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Visual Arts Essay Examples and Topics

When writing essays on art, it can be hard to organize your thoughts and ideas. An outline can help you to achieve a good structure and logical flow of ideas throughout the paper. Here are the steps to help you in creating an art essay outline:

Step 1. Choose art topics that are narrow enough for a detailed analysis. To do that, you can browse art essay examples online. Once you find some interesting essays, write their titles out and see which one appeals to you the most.

Step 2. Browse relevant art that you want to analyze in your essay. Most essays on this subject require you to interact with the source material, such as a painting. This step will also help you with visual analysis further on.

Step 3. Brainstorm ideas that you could incorporate into your essay. Brainstorming is a great tool for finding things to write about in your essay. Write out all you can think of in relation to the chosen title, don’t hold any ideas back!

Step 4. Try to group ideas and information by themes. These themes will later become the foundation of the outline. At this stage, refer to your chosen title continuously to ensure that all the themes fit well with it.

Step 5. Write the outline using groups of ideas you identified. Ideas that come from course readings should be placed in the introduction. Information that you researched on your own should go into the main body. Finally, your own beliefs, viewpoints, and opinions on artwork should be covered in the Analysis section or the Conclusion.

Step 6. Browse sample art essays here before you begin writing to see if you could add anything else to your outline!

168 Best Essay Topics on Visual Arts

Tile: Museum Assignment

In essence, the tile is painted blue except for the thick contours, the thick lines bordering the contours, and the badge-like shape.

The Piece of Art “Confrontation” by Spencer Fiddler

While line etching as a form of art has been around for quite sometime the distinctive style utilized by Spencer in this instance is unique in that the personally identifiable details of the subjects involved [...]

Man Ray’s Artworks Blazing the Trail to Africa

However, as the fascination of the view subsided and gave way to more constructive thinking it occurred to me that the artworks were somewhat polished, that the tint of the ingenuity, so precious and so [...]

“Barbie Dolls” Image by Chris Jordan

However, the image passes the test, and, consequently delivers its intended message, which is to portray the "nudity" of the modern people in various activities that they undertake each passing day.

Mark Dion’s Artworks Appreciation

In particular, the artist heightens the role of scientific explorations in modern society by locating the basis of environmental politics in the origins of knowledge and history about nature.

“100 Cans” Artwork by Andy Warhol

They say that the work reflects the pop art of the USA. I would like to clarify that the type of an art movement appeared in the early fifties in the United Kingdom of Great [...]

Char Davies’ Osmose as Digital Media Art

The participants also experience a strong feeling of immersion in the virtual world; it was already noted that they perceive the virtual reality as a strong personal experience.

Multimedia Art: Osmose Environment by Char Davies

This feature of Osmose implies the unique nature of the new media and its ability to stay connected to the other features such as immersion and hypermedia, as the interactive nature is rather broad and [...]

Osmose Media Art Project by Char Davies

It is paramount to note that the level of integration that has been achieved with this work is truly astounding. The most important aspect that should not be disregarded is that it can be viewed [...]

Media Arts: Char Davies’ Osmose Virtual Environment

Osmose by Davies as the art installation reflects all the features of the modern media while combining the elements of the virtual environments with the persons' perception and such physical processes as breathing and moving.

Visual Analysis of Nature in Modern Art

In the age of modern arts, when both the creators and the audience is less concerned with the physical form and more with the underlying messages and feelings that art invokes, the multi-faceted topic of [...]

Art Criticism and Its Basic Stages

At this step, the art critic mentions everything he/she knows and understands about the piece of art. The final step is judgment, which entails how the critic thinks of the work.

Chapters 7-9 in “Understanding Comics” by McCloud

Despite the strict logical organization of the stages from the basic understanding of purpose to sharpening the specific skills related to the form of art, the author claims that many artists tend to learn these [...]

Beaton Institute Archive

Therefore, the first part of this study explores the Abbass Studios Ltd.fonds through the story of the family and close observation of the selected works that constitute the chronicle of Sydney and all of Cape [...]

Chicano Mural in Los Angeles

It is imperative to mention that the number of Chicano murals in Los Angeles is truly astounding, and it is not an easy task to choose the one that is the most visually appealing.

Underworld in Cerberus, Blood Meridian, Scenes in Hell

Cerberus therefore provides the viewer with a significant representation of hell and the underworld by encompassing the forces reigning in the underworld and its significance in allowing entry and exit from the underworld.

Cultures and Emotions in Picasso’s Artworks

Nonetheless, Picasso had a tendency to deny the influence of the African culture in his paintings, and It could be said that the primary reason for the denial of the African tradition is the fact [...]

Arabic Calligraphy and Contemporary Artists

Arabic calligraphy is a form of art involving the use of the Arabic language and alphabet. In the old town of Jeddah, for instance, artists have blended Arabic calligraphy with graffiti to create calligraffiti.

History of Renaissance

In specific, the theme of human body proportions is well-reflected in the engraving The Fall of Men; the brilliant use of color and attention to details in oils, characteristic of Michelangelo and Da Vinci, are [...]

