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History of Art Essay Examples and Topics

History of Art: Medieval and Renaissance

It would be necessary to investigate the role of these artworks in explaining the revolution of Christianity. Ideally, the relation of these descriptions to the present world is evident.

Art History During Twentieth-Century

This approach enables the writer to change the setting of the narrative. This novella implies that such distinctions can be the result of the evolutionary process and class discrepancies.

Renaissance Ideas

How can these ideas be used to explain the differences between the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance? The question was "if the universe is a single thing, how are all the diverse [...]

Italian Art in 15th Century

When the sculpture was created, it was meant to become a part of a chain of sculptures of prophets on the top of the Florence cathedral.

Art Theft in South Africa

In the article, Massie points out that art theft is a profitable trade in many parts of the world, just like drug trafficking and the illegal sale of firearms.

Performing Arts and Culture Industry

In the presentation three distinct points were made: first that as of 2008 the total amount of revenue for the performing arts industry has been in the decline since the financial crisis, second, that the [...]

Art in “Who the Fuck Is Jackson Pollock?” Documentary

Simultaneously, the works of renowned artists increasingly became a property of the art elites, a group of individuals who decide the worthiness of a piece of artwork based on their knowledge and recognition of the [...]

The 18th Century Chinese Art Book

Attractively written and comprehensively dependant on original works, Children in art is a significant addition to the literature in the domain of 18th-century Chinese art.

Visual Perception of Images Then and Now

Thus, when speaking about the first image, one is to keep in mind that our brain "adds" some missing parts; however, it does not mean the brain will reflect the correct image, it just probably [...]

Career of Teaching Art

Many people recognize and think of art as a business, with very few noting the importance of teaching art itself as a more important business and a career worth to be chosen.

Urban Society and Humanism in Renaissance Art

The role of education and literacy was significant as well because many people were able to spread the opinions of these individuals and make everyone believe that the art of Renaissance was the best.

Ancient Egyptian Artwork

Vizier, who was the second powerful man after the king and the next person to the king, was in charge of legal matters and at the same time the commander of the police.

Color History and Spirituality

In the majority of religions, the color blue is the color of heaven. The two primary examples of the use of Blue color in religious architecture are the Giotto Chapel and the Blue Mosque.

Apparel’s Role in History: Fashion Exhibition

The proposed exhibit will be concentrated on the counterculture fashion and the role of patches in the counterculture. While in the 1960s denim jeans were of simpler fashion and had embroidery and patches as the [...]

Recognition of Art in Saudi Arabia

The press usually highlights the issue as the triumph of liberty and human right to expression every time an exhibition takes place in Saudi Arabia, or a Saudi Arabian artist participates in the international event.

High Renaissance Art

In the course of the development of the High Renaissance, Rome exceeded Florence due to the ambition of the clergy's ambitions to reinforce the glory of Rome through art.

Italian and Dutch Renaissance Art

Masaccio's frescos were drawn on stone and had an emphasis on realism in accordance with the traditions of Renaissance, which sought the rebirth of art as it were in antiquity, particularly during the times of [...]

Curator: Definition and Examples

While the time frame of the identified role is typically restricted by the deadline of the exhibition, a curator may also assume the role of a keeper of artworks in the museum and not in [...]

The Body in Contemporary Art

Finally, the art of performance includes the human body in its motion; in this role, the body is viewed from a variety of angles and perspectives and in the combination with what is happening to [...]

The Renaissance in Italy

The Italian Renaissance marked the end of one era in Europe and the start of a new one. Apparently, the Dome of Florence was an important symbol of Renaissance culture in Italy and was regarded [...]

Pre-Renaissance Mythology, Sculptures, Paintings

Firstly the archaeologists get the chronology of the ancient artifacts and remains. In the backdrop, there is the vine of Dionysus which acts as a highly symbolic and decorative mark.

Greek Mosaics, Sculpture, and Roman Taste

The author notices that Richter's reconstruction of the arms is impossible because the tension and the bulging of the muscles are different in these two statuettes.

Baroque Art Paintings and Sculpture

Teresa" defines the main idea of the Baroque due to the use of controversial concepts: on the one hand, it is a heavy and definite material of the sculpture that proves its connection to people, [...]

Modernity Development in Art of 18-20th Centuries

In turn, romanticism and realism are aimed at showing that modernity can be viewed as the search for new topics or questions that have not been examined by the representatives of the previous cultural movements.

Neoclassicism in French Revolution

As a matter of fact, the roles played by art in the social realms could not be ignored during the revolution years. The cruel nature of the French regime was depicted in the Marat's figure [...]

