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Pottery Essay Examples and Topics

Chinese Ceramics: Historical Research

The following is an ewer related to the Song Dynasty and created between 11thC and 12thC in Hebei province 1: That period of China was very intense and devoted to improving the quality of the [...]

European and Chinese Ceramics

Based on differences and similarities of European and Chinese ceramics such as the temperature of firing, the technique of production, and design, it seems appropriate to compare two artifacts of the vessel and the porcelain [...]

Pottery in Saudi Arabia

A part of them even do not know that pottery is the notion that is utilized also to define the final objects made by the potters and the material used in making different kinds of [...]

Yayi jia

In fact, it can even be said that the Yayi jia is nothing more than an older and smaller version of its counterparts seen in a variety of ancient Chinese tombs and temples.