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Visual and Performing Arts Essay

Visual and performing arts entail arts that artists are chromatic in nature created for conveyance through body and voice. As such, it includes arts that can be presented in forms of drawings, crafts, photography or any type of architecture. This implies that during presentation these forms of arts are accompanied with spoken words, music, dances and other musical instruments. The individuals who perform before the audience could be actors, dancers, magicians, or singers. To enhance creativity and interest of audience, the performers could perform with stage make-up and costumes. Based on these, the enthusiasts of the work contribute to the realization of fan and joy from the performance. In addition, when the artists present live performance before an audience, this form of art is called fine art. Nevertheless, this form of art culminates to visual and performing arts (Laban & Ullmann 2011, p.35). As a result, visual and performing arts are crucial for the participators and the society as a whole.

In my opinion, visual and performing arts entail multiple experiences for the creators, performers and audience members. For a creator, visual and performing arts should be captivating and interesting for the audience to enjoy it. This implies that one needs to adopt creativity and innovation with respect to artistic work. Meanwhile, the performer has to exploit their talents to win the hearts of audience through unique and interesting items. On the other hand, the audience member always anticipated to observe or hear what is fascinating and attractive. Through this act, one is motivated to spend his or her time and money for the arts. This unique expectation and roles of the art members is very crucial and has to be addressed appropriately at each level (Curtis et al. 2012, p.6).

The study of visual and performing arts is very crucial for the success in the industry. Through the knowledge and skills gained, one can be able to identify the evolution of the industry and make projections of audience desires in the future. Based on this notion, creativity and innovation will be stimulated that is bounded within expectations of the audience. As a result, one will flourish, and the industry will grow and expand in the right direction. Similarly, the knowledge gained through the studies enables one to understand the regulation and policies that govern the artistic industry. For this reason, one will be knowledgeable, and contributed in the industry suitably (Laban & Ullmann 2011, p.79).

There are multiple reasons for human creation or participation in the visual and performing arts. Initially, talent and innovation drives the creators in the artistic work. Based on these vital elements, creators venture into the industry to entertain and offer fun to prospective audience. The aftermath of this leads to significant income that allows one to flourish and grow with the growth of the industry. For the participators such as audience and sponsors, they get entertained while contributing to talented individuals (Curtis et al. 2012, p.8). These crucial interconnections lead to the growth of a desirable society that values human contribution.

Visual and performing arts contributions influence immensely our societies. In this case, the artistic works done by creators usually depict the real life situations. In an entertaining manner, they portray what happens in reality. As a result, the audiences gain vital tips of life and ways of handling them. Through the process of projection and reiteration of life experience, people can cope with challenges and learn means of appreciating themselves. Similarly, most artistic work present essential skills that are expected from an ideal society by differentiating what are right from wrong. As a result, a desirable society is realized.


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