Napoleonic Portraiture in David’s and Canova’s Art

David's "Napoleon Crossing the Alps" is a masterpiece because it gives the true picture of Napoleon Bonaparte. Although this was not the case with Napoleon, the painting achieved its purpose because the emperor was always [...]

Contemporary Art at Saatchi Gallery of London

The work states the idea that the "location of the soul was not necessarily in the body", and the focus is not on the man trying to breathe above the water, but on the vivid [...]

Visual and Performing Arts

As a result, visual and performing arts are crucial for the participators and the society as a whole. The study of visual and performing arts is very crucial for the success in the industry.

Ancient Chinese Arts Comparison

On the right is The Seated Buddha, a sandstone carving from the Northern Wei Dynasty obtained from a cave along the Silk Road in China.

Street Art as a Political Protest

Street art is a traditional means of communication it is utilised by a cross-section of collectives and the state to inform and persuade.

Shaun Gladwell’s Art: Materials And Techniques

Gladwell appears to be one of the modern artists whose skills have broken from the past in terms of specialization and application of both materials and skills, especially due to the digitalization of his methods [...]

Sand Animation Works by Kseniya Simonova

The show of a sand artist includes a video that allows the audience to see the process of the creation of the piece; it also is accompanied by special music, and, of course, the art [...]

Islamic Art: the Pilgrim Bottle and Nasrid Plasterwork

The chronological history in the development of Islamic art has been featured both in the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum through various displays of scientific instruments, metalwork, calligraphic decoration, and glass mosque [...]

The Silk Road’s Impact on Chinese Art

Nevertheless, the most important impact of the Silk Road system experienced in China is the art culture. Arguably, the Chinese art and architecture borrow a lot from the other cultures involved in the Silk Road [...]

The Recovery of Art Pieces

The fresco Birth of the Virgin by Domenico Ghirlandaio, the Italian painter, is also of the great cultural and historical significance because of demonstrating the elements of the style typical for the Early Italian Renaissance.

Modern Art: Condensation Cube by Hans Haacke

Thus, obviously being the bright example of the modern art, Condensation Cube helps to author to introduce several questions which are interesting to him and raise the question of the relations between art and science [...]

The Islamic and Mughal Arts

If the objects presented in the Jameel Gallery reflect the standard features of the Islamic art, the objects typical for the Mughal art can be discussed as influenced by the combination of the Islamic and [...]

Art: Magical Realism

The concept of loreal Maravillas was introduced in 1949 to the Americans where the foundations of magical realism were traced from the art world.

Jackson Pollock Life

In fact, Mural, which is one of his unique pieces of art, was a design for his entrance hall that was executed in a single day.

Art and Nursing in Different Periods

Artist: Pietro Longhi Style: Rococo Genre: genre painting Gallery: Ca' Rezzonico, Museo del Settecento, Venice Artist: Mary Cassatt Start Date: 1896 Completion Date: 1897 Style: Impressionism

Artist’s Role in Society

These artists support the best national ideas and traditions in order to make every society successful. Artists can "encourage their followers to support the best activities and decisions in the society".

Ancient Greek Art and Sculpture

It is possible to trace this change through examining two sculptures pertaining to different periods of Ancient Greek art. Of course, to understand art, it is necessary to understand the epoch.

Comparison of Color Themes

This reflection is the color of that particular object. In painting color is used to exhibit different effects.

Arts in Society: Artistic Manifesto

Many artists are unable to bring back the beauty and strength of art. Many works of art have presented the best aspects and strengths.

Banksy’s Graffiti Artworks in Palestine

It is in this location that the anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has placed 9 suggestive pieces along several well travelled areas of "the Wall" in order to create social thought regarding the moral and ethical [...]

Art Work’ Defending – Hauberk

The central piece of analysis is hauberk, a shirt of mail dating back to the beginning of the sixteenth century. Some features as length, size, form and texture of loops, as well as the materials [...]

Illuminated Manuscripts – History of Graphic Art

However, those people who can be even not interested in art easily imagine illuminated manuscripts because the elements of this art tradition are still used in decorating the books for children and some of the [...]

Spirituality in Art

Indeed, the work that appeals to my spirituality and my soul also reveals my inner emotions and attitude to the real world.

Goldsworthy’s and Christo Landscape Art Comparison

He uses photographs and films to record his works to show how different objects are arranged in a landscape. This allows him to show the energy within and outside various objects he uses in his [...]

Modernism’ Art Definition

The problem of defining of the term Modernism created much difficulty for artists, philosophers and writers of the 20th century. In the course of time, the aspect of realism came into consideration to change a [...]

The Language of Art

The implication is that the language of images in art is grounded on the underlying interactions between an individual's perception of information, and their sociological bias.

Cabramatta’s Culture and Art

Indeed, seeing that turtle and tortoise shells have been used as the raw material for various types of medicine for quite a while in China and Vietnam, as well as the fact that the Chinese [...]

Art Fairs’ Increasing of Number and Significance

Apart from that, the increasing availability of information about cultural and artistic life is one of the factors that contribute to the growing number of art fairs in various regions of the world.

