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A trip to Venice Report


A myriad of people across the globe, yearn to visit Venice city in Italy due to a number of reasons. Venice is a small city that lies within 118 islands with 150 canals connected by over 400 bridges. It is located within the Venetian Lagoon in Italy. It has a moderate whether with humid summers and wet winters.

The art work and architectural design of images gives the city its uniqueness and beauty. The name Venice is derived from the Veneti people who settled in the region in the 10th century. The city is divided into 6 sections; cannaregio, San Marco, Cas Venice, Tello, Santa Croce, San Polo and Dorsoduro.

It is also known as the ‘city of canals’,’ the floating city’ ‘the city of bridges’. Other scholars have also defined the city as the most romantic city within Europe. Its winding canals and traffic free, makes it easy to navigate and explore. It has many magnificent squares, churches and mosques cognate with beautiful and interesting shops parked with nice romantic goods. (Wilmer, 2009)

Venice is easily accessible by train at the Santa Lucia train station. A tourist can also fly, though the city has a small airport. From there, you can board a bus or a boat. While in Venice, the most common form of transportation is vaporetti boats. Gondolas and taxis also offer some of the most romantic and luxurious means of transport.

While in the city, there are a number of beautiful art works which can interest tourists. The Venetian glass from Murano, Carnival masks designed from souvenirs, marble paper, lace and watercolors of Venetian scenes completes the list. Venice is always in a celebratory mood with festivals such as the Carnevale celebration and Redentore Regatta toping the list. (Cucco & Umgiesser, 2006)

Finally, as the two couples prepare to Venice, some of the most attracting sites will include; Piazza San Marco, palazzo Ducale, Ponte Di Rialto, Canal Grande, Basilica Di san Marco and Galleria del’ Accademia. These magnificent sites have been reported by past tourists to be more appealing than others.

This paper will prepare a detailed itinerary for one week for the two couples who are visiting the city. The marketing Ps which is exploited is the place since it gives them the real experience of having a vacation. (Davey, 2006)


Couple A

Couple A will be booked in at Ca Mari Adele Hotel in Venice. The hotel which has been rated as one of the most romantic hotels in Venice, offers a very good view point to see some of the most magnificent places in Venice.

With the advent of technology and to capture the needs of the clients, the hotel was currently renovated to include some of the recent amenities which are required by our customers. Ca Mari Adele is decorated with dams’ chi, African wood furniture, Moresch, Swarovski crystals, and fur wall papers among other romantic decorations.

The mystical and romantic fascinations convince a number of lovers, that this is the hotel to stay. The rooms are designed in such a way that they are overlooking Grand Canal located in central Venice.

The rooms are fitted with flat screen TV, bathroom, DVD, internet access, concierge service, whirl pool and bath robe. The buffet meals are served in 24- hour round with the assistance of a multilingual staff working in the hotel. The rooms in the hotel go as cheap as 600.00 € for one night. (Simpson, 2007)

Ca Mari Adele Hotel in Venice Red room in the Ca Mari Adele Hotel in Venice. Magnificent room within the Ca Mari Adele Hotel in Venice.

Pictures showing magnificent rooms within the hotel

Couple B

The second couple will be booked at Bauer Il Palazzo hotel. The hotel is one of the most luxurious places in the world with a presidential suit costing EUR 5000.00. It therefore meets the couple’s demand of luxurious visit. The hotel is more sophisticated than other hotels within the Venice city. The hotel reflects the Venetian opulence with lavish décor which is designed to suite the needs of the couple.

The hotel is situated just miles away from St. Mark’s square and is within the proximity of the finest Venice shops, museums and sites. Bauer Il Palazzo hotel has its own private boat dock and therefore guests arriving at received by sumptuous lobby.

The decorations within the hotels rooms and suites make the client have a real holiday’s hotel experience and impression. (Ninfo et al, 2009) explains that, many rooms within the hotels feature balcony and terraces that offers an opportunity for a spectacular view of the St. Marks basin and the Grand Canal.

