Art Exhibitions Essay Examples and Topics

Museums. Cultural Report

A museum is basically a building set aside for the acquisition, management, inquiry, presentation and educational interpretation in the aim of having scientific or traditional value. The main objective of such museums is to enable the modern generation to appreciate their respective culture as well as history. Just like many other educational institutions, a museum […]

A View Worth a Million Words: “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart House Art Collection”

Introduction: Taking a Time Travel A true appreciation of art comes only when one is left eye-to-eye with the author’s work. Offering the Canadian audience a chance to have a “personal conversation” with some of the renowned artists of the Modernist era, the organizers of “A Story of Canadian Art as Told by the Hart […]

Virtual Museum Tour

Humans have used art for centuries as a medium for secure expression and communication. Through art, artists have been able to explore their imagination, expressing their cultural and historical understanding or simply how they view the world through their artistic eyes. Their ideas have been captured in portraits, paintings, sculptures, buildings, ornamentals, furniture and many […]

Philadelphia Art Museum

Issue Background and History The first evidence expansion of the Philadelphia Art Museum occurred in 1893, when Anna Wilstach bequeathed the large collection of paintings that included the works of American artists. Due to such growth, the museum managers had to consider the extra space because more and more visitors wished to see the collection. […]

Esson’s exhibition review

Introduction Esson’s works have managed to occupy adequate space in gallery exhibitions as both group and singular exhibitions for several years. According to recent analysis of her works, Esson’s ability to utilize a smooth transitional process in her art work has enabled her to remain relevant in the field for many years (Merran, 2005). Merran […]


Introduction A learning experience can be considered effective if it results in the acquisition of new knowledge or developing of new perceptions by a person. In the recent past, I visited three museums that represent various ethnic groups. These museums are; the Wing Luke Museum, The Burke museum, and the Cambodian Cultural Museum. I followed […]

The Heffron Hall Collections and Pieces of Art

Audience and location The city of Sidney continues to perpetrate a reputation of supporting the development of creative spaces aided by a series of events locations and programs. As such, the city offers a variety of periodic events and activities running through the year. To facilitate these events the city is proud to host and […]

Art Gallery’s Weak Points and Merits

Introduction An gallery refers to a collection of artistic works that have been compiled for various reasons. Most of the works that are contained in an art gallery is done by bare hands. However, modern work galleries contain artistic works that are done through computerized and other mechanized techniques. This paper looks at one collection […]

Furnished Room in the Weisman Art Museum, Minnesota

Introduction The world of architecture is rich and amazing indeed, this is why it is always interesting to evaluate and investigate different aspects of design work. Each room and each building has its own purpose, function, and impact on a visitor. In this paper, one of the rooms in the Weisman Art Museum in Minnesota […]

Recent Modern Art Exhibition: Projects 89

Introduction Art exhibitions are the places, which will be interesting to people of any age and any gender any time. “A natural effect of the Museum exhibition will be to lead the public to enquire why it is that objects of ‘museum quality’ are to be found only in Museums and are not in daily […]

Role of modern art museum

Human beings rely so much on the past to solve future and the current life challenges. Thus this mere fact calls for efforts to make the past more meaningful and relevant in the current day to day activities undertaken by mankind. This has led to acute need of establishing of modern art museums in our […]

Digital Art Exhibition Review

Introduction Digital or new media art has greatly transformed the world or art. Digital art emerged in the 1970s and has gained immense popularity with advancement in digital technology. Prior to the digital art era, modern art was more prevalent. Sometimes, digital art is often grouped as a form of modern art but comparing it […]

Art Gallery with Ko-Kutani

Ko-Kutani (old Kutani) is a brightly coloured Japanese porcelain or ware with striking decoration. The above squared Japanese drinking bottle coated with an extra layer of shiny coatings has four sections of the same, but not exactly similar landscape and flower patterns. It has brilliant and startling green, blue, and yellow mountains and rocks. In […]

