Visual Arts Essay Examples and Topics

When writing essays on art, it can be hard to organize your thoughts and ideas. An outline can help you to achieve a good structure and logical flow of ideas throughout the paper. Here are the steps to help you in creating an art essay outline:

Step 1. Choose art topics that are narrow enough for a detailed analysis. To do that, you can browse art essay examples online. Once you find some interesting essays, write their titles out and see which one appeals to you the most.

Step 2. Browse relevant art that you want to analyze in your essay. Most essays on this subject require you to interact with the source material, such as a painting. This step will also help you with visual analysis further on.

Step 3. Brainstorm ideas that you could incorporate into your essay. Brainstorming is a great tool for finding things to write about in your essay. Write out all you can think of in relation to the chosen title, don’t hold any ideas back!

Step 4. Try to group ideas and information by themes. These themes will later become the foundation of the outline. At this stage, refer to your chosen title continuously to ensure that all the themes fit well with it.

Step 5. Write the outline using groups of ideas you identified. Ideas that come from course readings should be placed in the introduction. Information that you researched on your own should go into the main body. Finally, your own beliefs, viewpoints, and opinions on artwork should be covered in the Analysis section or the Conclusion.

Step 6. Browse sample art essays here before you begin writing to see if you could add anything else to your outline!

Goldsworthy’s and Christo Landscape Art Comparison

Introduction Goldsworthy and Christo are two famous landscape artists who are well known for their works. The two artists use their creativity to come up with outdoor artistic impressions which are bold and provocative. As a result, each artist has his own style which he uses to convey different emotions to specific audiences. This paper […]

Modernism’ Art Definition

In a broad sense, the term Modernism covers both a range of cultural trends and a set of related cultural movements that resulted in rapid shifts in Western society in the end of 19th century. In 20th century, Modernism was encouraged by technological advancement, and was characterized by new approaches and ideas. This tendency is […]

The Language of Art

John Berger proposes that, in the contemporary setting, images are not always interpreted on the basis of their explicit denotation but the often-slanted viewpoints of the audience. He stated, “The way we see things is affected by what we know or believe” (8). The implication is that the language of images in art is grounded […]

Cabramatta’s Culture and Art

Cabramatta is one of the places where several cultures meet and intertwine in the most original and unpredictable ways possible. Though located in the South Western Sydney, the city incorporates the influences of not only the Australian and English culture but also a range of tangible features of the Oriental culture, specifically, the Chinese one. […]

Art Fairs’ Increasing of Number and Significance

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the factors that could have contributed to the increasing number of art fairs during the last ten years. Additionally, it is important to study the reasons why such events have become more significant. One can say that this trend has been rather persistent due to the impact of […]

Modern Arts Development in the USA

Public Support for Arts Gerro researched to determine whether the members of public support the American arts industry. The author used evidence from the USA to make the pertinent determinations concerning this question. The research explores how the social status, the cultivation of esthetics, and attendance of artistic events affect the inherent attitudes of the […]

Ani Kasten and Her Ceramic Art

Ani Kasten is an artist creating amazing ceramics. Her works can be items for exhibition, but they can also be functional. At the same time, her functional works are all pieces of art. The artist creates simple objects which convey really important ideas. It is necessary to note that it is not easy to see […]

Exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

Introduction First of all, one should state that art represents the source of knowledge about the country and the culture of its nation. The cultural artifacts serve as the study means of the art history as well as of the techniques used by the artists in the past. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston […]

Beauty and Art

Introduction People often say that beauty is something subjective. However, some people tend to forget about the complexity of the concept. What is a beauty? For some, it is a set of specific physical features, whereas it is a set of personal qualities for others. No one can tell exactly what beauty is. Nonetheless, it […]

Metropolitan Museum’s Historical Objects

Introduction Metropolitan Museum is one of the biggest museums in the United States that has numerous historical objects, paintings, and sculptures from various parts of the world. Some of the major cultures demonstrated by the objects found in the museum include African, European, Egyptian, and Asian. The objects in the museum vary in terms of […]

Damien Hirst Biography and Career

Introduction Born on June 7, 1965, Damien Steven Hirst is a British entrepreneur known for his creative nature and love for collecting art. Most people who have an encounter with Damien describe him as a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination (Bradford 39). The global art scene holds Damien in high esteem for […]