The break fast is served at the terrace and lounge (Settimo Cielo) which offers a magnificent view of the lagoon and the entire Venice city. The buffet meals are served 24 hours while the bars foyer provides nice music that keeps the client’s entertained whole night.

The atmosphere is amazing at the Gran canal, especially with the live music that plays every evening. The hotel facilities include; fitness rooms for exercise and necessary therapies. The couples staying in the hotel cannot lack place to buy surprising gifts, as the Bauer Il Palazzo hotel has a fabulous boutique that is fitted with necessary customized services a client would require. (Grewal & Levy,2010),

Room in Bauer Il Palazzo hotel. Bauer Il Palazzo hotel. Room and view points in Bauer Il Palazzo hotel.

Some of the magnificent rooms and view points in Bauer Il Palazzo hotel

Day 1

Couple A

Nothing has been so amazing to a number of tourists when they arrive and are taken round the entire Venice city just to have a preview of what is in the town. The most romantic way is to arrive in Venice at around sunset and then take a gondola to the hotel. The couples should avoid the day time gondola rides since during day time they are being used by other tourist.

A brief induction and orientation will be doe just to ensure that the clients are well acquainted with the hotel operations. Then, they will be shown their rooms. In the evening, the couples will serve their dinner at their own wish, after which they can move to the bar, where there is a live music daily performance.

The band in the bar offers quite nice and entertaining songs. The first night will be a long one for the couples as the hotel offers magnificent and romantic places that might call for a whole night awake. This, I convinced, will be more than a fantastic way for the couples to start their stay and enjoy their romance. (Wilmer, 2009)

Couple B

This is a different class of couple who are interested in having more of luxurious stay as opposed to more romance and Bauer Il Palazzo hotel offers nothing less than that. Davey, (2006 p97) on arrival, the couples can take a private chopper that will fly them into the hotel. The couple will then be signed in. Necessary staff introduction will be done, and hotel orientation.

The clients are expected to arrive at around mid day. Given that the hotel has a private boat, the couples can be taken around just to have a brief preview of the real Venice experience. They will also be walked around the hotel’s boutique which has very beautiful products one can be interested in.

Given that these are a bit aged people, they can join the fitness room for a massage thereafter they can join the bar for very nice live music.

Day 2

Couple A

In the morning, the couples can take the gondola tour for two. No trip in Venice can be accomplished without experiencing picturesque waterways. The trip shows the most intimate and relaxing trips along the beautiful city canals that helps explore the history. The couple can also enjoy the surreal scenery. This is an opportunity to see old buildings and the bridges in the city. (Grewal & Levy,2010),

The gondola in Venice. The gondola tour in Venice.

The gondola tour (Venice by 2012)

After the ride experience, the couples can visit the Piazza San Marco (Saint Marks square). Although, the place is known of floods, the couple does not need to worry since it floods only came during winter. While here, the couples can visit several museums and the campanile.

The ever present pigeon flocks within the square makes the place so attractive. Inside the church is covered with Byzantine mosaics. From the church’s balcony, one can see a view of the Piazza. They will then move back to the hotel for an evening party. (Grewal & Levy, 2010)

Couple B

The couples can start their visit by touring the repository art. A visit of the Ca’ Rezzonico, Pieta, Scuola Grande Di San Rocco will give the couple a real experience by viewing the artistic work. The beautiful houses and the Medieval and Renaissance artifacts will be entertaining to the couple.

The couples can then explore the Grand Canal in the Dorsoduro. The sites are as cool as the narrowing makes it appear like a village. They can then shop at alleys for some of the luxurious traditional goods. A boat ride back to the hotel in the evening will give a real meaning and experience of the hotel. (Simonis & Venice, 2007)

Day 3

Couple A

Boat ride tour of the island will be a super way to start the day. Just meters across the Venetian Lagoon, the couples can take a boat ride through the wonderful Burano’s street. While here, the couples can shop at ornaments and the colored glass of the Murano. After shopping, the couples can ride back to Campanile to have a bird’s eye view of the Venice.

