

Norton Simon Museum Exhibition

Rubens' Meleager and Atalanta and the Hunt of the Calydonian Boar is among the highlights of the museum's collection of European paintings.

Hierarchy and Value in Crocker Art Museum

The satisfaction of a visitor depends on the perceived value of the experience, which is directly connected to the value of the objects displayed in the museum.

The National Gallery History

This gallery gives a clear image, presented in paintings and pictures, of the economic life of the people in the past.

Dress Exhibitions’ Analysis

This exhibition features the most exclusive pieces of clothing from the archives of the Museum and inspires the visitors to get a notion of how people used to dress for various occasions in several past [...]

The Hide/Seek Exhibition in Brooklyn Museum of Art

However the exhibition was restructured by the Brooklyn and the Tacoma Art Museums. The fusion of the modern and the ancient American pictorials and artistic lifestyle gave this exhibition a unique touch from other previous [...]

Robert Tombs: Graphic Works Exhibition

The exhibition is comprised of more than a hundred of exhibits; it is worth pointing out that not only the mentioned types of art are demonstrated but also the books of Robert Tombs, his posters, [...]

Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia: Mission & Vision

The mission of MOCA GA can be defined as follows: the museum exists to "fill a void felt in the Georgia art community" by collecting, presenting, and archiving the most significant works by the artists [...]

Market Readiness of Art Gallery in Saudi Arabia

As a result, the market of the art pieces that are made by the locals has increased over the recent past. Saudi Arabia has the potential to improve the state of art exhibitions.

The Great Exhibition of 1851

The main of them had to do with the ideas of: The presumed natural dominance of the West over the rest of the world.

Japanese American National Museum

The authors of the museum comprise of the staff, consultants, and scholars who put emphasis on multi-ethnic partnership in the process of planning and safeguarding of the museum.

The Norton Simon Museum Art Collection

The Norton Simon Museum is one of the most outstanding private art collection in the world. This scene is made more authentic with the luxurious weave of leaves, branches, and blossoms from the characters in [...]

The Wang Center Museum

It was in the Skylight Gallery that the contemporary Korean artworks were displayed during the March 2015 Korean History Exhibition at the Wang Center.

Museums. Cultural Report

Apart from the internal layout in a museum, there are some which tend to favor conservation over education and the reverse.

Virtual Museum Tour

Great museums such as Vatican Museum in Italy founded in 1503 and Louvre Museum opened in 1793 as a museum in Paris; have greatly contributed in the preservation of the art style cultures. The following [...]

Philadelphia Art Museum

The solution of the Department of the Urban Outreach encouraged the museum to define the approaches to serve diverse needs of community.

Esson’s exhibition review

Esson's translation of ceramics to reflect the reality of the moment eventually casts a form that is potent in her ceramics.


To me, the museums did a good job in dispelling stereotypes and I believe that the groups represented in the museums are perceived more favorably as a result of the exhibitions.

The Heffron Hall Collections and Pieces of Art

In the location above, the length of attraction represented to an audience, looking to visit this location will be greatly influenced by the features of the studio including the outside environment of the hall, the [...]

Recent Modern Art Exhibition: Projects 89

Art exhibitions are the places, which will be interesting to people of any age and any gender any time."A natural effect of the Museum exhibition will be to lead the public to enquire why it [...]

Role of modern art museum

From the above we can say that the modern art museum acts as memory banks for all events and objects in the society which is of great utility to the members of a given social [...]

Digital Art Exhibition Review

The second artistic work in the online exhibit is referred to as Digital dance. Digital art is a major revolution in the world of art.

Art Gallery with Ko-Kutani

The name Ko-Kutani originated from the Japanese area of Kutani, which is situated on the west coast of the main island, Honshu in the region of Kaga.

Packaging Visual Communication

The choice of a color for painting to obtain desired shapes in the image depends on the culture of the target audience and the meaning of the intended message.

Exhibition Review

The photographs on the exhibition are all from the permanent section of the museum. The unifying factor in the photographs on this exhibition is the use of Photoshop software in enhancing their appeal.

Analysis of Art Works in De Young Museum

The combination of lines conveys the required feeling of movement and defines the two-dimensional shape and form of the image that were inherent to the art of the 19th century.

Visiting the Delaware Art Museum

With the diameter of 80 feet and the circumference of 253 feet, the Labyrinth is probably the most unique and impressive creation in the Delaware Art Museum. The Labyrinth itself and the rest of the [...]

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Each exhibition at MOCA is a unique opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty of the world they live in and to see how the professionals recognize the main aspects of the modern world.

Chicago: Crossroads of America

However, the most significant artifact which reflects not only the history of Chicago, but the whole spirit of this city is, to my mind, the Pioneer locomotive.
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