Comparison of Indian and Chinese Art

Introduction The most suitable definition of Art is yet to be found. In the recent past, numerous books, as well as journal articles, have argued over the basics of what is meant by calling something art (Michell, 23). Art is generally a vehicle that has been used since time immemorial by mankind, to express and […]

San Diego Museum of Art

Introduction The San Diego art museum is one of the oldest in the country. The museum has a lot of exhibits which showcase art from different places such as Asia, Latin America and Europe. The exhibits displayed in the museum range from renaissance, baroque and impressionist eras as well as contemporary art from different places. […]

Postmodernism Building and Understanding

Introduction Heartney (16) defines postmodernism as an era that followed modernism. In the field of art, there has been a massive change that has taken place, ranging from pre-modernism, modernism and finally postmodernism. According to Grenz (78), art has experienced changes in line with the changing world. This scholar holds that these changes are a […]

Western Art’s History – The J. Paul Getty Museum

Description of the Piece of Art The J. Paul Getty Museum based in Los Angeles houses various works of art that range from paintings, drawings, sculptures, and European, American photographic works. The museum also has artworks from ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria among other artistic works. One of these works includes an Etruscan Terracotta fragmentary […]

Material Culture: Pottery

Introduction Historical museums have collected various materials that define the process of progression of a society. Historians have defined such materials as material culture. Although there are valid definitions of material cultures by various historical scholars, Brown defines it as a “study through artifacts of the beliefs- values, ideas, attitudes, and assumptions- of a particular […]

Zhao Zhao and the Chinese Contemporary art

Observation, description, and location Zhao Zhao’s Constellations are a series of art pieces made from glass (exhibit 3). Marks are created through gunshots. They are part of a series of art pieces with a similar form and content providing a trend in Zhao’s art (Zhao Zhao: Constellations 2013). Constellation II is an art piece from […]

Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Art

Background information of the artist Michelangelo Buonarroti Simoni was an Italian sculptor, an architect, a poet, a painter, and an engineer who had a massive impact on Western arts developments in the 16th century. He was born in 1475 in Caprese, but both parents were from Florence where he was raised as a child (Müntz, […]

Private Art, Public Exposure

Introduction Works of art are great assets to contemporary society since they reflect identity and values of diverse cultures in the world. Since art is an integral part of the public domain, privatization of art foundations and museums in the recent past, has attracted many criticisms concerning the fate of cultural identity and values. Critics […]

The Social, Economic, Intrinsic Values of the Arts and the Legitimacy of Supporting Arts in the UK

Introduction In any country, state capital and cultural capital always walk hand in hand hence can not be separable. In many countries including the United States of America, most of the arts are administered by the private support; however many European countries like the United Kingdom are paying greater public support for the artists. The […]

Art and Ideology in the Twentieth Century: Identity Construction

A matter of identity is a very sophisticated subject and it is closely connected with social dimension. Paradoxically, the notion of the self cannot be alienated by one principle and, therefore, it cannot be purely centered. The identity construction, hence, is not only connected with the core of individuality, as presented by the Western conceptions. […]

How Digital Technology Influences Art

Introduction Digital technology has become part of the everyday life in the world. Various sectors such as music industries have faced the problem of responding to the speedy developments in digital technology. In the world of arts, digital technology changes every day especially in media convergence technologies and digitalisation of production. Gündüz (2012, p. 202) […]

Oceanic Art Objects

The foremost stylistic commonality between Matua, Abelam and Baining people’s masks account for the fact that all three of them emanate the unmistakable spirit of aesthetic primitiveness. In its turn, this spirit is being reflective of the designers’ of all three masks tendency to hypertrophy their masks’ facial features. For example, Matua mask features the […]

Demystifying Chinese Art and Its Relation to Culture

Introduction Anthropologists strive to understand the lives of people in various regions. Therefore, they may use various tools to understand the lives of these people. Art is one of the major tools that anthropologists use to understand the lives of people in various regions. Generally, people use art for aesthetic purposes. However, art may have […]

Arts of China: Tomb of Liu Sheng and Dou Wan Jade Suits

There is no use denying the fact that art could be taken as an integral part of human society. The thing is that it has always been moving along with humanity, helping it to express various feelings and emotions and making people more inspired and happy at the same time. Traditionally, art has also been […]

