Pottery Essay Examples and Topics

Yayi jia

One look at the Yayi jia ritual wine vessel and it is already apparent that such an object is more inclined for use by the upper class of Chinese society. The reasoning behind such a statement is due to the relatively large size of the object (roughly the same proportions as a man’s chest) and […]

Pottery and its Role in the Lives of People

Introduction Culture is regarded as the complex system of meaning and behavior that defines the way of life for a given group or society. Among others, culture encompasses beliefs, customs, and ways of life (Andersen & Taylor, 2010). Culture includes ways of thinking as well as patterns of behavior. Observing culture involves studying what people […]

Aesthetics of Ceramic Design in Various Countries

Introduction Ceramic design encapsulates various types of practice from outstanding and talented makers who create valuable artifacts to product designers who introduce refined pottery and porcelain with regard to cultural and social environment. Between ancient and modern ceramic work, there is a great gap due to the social and political changes that are constantly occurring. […]

Ceramic Design and Its Use within the Broader Contemporary Context

Ceramic art has a very long history in almost all civilizations and cultures. Ceramic products were used not only as products of the daily usage, but were considered to be the products of a fine and decorative art. As a form of art, the ceramic products express intentions and thoughts of the authors, as well […]