Modern Arts Development in the USA

The research explores how the social status, the cultivation of esthetics, and attendance of artistic events affect the inherent attitudes of the cultural policies in the USA.

Ani Kasten and Her Ceramic Art

It is necessary to note that it is not easy to see the major message of the artist when looking at her works.

Beauty and Art

Numerous artists have tried to find the answer to what beauty is and managed to come up with an important finding that beauty is something all people long for. The song is related to physical [...]

Metropolitan Museum’s Historical Objects

The paintings and design of the plate show pictures of boats, buildings, and animals, an aspect that creates an impression in the mind of a person, who comes across the object that the people of [...]

Damien Hirst Biography and Career

Damien has managed to be successful in a dynamic and competitive global art scene because he understands the value of beauty and morality through his works.

Comparison of Indian and Chinese Art

Brief History of Indian Art The history of Indian art is said to be as old as the Indus Valley civilization itself where each period in history has provided the nation with unique modes of [...]

San Diego Museum of Art

The San Diego art museum is one of the oldest in the country. The museum has a lot of significance because its exhibits show continuity in art ideas from different periods.

Postmodernism Building and Understanding

In the field of art, postmodernism refers to the new approaches that were taken by modern artists as the world experienced various changes. However, his works on art are generally believed to have shaped postmodernism [...]

Material Culture: Pottery

In the context of the discussions of this paper, the later definition of material culture is adopted. In the light of the arguments raised above about the origin of the pottery making art, it is [...]

Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Art

It is also important to notice the kind of confidence in the face of David in this sculpture. In this painting, it is apparent that the angels gave a helping hand in the creation of [...]

Private Art, Public Exposure

The more diverse the art exhibitions are, the more attracted the public is and eventually development of lucrative relationship that will see the collectors and artists benefit greatly from the sale of artistic works in [...]

How Digital Technology Influences Art

This section of the paper discusses the impacts of digital technology on the world of arts. Digital technology has extended the array and amount of artwork that one artist can do in a given period.

Oceanic Art Objects

In its turn, the design of Abelam mask appears to be subliminal of its creator's deep-seated anxieties as to what he or she perceived as the 'power of eyes' hence, the unnaturally enlarged eyes, featured [...]

Demystifying Chinese Art and Its Relation to Culture

In addition, the artworks may provide insights into the life of the royal society of the ancient Chinese dynasties. Therefore, the study of the ancient Chinese paintings would help in determining the aesthetic values and [...]

Early African Arts

From this view, some scholars argue that Africa has some of the oldest and greatest forms of rock and wall arts in the world.

Sculpture and painting

A look at the military sculptures in many city parks shows that, they were meant to inspire patriotism while at the same time instigate and boost the pride of a country where the sculptures stand.

Color Management and Profile Specifications

It is acknowledged that the closed-loop color method is quite easy to implement as it presupposes that the digital color is a preserve of the high-end systems hence it is quite easy to get the [...]

Ceramic Art

She was widely exposed to art and yearned to run away to France which charted the direction of her life as she thwarted her mother plans for "coming out" into the society and leading a [...]

Neolithic pottery and art Culture

The second category of Neolithic artifacts encompassed jade carvings and pottery originating from the eastern seaboard and the lower side of the Yangzi River towards the southern direction.

Contemporary Art in China

However, the fruits of the struggles are worth the effort, if the current fame and reputation of China as a beacon of contemporary art is anything to go by.

Modern Approaches to Creating of the Artwork

The technological peculiarities of the installation are characterized by the fact that the author uses a projection screen and a room with four specific zones for producing of the effect of interacting with the characters [...]

Definition of Art

Establishment of limits of bad behavior in a society is fundamental for the well-being of all the members of the society in question.

Popular Street Artists

In an effort to discredit the Bank of England, Banksy satirically replaced the words 'Bank of England' with 'Banksy of England.' During the Notting Hill Carnival, a certain individual dished out the fake money to [...]

The Glories of Islamic Art Series

It is against this backdrop that this paper takes an incisive look at the Islamic art that was developed by the Mamluks of Cairo with cross reference to the movie The Glories of Islamic Art.

Manga: “Naruto” by Masashi Kishimoto

We want to consider the first part of the story where the main character is just a boy who wants to reach the main purpose of his life, to become a Hokage, the leader of [...]

Public Art in Education

I am interested in understanding the effectiveness of public art in education, creating awareness as well as social identity of communities and uniqueness of towns.

The distinction between great and mediocre art

This argument can be applied to Elia Kazan did not want sacrifice his work for the sake of his reputation and even friendship with many other people. His or her understanding of art has to [...]

Roman and Greek Art

In addition, the artistic use of light materials in the construction of the Colosseum plays the traditional role of inspiring the modern day theatres and stadia construction.

Kent Reilly III’s article on Olmec iconography

The article highlights the relation of the shaman transformation pose to leadership in the middle formative period. The presence of the art in ruler's grave highly suggests that, the art which pointed some transformation was [...]

Art and Design Analysis

The drawings are purely handmade and they show that the artist spent a lot of time to come up with these drawings. There is a clear evidence of thinking in the mind of the art [...]
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