Early African Arts

Introduction Early African arts have some of the most diverse collections in the world. This is because African continent has societies, people, and civilization with diverse cultures. Styles also differ depending on the origin of the art. However, some pieces of art materials have common trends to indicate their regions of origin. For instance, sculpture […]

Egyptian style art piece – The Turin Erotic Papyrus

The Turin Erotic Papyrus (Papyrus 55001) is somewhat a pornographic artwork, which is now stored in Turin museum of Egypt heritage, situated in Italy (Manniche 52). This ancient artwork is made of a series of vignettes, which are drawn on a papyrus tube. The tube is divided into three parts, with the first part consisting […]

Sculpture and painting

Introduction Sculpture illustrates a three dimensional artwork that is made by combining and/ or shaping materials. Normally, a sculpture is usually made from stone and clay prior to its casting in bronze to give it a brand new outlook. In the modern society, invention of newer materials in conjunction with advanced technology has transformed the […]

Color Management and Profile Specifications

Color management is based on profile specifications of the internationally accepted ICC (International Color Consortium), which is the “governing body” for color management (Sharma vii). It has beauty and simplicity because it ensures files are consistent and accurate as they move from one device to the other. It is possible to single out some major […]

Ceramic Art

Introduction Ceramic art is a form of art with a long history in many parts of the world. It refers to making object such as tableware, tiles and figures from clay and other raw materials through the pottery process. The products that result from this process are categorized as fine art, decorative, industrial or applied […]

The Convergence of the Computer Graphics and the Moving Image

The concept of new media has thus emerged and entails an amalgamation of two distinct historical paths: computing and media technology (Manovich p.1). These two phenomena have contributed to the emergence of contemporary media technologies that facilitate the storage of sounds, images, image series and text utilizing diverse materials- film stocks, photographic plates, and gramophone […]

Neolithic pottery and art Culture

Introduction The Neolithic period is one of the most fascinating periods in the Chinese history; a period believed to have started in 10,000 B.C. and came to an end eight thousand years later. This period was characterized by a population, which solely depended on crop and domestic animal farming as opposed to gathering and hunting […]

Contemporary Art in China

Introduction The development of contemporary art in China is a result of intellectual, cultural, economic political and social factors. The growth and acceptance of contemporary art in China has not taken place overnight. Rather, it has taken decades of struggle for freedom, execution of artists, and manipulation of art associations by the communist government. However, […]

Modern Approaches to Creating of the Artwork

The world around us is constantly changing. It is really unique in its beauty. Every aspect of our reality can arouse certain emotions and feelings. The variety of our emotions and variants of their expression is great. Artists have a wonderful opportunity to express all their passions and feelings with the help of depicting and […]

Definition of Art

Introduction Values are one of the core aspects in any given community. They instill respect among members of a community enhancing cohesion between the various parties of the community. Artists play a pivotal role in the introduction of community values, ideas as well as belief systems. These ideas, beliefs and experiences bring about improvement on […]

Popular Street Artists

During a walk along the streets of most urban centers, one may encounter various artworks displayed on walls. The government does not sanction a sizeable percentage of these artworks. Street art refers to the illegal visual artwork. Street artists usually undertake their work despite the risk of arrest. Various street artists have gained worldwide popularity […]

Chinese ware: Vase with Peony Scroll

Figure 1: Chinese Vase with Peony Scroll, Northern Song dynasty (960–1127) (Metropolitan Museum of Art 2013) Formal perspective This is a Cizhou-type Chinese vase, which relied on a complicated technique in order to create an outstanding decoration on a jar. This technique is sgraffito, an Italian term that means scratched. The potter would cover the […]

The Glories of Islamic Art Series

Introduction and Background The link between Islamic art and religion has been brought out clearly in the 3-part DVD series The Glories of Islamic Art. The movie attempts to expound how Islamic movements led major players such as Sinian in the field of art. In addition, it develops a memorable aesthetic heritage that has withstood […]

Manga: “Naruto” by Masashi Kishimoto

Manga is not just a reading for pleasure, it is a deeply philosophical piece of writing which should be considered in detail. It is impossible to read manga without thinking about its deep meaning. Each manga is a collection of simple stories about simple people and some magical creations with superpowers, but in most cases […]

Effects of World War I on the Development of Modern Art

Introduction The World War I and the events that preceded it had significant and long lasting implications on modern art. There was an explosion of innovation and creativity both in technology and art during the period1. The automobile and the airplane are some of the recent technologies that quickened the pace of human life and […]

Do ethical flaws in an artwork detract from its aesthetic value?