Chinese Art, Fashion, and Mass Production

Such attitude invokes the lack of individuality creating the mass production products, proving that along with the promotion of the new artists in the world and sharing ideas the large trade and political institutions can [...]

Graffiti and History of Street Art

Statues of antiquity and great canvas of the New Age and many other works appeared due to the set of reasons which made this very kind of art the main characteristic of the epoch.

Nineteenth Century Romanticism

The works of early composers, writers, painters, and poets evolved from the onset, and in the increased quest for perfection, a spirit of romanticism was born.

Art History of Nineteenth Century

Each of the boats is under the control of a standing person, but their identities are indistinct because of the mist, the morning dusk, and the distance between the viewer and the subjects.

Censorship and the Arts in the United States

The article titled "Censorship versus Freedom of Expression in the Arts" by Chiang and Posner expresses concerns that the government may illegitimately censor art to avoid corruption of morals and avoid subversion of politics.

Public Art’s Meaning and Implications

Hence, the unique association on how public art is constructed is the main distinguishing factor irrespective of the category or classification of the art form. Literary speaking, each of the four types of public art [...]

Artefact Collection and Reflection

I received the opportunity to analyse the work of the IOC with references to the organisation's history and culture from the perspectives of the social theories and concentrated on the role of the IOC for [...]

Art through History

As a matter of fact, the century witnessed the beginning of radical changes in the field of art. One of the major theories in the work of art was romanticism which developed in the 19th [...]

History of Art and Design

Styles such as still life painting advanced from the use of pencils in the past to the use of colors in the present.

Works of Art

The first part highlights more about the impressionism period's paintings, basic facts about the works, the personal philosophies of the artists, and art work in time context. The last painting has the main figures in [...]

Native American Visual Arts

In particular, the paper discusses the richness of Native American art that depicts various aspects of the history and the culture of indigenous people.

Art Period Comparison: Classicism and Middle Age

Classical and medieval periods of art demonstrate the power of the idea to continue traditions such as teach people and share the basics of life on the one hand, and the necessity to react to [...]

Art influences Culture: Romanticism & Realism

In addition, the paper also highlights issues of the time and influences of the later works on the art world. Realism presented events of the society as they happened in reality.

Visual Art Analysis

Although the better the illustration might appear to be, it is hard to bring out the perspective viewer without engagement of the critical thinking.

The Power of Art

That describes the reinforcement and the shift to managerial and economic patterns and language of thought in media and cultural policy.

Visual Art: Ownership and Copyright

Today, visual art has become easy to make, available and cheaper because of the invention of a camera. The rhythm and the harmony of art work contribute greatly to the supremacy of an image.

Where Creativity and Inspiration Originate

The different disciplines of art can also be used to define humanity with religion and history being a factor, with science and technology embracing the entirety of the human nature and hindering its raw creativity [...]

Deriving meaning

In order for one to be able to understand such a work, he/she should also have an understanding of the ways in which an artist may visually present the ideas he/she has in his/her piece [...]

From Modernism to Postmodernism

The desire to move out of the era of modernism to postmodernism was desirable. The change of modernism to postmodernism is an evolution of traditional believes and practices to a modern way of thinking.

Reformation and Development of the Arts

The reformation occurred as a result of conflicts between the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible. A major contributor to the spread of reformation was the existence of the printing press that [...]

Impressionism History

Impressionism, an art movement, was born in France in the 19th century specifically in the period between 1860 and 1880 with its major goal being to popularize the impressionist art style, which was a deviation [...]

Prehistoric Art

The temple was built in honour of goddess Athena in 5 BCE and was located in the region of Acropolis of Athena.

Tillich theory of art

Inspired by the theological mindset and thinking he interrogates the concept of depth in narratives and similar art works and constructs a hypothesis that great art reflects a conscious awareness of the problem associated with [...]

The Baroque Period of Art

In essence, the church played a major role in spreading baroque architecture because it was used as the vessel for conveying the emerging trends to the public.

Two Historical Art Periods

C in the course of the rise of the Greek Kingdom. In the classical period, art was uncomplicated and mono dimensional.

Art Appreciation

This example exemplifies the definition of the word art because it is both educational and political. This example exemplifies the definition of the word art due to its intent of motivating thoughts and feelings.

Art Appreciation

The works of Art in the Ancient culture were of various forms which included architecture, sculpture, and graphic arts. Architecture and sculpture are the oldest forms of art that existed and still exist in the [...]
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