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American Art Creation Importance Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

In modern globalized world, scientific and technology improvements have resulted in diffusion of culture among communities; when a community’s culture is diluted, chances are that originality of artifacts of its cultural heritage will be distorted (Hillls, 2001). The American art industry has been influenced by European styles; this paper discusses why it is important for artists to shed the European influence and create American art.


Artists communicate to their target population through the products they make; with this in mind, if they are to communicate with the Americans effectively, they need to use artifacts that the Americans can understand. Every society has its unique way of communication through symbols, signs, and arts; when artists’ works remain original, they make work of art that creates a sense of belonging with the Americans and the end result is better communication.

When an art-piece is made unique, it stands out among other, the value of the artwork is enhanced when its stand out with its unique message. The value may be monetary or the attachment that it is going to get from the people. Americans have some historical events, occurrences, valuables, and artifacts that define their culture; when originality and influence from the European style is maintained, then artists will be seen to add more value to the Americans heritage (Wienand, Booy & Robin, 2000).

In most cases, artists discuss historical, cultural, social, political, and family issues using the pictures and their works of art. When they are doing this, they are working in line with the cultural belief of the people.

In the case of America, there is need to retain and pass positive culture among new generations; work of art is one strategy that can be used, thus it needs to be original and free from European style influence. When originality is observed, the texture, color, and theme of the art work will communicate to the people more effectively; an effective communication is likely to create harmony among different generation in the American society (Hillls, 2001).

Artists works are used for entertainments, some are kept in national museums as a means of retaining culture and teaching young generation their historical background.

For this reason, they need to be original and have the ability to pass the intended information. In the case they have been combined with some European styles, then the message they intend to pass will be distorted. Artwork communicate to the people, artists offer some message to the target population; when originality is maintained, then the information given will be true and of high quality.

This will facilitate acceptance of the message communicated. If the European and American context are combined to have a hybrid work of art, there will be disjoin in message communicated. For example, if an artist is drawing some picture for a marketing campaign, emphasis should be on drawing pictures that the Americans can create meaning. In the case the artist has been influenced by European style then the efficiency of the advert will be hampered (Stokes & Stokes, 2001).


Artistic works are means of communication; the American artists need to maintain originality and shed any influence from European works or styles if they want their works to add value to the American society. When they maintain originality, message will be passed effectively and American cultural heritage will be maintained.


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