Introduction Some basic points on moralism While discussing ethical flaws in an artwork and their impact on its aesthetic value, it is necessary to highlight some important points on moralism in aesthetics. First of all, it should be pointed out that the issue of morality in art can be regarded rather ambiguously. Thus, the so-called […]

Behind the Tatanua Mask: Look into the Eye of an Ancestor

Of all the ways to learn about the culture of the people living centuries ago, analyzing their visual art must be the most exciting and at the same time the most deceptive one, with a constant threat of making a misinterpretation. However, when it comes to something as exotic as the Tatanua masks, it is […]

Public Art in Education

My background training involves studies on various components of contemporary art and design. Public art as envisioned by Freedman, combines the interests of various stakeholders including artists, local communities, urban planners, city agencies as well as both private and public organizations (Freedman 6). I am interested in understanding the effectiveness of public art in education, […]

The distinction between great and mediocre art

The distinction between great and mediocre art is often subjective and it often cannot be accurately determined by any qualitative or quantitative measurement. The articles presented in this packet touch upon a series of questions such as artistic taste, evaluation of art, and creative courage. The central idea that the authors emphasize is that artists […]

Roman and Greek Art

The Roman Colosseum The Roman Colosseum has had a great impact on western architecture. The construction of the three dimensional elliptical amphitheatre took place between 72 AD and 80 AD in Rome (Hopkins & Beard, 2011). The constructors used various materials such as concrete. The concrete used was obtained from a local limestone lighter than […]

Chinese Art’s Definition, Influence and History

Definition and influence of art Art is composed of various human activities that require specific skills for instance music, literature, sculpture amongst others. Each community is endowed with its unique forms of art and which can be traced back sometimes across many years in history. Art also offers a glimpse into a people’s way of […]

A critique on Kent Reilly III’s article on Olmec iconography

Introduction The article relates the shaman transformation pose and the leadership in societies where shamanism is practiced. The shaman transformation pose portrait involves the Olmec style. Olmec is an art style that was used back in early Pre-Columbian period. It is also an archaeological culture. In the Kent article the shaman in transformation pose, the […]

Art and Design Analysis

Art is the effective use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others (Kilgallen para. 6). One arranges work in such a manner that will capture, influence and affect one or more senses, emotions and intellect (Kilgallen para. 2). Art is made up of […]

Visual Arts in Pre-historic Greek Artworks

Pre-historic Greek artworks have influenced cultures and arts in many countries around the globe, especially in the sculptural and architectural arts. Right from the Roman Empire in the West to the Far East including Japan, ancient Greek artworks are a source of inspiration (O’Kelly 1982, p. 88). The Greek architecture left a lasting impression in […]

“What has happened to art criticism?” by Charlesworth

Review This piece was written by a very bold author who appears to be well informed about the photographic industry. He has not refrained from mentioning instances of bad taste in the history of photography but has also looked at magical moments as well. Perhaps the point of concern in this analysis should really be […]

Graffiti Culture: Is it a Form of Artistic Expression or Criminal Activity?

Introduction Various studies have over the years attempted to delineate the reasons and motivating factors behind the exposition of a wide range of popular cultures, and a good number of them have directed their efforts towards studying the graffiti culture. Though consensus is yet to be achieved on the major driving factors of this form […]

Midterm Questions: Interpreting the Role of Artwork with Reference to Bourriaud’s Relational Form

It is impossible to think of artistic works as aesthetically driven forms filled with no sense and connection to cultural and social issues. In order to conceive these new dimensions, artists often resort to changing patterns of representation, using different artistic practices. The truth is that, though being disguised by artistic judgment, artworks have always […]

Portfolio of the Cultural Perception in the Fine Art

Drawing is a crucial element of visual arts since it constitutes a noteworthy element of fine art. Evidently, a drawing highlights crucial information about the object under study. It also shuns the use of words in recounting occurrences in real life. Modern drawings make use of ‘dry’ or ‘wet’ media; furthermore, drawings do not significantly […]