The view is great with the Lido and the whole Lagoon and Dolomites from a far distance. This will be an opportunity for the couples to have some small rest. Being here will be an opportunity to have a view of the entire Venice since this is the tallest building within the city.

Simonis & Venice, (2006 p.61) explains that, the city has got well fitted lifts decorates with traditional mosaic work that gives it a different holiday experience lift.

The couples can the have an experiential sunset tour by a boat. It is an opportunity to live the adventure and explore romance within some of the most magnificent sceneries. The tour is an opportunity to unlock some of the myths and stereotypes on Venice.

Couple B

After a nice buffet break fast, the couple can set up to visit the Campanile. Simonis & Venice, (2006 p.81) The original campanile was built in 1902 and later renovated in 1912. The building has been visited by among other people Galileo in the 17th century.

The couples can easily view Piazza, Doges place and St. Marks when they climb the top of the building. The couples can then move to Anta Adelaide to have a great taste of traditional dishes in Venice.

The experience of serving like Orca and the polpette gives areal taste of the traditional dishes in Venice. After the great dish, they can head to the Murano, which is an island known for great glass arts. The prices of these products are always at premium so saves a lot of time.

Day 4

Both Couples Fun Day

On the forth day of their stay, the couples can have a joint day as agreed by both of them. In the morning hours the couple can visit the Castello district which is one of the largest districts within Venice city. They can have an opportunity to view some of the appealing artistic products in the city. The beautiful churches that are also within the city are better reason to visit the place.

While here, the couples can visit the interior Venetian Arsenale. The place used to be an old shipyard is used to build some artistic machinery. The historic maritime museum is a great place to learn some of the history of Venice and nice artifacts such as gondolas, vast collection of model ships and the canons.

The two couples can then take a vaparetto to tour the great canals within the city. The pairs can visit the great Grand canal which winds through the Venice and is almost 3 Km. the canal is full of gondolas, water taxis, barges and the vaporetti.

A ride from Santa Lucia rail way station along the three bridges i.e. Scalzi, Accademia and the Rialto will be more fascinating to the couples than expected. (Ninfo et al, 2009)

After exploring the canals the couples can have move at the lagoon city to share a special lunch. The city offers fresh unique but safe sea foods. Some of the meals offered here require an open minded person who is ready to experiment.

After a very beautiful lunch, the pair can move to the Doge’s palace to see some of the most the nicest museums and palaces. Doge’s palace is also referred to as Palazzo Ducale. The palace was built in the 9th century and later rebuilt late 12th century then 14th and 15th century respectively.

Today, the palace is seen as a gothic masterpiece in marbles. When this palace was built it used to serve as a government seat, prison and centre for justice and democracy for the locals. When the couples get here, they will be in a position to see some beautiful decorations and paintings of the halls which symbolizes the great memory of the La Serenissima.

The works in this hall are done by some of the greatest artists such as Tintoretto and Veronese. A presence here will be an opportunity to see the bridge of sighs that can be seen from the canal.

The Doges Palace in Venice. The Doges Palace.

The Doges Palace (Venice by 2012)

In the evening the couples can attend a live performance at the theatre la Fenice. The couples can use a water romantic water bus for four past the Grand Canal to the Santa Maria del Giglioo. The couple can get their seats in the gold fitted balconies as they watch live performances.

Day 5

Couple A

In the morning the couple moves to the Islands of the Lagoon. This is a bit outside Venice, but it is a place which is also connected by bridges which makes is so beautiful. The place is also known for manufacturing of glasses which started during the 12th century. While here, the couple can see some of the most magnificent glasses which were manufactured during this period.