Art Museum Report: The Art Institute of Chicago

Introduction This is an internationally recognized art museum. It was started as an academy in 1866. This institute underwent rapid changes by advancing quickly to become both a school and art museum in 1879. The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) is a renowned institution offering a wide range of services to the public. Apart from […]

Exhibitions at the International Center of Photography

Two exhibitions “Roman Vishniac Rediscovered” and “We Went Back: Photographs from Europe 1933–1956 by Chim” are presented at the International Center of Photography. The pictures made by two photographers who worked during the period of the 1920s-1950s impress the audience with the extreme honesty and realism. Observing the works by Roman Vishniac, a person can […]

Packaging Visual Communication

Visual Communication is an important aspect of writers and readers in their process of interaction through book pages as well as electronic screens, such as televisions, computers and cameras (Berger, 1989). The visuals may include photographs, films and posters. Other commonly employed terms to refer to visual communication is communication design, information design and document […]

Exhibition Review

Introduction In this article, I will examine an ongoing exhibition, After Photoshop, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition has been running since September 25th, last year and will be closed on May 27th this year. The sub-themes on this exhibition are as many as the photographs exhibited. However, the general theme is showing […]

Summary of “Inside the White cube” by Brian O’Doherty

Inside the White Cube by Brian O’Doherty is an art book that was published in 1976. It employs the ideology of the gallery space. It examines critically the effects of the post war crisis on art and museum gallery. The author explores the main reasons of designing modern gallery space using neutral patterns, for example, […]

Edward Ruscha’s exhibition at the Denver art museum

The event in this case is Edward Ruscha’s exhibition at the Denver art museum where the main artwork of interest was “On The Road”. This piece of work is inspired by the works of Jack Kerouac novel published in 1957 that was critical in defining the Beat Generation and it is a limited edition of […]

Analysis of Art Works in De Young Museum

Albert Bierstadt, The Arch of Octavius (Roman Fish Market), 1858 The material of this artwork is oil on canvas. The artist tries to depict the peculiarities of Rome decline and inability to take everything under control. The combination of lines (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal) conveys the required feeling of movement and defines the two-dimensional shape […]

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne: Special Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Special Exhibition of Cézanne’s work on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York until May 8, 2011 confirms the master’s importance and solidifies his influence on modern art as a whole. Pablo Picasso once characterized Paul Cézanne ‘the father of us all’ – the “all” meaning every painter who identified with […]

Visiting the National Gallery of Art

Introduction Since the very humble beginnings of human civilization man has had ways of expressing his feelings and emotions about others, his society, environments, and significant historical events like battles with other communities or immigration episodes as well as his normal and bizarre imaginations. These ways range from music, literary works to creative works of […]

The Artwork “The Vitruvius Man” by Leonardo da Vinci

Introduction The Vitruvius man is a drawing that is stored in Gallerie dell’ Accedemia in Venice, Italy. This drawing was created by the re-known artist Leonardo da Vinci in the year 1487. The drawing is in paper and ink; therefore, it is brought on exhibition only once in a while due to the delicate nature […]

Delaware Art Museum

Visiting a museum is a fascinating but challenging endeavor. Rich in emotions and impressions, a visit to a museum requires the basic knowledge of art. Visitors must be able to place themselves within the museum’s emotional and physical context. Reasons why people visit museums are numerous. Falk and Dierking (1992) are confident that the prevailing […]

The Museum of Contemporary Art

About Exhibitions of Contemporary Art Each exhibition at MOCA is a unique opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty of the world they live in and to see how the professionals recognize the main aspects of the modern world. The exhibition under consideration is “From the Recent Past: New Acquisitions” with 50 artworks which disclose […]

Saatchi Gallery: My Perception of Art

Every member of the global community should learn about history and arts to be able to reflect the vision of the contemporary world. I have decided to visit an art gallery to enrich my experience and knowledge about contemporary arts and other interesting items that can be encountered in such a place. The Saatchi Gallery […]

Chicago: Crossroads of America

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. – George Santayana This statement cannot be refuted. People should know their history in order to have the future. A great role in understanding one’s history is played by historical exhibitions. They can be especially helpful for young people who will be able not […]