Four Scenes from the Life of Buddha

The panels introduced by ancient artists from Gandhara region provide four important events from the life of the Buddha. By presenting the crucial moment in each event and relating each scene to the image of Buddha and his mother, the sculptures manage to provide bright elements of the Buddhist history. The show has presented four […]

Art of Africa: Comparison of the Songye Power Figures and the Fang Reliquary Figures

Introduction The beauty and uniqueness of African artwork remain distinctive from the historical ages to date. One of the most common artwork is that of sculptural designs that has individualism and highly values content that forms today’s historical analysis. What is even more interesting of the sculptures is the introspective draping the sculptural works. There […]

Impact of digital technologies on contemporary art

Introduction With the growth of technology, art has taken to a new angle where artists now use computers as their main tool in the various art disciplines. There are various examples of digital art which include locative media, networking, generative drawing, information visualisation, wearable art, digital photography, digital performance, 3D animations, electro acoustic composition, as […]

Review on three articles of visual art

There are various forms of visual art and these have undergone various forms of developments in the past. These forms of visual art perform various functions to the society. This paper looks at three articles on the development of various forms of visual art and the various perspectives reflected in the articles. In Modernist Painting, […]

Definition of Art

The practice of creating artistic works is something that is as old as the human species. Historically, different societies had their own ways of defining art, because of the significance that societies placed on artistic works. Although such traditional definitions are still appreciated in some contemporary societies, the birth of modernism has revolutionized most historical […]

Different ways to approach the definition of art

Nearly everything in this world has a meaning; the same applies to art. Art being a sensitive term, several individuals have come up with different techniques of defining art. Each of these individuals has had his own perception and explanations concerning the definition of art. With regard to this, there isn’t a universally accepted definition […]

A 21st Century Manifestation of the Enlightenment: Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Battements et Papillons

Introduction In 2006 Jean-Pierre Gauthier, a talented Canadian artist who won numerous prestigious art awards, created one of the most significant artworks of the beginning of the 21st century (Jean-Pierre Gauthier 2008). He also won one of the most significant art awards, Sobey Art Award (Juliusson 2004). He called his work Battements et Papillons (Beats […]

Concepts of Modernism

Introduction Modernism primarily describes the present world. During past centuries, different styles and forms of line took precedence. The premeditated departure from these forms of practices and adoption of new forms of expressions and innovation in human life and industry attribute to modernism. From literature to the arts world, modernism is evident in that, there […]

Caribbean Art History

Caribbean art history is an integral part of Caribbean history that offers important insight into the unique cultural aspect of the Caribbean people and their way of life. Like all other cultures, Caribbean art history has evolved over many years largely influenced by external factors that no doubt left a lasting effect in their way […]

Concepts of the Baroque Era

The Baroque Era The Baroque era was a period in the art history when the Baroque art and architecture prevailed in the European and some of its protectorate’s art world all through the 1600’s to mid 1700’s. This form of art rose primarily because of the protestant reformation struggles that triggered the Catholic Counter Reformation […]

“Notes on Camp” a Article by Susan Sontag

The development of an argument Up until comparatively recent times, it represented a fully legitimate practice among critics to discuss the significance of a particular artistic style from solely art-related perspective, while remaining ignorant as to specifics of a relevant socio-political discourse, associated with this style. The validity of an earlier statement is best illustrated […]

Identity, Ideology, and Design

Introduction Construction of identity is one of the main prerequisites of uniqueness and individuality, thus posing a huge number of challenges in the modern processes of globalization occurring within the framework of architecture, design and art. Watson (n.d.) notes the extreme complexities that designers face in the conditions of internationalization and modernization, emphasizing the vulnerability […]

Manga/ Anime Characterization

Introduction The quest to develop and identify one’s individual identity is very dominant in the manga/ anime characterization. Narrative driven structures that combine visual art forms are used to depict a broad range of phenomena that deals with the search for individual identity (Bryce n.d). Twins can be characterized in manga/anime presentations to try and […]

The Chinese Art-piece “Spouted Ritual Water Vessel”

Formal Perspective The Chinese art-piece, which will be discussed in this paper, is the Spouted Ritual Water Vessel from the 7th-6th century B.C. (IMG_4028.JPG). The piece’s utilitarian purpose is concerned with its ability to hold liquids. It features a rather elongated spout and richly decorated handle and supporting legs. The latter resemble of what could […]

