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Revolutionary Art Essay

Revolutionary art if a form of modern art through which artists express their personal convictions about certain issues in the society. The pieces of art might also depict political themes (Douglas, 1970). A true revolutionary artist does not care whether the needs of speculative dealers are met or not.

Revolutionary art should not be characterized by sycophancy that is aimed at making collectors like an artist’s work. When an artists is entirely motivated to meet the needs of dealers in their work then the revolutionary attributes in them ceases to exist (Party, 1969). Revolutionary art addresses the living issues of the society without any fear of contradiction. This paper will highlight the purpose of revolutionary art in the society and at the same time discuss how revolutionary art has affected art and artists in America.

Many people in the modern society are very reluctant to think about change and therefore revolutionary artsist and other types of revolutionists have a great assignment of ensuring that people’s minds are provoked to start thinking about change (Party, 1969). The society is always faced with inequalities and revolutionary art often seeks to change the status quo (Douglas, 1970).

The true purpose of revolution is to fight any kind of injustice in the society through inspiring other people to fight against all evils and forms of injustice in the society. Revolutionary artists use specific themes in their works that actually reflect revolution or the works can help to bring out a new conscience among the people.

Revolution art aims to eliminate political struggles and in the process generate political passions. Revolution art has actually changed life and brought liberation in many countries across the world with America being a perfect example. This form of art has completely changed American art artists in a great way (Porter, 1986). Artists like John Trumbul were very instrumental in American Revolution by making portrait paintings that helped a great deal in helping America gain its independence fro Great Britain.

This inspired other artists to explore revolutionary art by focusing on landscape and personal scenes. After the revolutionary war in the late 18th century, American artists stopped using British styles and invented their own unique American styles. All the colonial art styles and architecture were completely phased out in America to indicate revolution (Porter, 1986).

These pieces of art helped spread the wave of change even to the most conservative of minds in the wake of independence. This new style of art that emerged after the American revolution helped in bringing a sense of national identity to American citizens and at the same time inspired a new American consciousness.

In conclusion, revolutionary art has become very popular across the world because of the desire for total liberation. Since revolutionary art was invented, people’s perspective about art has completely changed. A piece of revolutionary art should reflect the true revolutionary conviction of the artist without bearing in mind the needs of dealers.

Revolutionary art played a key role in bringing change and liberation in countries such as America and in the process becoming very popular. The fundamental role of revolutionary art is to inspire people to fight all forms of evil and injustice in the society.


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