Emperor Xiaowen and His Court

The mural ‘Emperor Xiaowen and His Court’ depicts a walking-procession (presumably a religious one) that involves at least twenty members of the Emperor’s entourage. The Emperor himself heads the procession. He appears to be intending to dip his fingers in the cup filled with water (?), which is being held in front of him by […]

Ethereal qualities and sexuality in art: Aphrodite pandemos vs. Aphrodite ouraneia

Thesis statement: Despite the fact that Aphrodite as a mythological character comprises both the elements of physical attraction (Aphrodite Pandemos) and ethereal qualities (Aphrodite Ouraneia), which incorporate spiritual and moral qualities, most artists tend to exploit the former image more often in their works, putting the emphasis on Aphrodite’s sexuality, which can be explained not […]

Chinese collection by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Introduction The Chinese culture has a thousandth history and embodies the traditions and religious beliefs of the Chinese people. The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits a beautiful collection of the Chinese household items, the décor objects and other artifacts. The aim of this essay is the describe one of the objects displayed by the museum. […]

Contemporary Graffiti as Political Art

Graffiti is an interesting form of art. It is an act of writing and drawing with different and beautiful styles on walls. Its main purpose is to communicate with the public. Many artists have used this art form to convey social, political or environmental messages. In this paper we shall discuss the approach through which […]

American Art Creation Importance

In modern globalized world, scientific and technology improvements have resulted in diffusion of culture among communities; when a community’s culture is diluted, chances are that originality of artifacts of its cultural heritage will be distorted (Hillls, 2001). The American art industry has been influenced by European styles; this paper discusses why it is important for […]

First Crusade Art and Architecture

Introduction The First Crusade which took place between 1096 and 1099 was an expedition of western Christian military personnel to reclaim their holy lands that had been taken by Muslims after conquering Levant. It commenced in 1095 when Pope Urban called people in response to an appeal that had been made by Byzantine Emperor (Gabrieli […]

Revolutionary Art

Revolutionary art if a form of modern art through which artists express their personal convictions about certain issues in the society. The pieces of art might also depict political themes (Douglas, 1970). A true revolutionary artist does not care whether the needs of speculative dealers are met or not. Revolutionary art should not be characterized […]

Arts and artists being affected by today’s realities

Introduction An unprecedented surge of new information and communication technologies has culminated into an increasingly intertwined world. Advancements made by man in the area of ICT during the last half of the twentieth century has accelerated globalization of all spheres of human life at a pace never imagined before. Today, information about political and socioeconomic […]

Jacob Lawrence and James N. Gregory: Understanding Migration Experience

Introduction Visual art is a silent teacher which can tell the story of a whole generation without words and make people cry without mayhem and other types of assault. Jacob Lawrence and James N. Gregory have presented a collection of different types of visual art, paintings and photos which show the history of a generation, […]

Kitsch- under the title of taste and ethics

Introduction Kitsch is defined as form of art that is considered to be inferior or tasteless when compared to other forms of art in the same category. Kitsch is also a worthless imitation of a piece of art that has a more recognizable value than the poor imitation. It refers to the forms of art […]

Fine art in advertising

Fine art is used in all sorts of ways that are neither for public nor private viewing. Advertisers cheerfully plunder visual images from the whole history of art explicitly, and implicitly, and to achieve a variety of effects. Movie makers and television producers also freely utilize visual art and architecture, and the settings in which […]

The Use of Fine Art and Architecture in Advertising

The use of fine art and architecture in advertising and other media has a long history. Fine art has lent its aura of respectability and elite sophistication to all sorts of promotional material, movies, and television for generations. Whether by endowing a product with greater status or credibility (Boston College), enhancing brand recognition, or simply […]

Transformation of the Ancient Greece Art

In the course of its history, the culture of Ancient Greece underwent significant transformation. This paper is aimed at discussing these changes by looking at art. In particular, it is necessary to focus on sculptural works that were created between the years 650 and 100 before the Common Era. These artworks can throw light on […]

The Foreign Influences on the Roman art

In the course of its history, the civilization of Ancient Rome incorporated and modified the elements of those cultures which it dominated. This argument is particularly relevant if one speaks about Roman art which includes painting, architecture, or sculpture. This paper is aimed at examining foreign influences on the Roman art. One can argue that […]

Early African Art

Introduction African art history can be regarded as foundational, being the cradle of human civilization. Therefore, African art played a crucial role in developing cultural and historic landscape of the entire world. The origins of African culture dates back to the prehistoric times, starting from representation sculptures and rock art. The African studies reveal the […]

Ancient Art of Rome and Greece

Augustus of Primaporta (c.20 BCE) and The Doryphoros (Polykleitos, 450 BCE) The two works of art represented in this article are visual arts taking the form of sculpture. They are both representational, representing a person or a technique (Ridgway, 1984). Augustus represents an individual, whereas the Doryphoros represents a technique. The two works are three […]

Modern, Modernism, and Modernization

Modern, modernism, and modernization are the notions which may be easily defined in human mind, it means that one can understand what modern, modernism, and modernization mean, however, when it comes to formulation of the definition of the notions, people are unable to cover those with words. There are a lot of different ideas presented […]

Sourcing Sound and Image

Sound and image are the elements that often complete each other. When there is not enough of imagery, the acoustic elements add the atmosphere, and vice versa Sourcing Sound and Image is the project that perfected it. Making the visuals blend with the sounds in the background, it creates a fantastic cadence of imagery and […]

The Historical Development of Fine Arts in Korea from 1950 to Present

Introduction Korean fine art entails different forms of art that originate from Korea such as pottery, calligraphy, literature, painting, music among other genres, which are characteristically identified by their bold colors, surface decorations, and natural forms. The history of Korean art spans back to the Stone Age period with the introduction of votive sculptures and […]

A Manmade Christmas Tree

The first unconventional form of art I have selected for my presentation is a manmade Christmas tree made of used CDs (image 7 in the list of top ten crazy Christmas trees). It was designed by an artist Tom Deininger and displayed at the Chelsea Market in NYC in 2010. I must admit that the […]

The symbolism of dragons in Chinese art

Introduction Chinese people are highly influenced by Taoist thinking. They do not place man at the centre of the world; they instead think of him as a minor element in the grand scheme of things. This explains why living and non living things are the central figures in most artistic works from China. Some representations […]

Graffiti as a Complex Social Interaction Problem

Graffiti is one of the most prevalent social interaction problems in the United States today. It is a form of vandalism and a crime. Some people consider graffiti as an art. However, art is done with the property owner’s permission. Graffiti is a complex social interaction problem that costs a lot of money in cleaning […]

Theories of Art

Various schools of thought have come up with a variety of definitions of an art. There are many distinct theories that try to explain what art represents. This paper aims at describing two theories of the art from distinct schools of thought. The theories have opposing views in the definition of an art. In this […]

Views on Chromophobia by David Batchelor

Abstract The appeal of color has always been the primary concern of all artists and their clients alike. The depth of the loyalty to color glee, is however a mystery that needs some explication. In the color theory, artists from varied back grounds have always used this magic of the eye to communicate to their […]

Legend & Myth in Himalayan Art

Once upon Many Times is an exhibition at Rubin Museum of Art representing a wide range of visual narratives and reproductions of temple murals which can be regarded as exceptional examples of Himalayan art based upon Tibetan myths and legends. This paper will analyze the color scheme, composition, proportion, hierarchy and motifs of the historical […]

Art and human values

Introduction Art is a very important element. It is a concept that has been in existence as long as human beings have existed. Art have a lot of importance which can be derived in terms of the values attached to it. The values are of different kinds depending on the type of art and the […]

Work of Art from the Hunter Museum of American Art: Hughie Lee-Smith’s Confrontation

Introduction Art is a reflection of reality. An expression of emotions, realities, and concerns, art incorporates different elements to make this expression visible and comprehensible. The end of WWII was followed by the growing popularity of realism in America: dozens of talented artists created their works, trying to re-evaluate the social anxieties of the postwar […]

Critique of the artwork Secret Language II by Conrad Botes

The work of art I have selected for this critique is the lithographic piece titled Secret Language II by Conrad Botes of South Africa. The artwork is currently hosted at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the exhibition titled Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now. It has been done using a combination […]

Art and Human Values

Introduction It is well know that Art is one way of conveying one’s feelings and generating an attractive object that is enriching to others. It is a way of controlling masses and manipulating the mind of people. It is also vital in the community since it defines people and makes them better. To add on, […]