The couples will have the opportunity to see the artisans at work which is one of the most attracting scenarios to the island. In some instances the factories are closed over the weekend and during some festival occasions, but still, the stores which sell the glass materials operate on a 24 hour basis.

The couple can then move to the Torcello Island to have a lazy lunch. Serving an idyllic meal at the Locanda Cipriani restaurant has been a place of choice for a number of tourists who find the place so romantic.

There is nothing sweet and romantic than having a sunset tour by a boat. It is an opportunity for the couple to escape from a reality through adventuring of some of the most romantic places around. This will be an opportunity to visit the places and dig unto the culture of the people.

Couple B

The couple can spend their day by visiting some of the known museums which they have not visited. The Guggenheim museum, Gallerie dell’ Accademia and the Teatro La Fenice offers an opportunity to see the artistic and traditional work in Venice. Guggenheim museum is packed with some art collections from Europe and America.

The museum which is located at the Palazzo Vanier Dei Leoni is one of the most visited sites in the city. The Accademia hosts some of the most talked about works of the Venetian artists. It is a very popular and therefore a number of tourists also visit it. It will be an opportunity to interact with other kind tourists from other places.

Within the museum is also a square called Campo Santa Margherita which has very nice bars and restaurants. The couple can have an opportunity to shop around here.

The Teatro La Fenice is known for a number of problems which it has faced. It is a gorgeous theatre and in the evening an opportunity to attend one of the live theatres around here. (Cucco & Umgiesser, 2006)

Day 6

Couple A

The sixth day will be an opportunity to visit the St. Marks square. The square is characterized by its unique canals and the square which offers beautiful places to visit. The couples will have an opportunity to see some great artistic work in Venice. The square also highlights some of the most historical and cultural living styles of the people who stayed here.

Simonis & Venice (2006 p.61)The couple will also get a chance to see the big fabulous market that offers them an opportunity to have a real romantic adventure. A visit here will be for sure memorable. The couple can walk round the market that has also very beautiful restaurants.

They can share nice traditional meals that are offered. The couple can then wonder at the domes of the Basilica San Marco. As the sun sets, wandering between the arcades in the square will be a memorable moment. They can have an opportunity to have tea on the terraces of the Caffe Florian before they set back to the hotels. Couple B.

Having a boat ride to the islands will be a best opportunity for the couples to begin their day. The couples can take a motor road, to the Venetian Lagoons. This will be a chance to see some of the beautiful glasses in Murano. They can then head to the Grand Canal which winds across Venice.

The couple will have an opportunity to see some beautiful bridges of Rialto, Accademia and the Scalzi. In the evening, the couple can ride back to the hotel; take a shower just after visiting the fitness room. The cool live songs as they share a bottle of wine will be relaxing, luxurious and more romantic to the couples. (Wind, 2009)

Day 7

Being the last day of their stay in Venice, the couple will have the only opportunity to see what they have not seen before. They have decided again to organize a half a day together then in the afternoon they go their ways. An opportunity to visit the Venetian art at the church of the Frari will be a perfect opportunity to end the tour together.

Campbell & Milner (2004 p.89) A stroll along the hidden alleyways will be an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the couples. In the afternoon couple A will follow the Casanovas foot steps. While here they will have an opportunity to sip wine together at the Spade bar which is near the Rialto spade.

Couple B will head back to the hotel’s shop to see some of the artistic work they need to buy. The hotels shop which offers a variety of art and glass work has always attracted buyers who are interested in purchasing luxurious goods.

Day 8

Being the last day, both couples will clear their room, so as to catch up with their, different slotted trips to London. They will have to check out and then be driven to the airport through the water bus. A great pictorial sessions and moments as they go is usually very common as they live Venice. (Simpson, 2007)


It is axiomatic to argue that a trip to Europe without visiting Venice is never complete. A visit in the city is of a real difference, and most of the clients will yearn to have more

Throughout this work, the major Ps the paper has exploited is the Place and price. The first couple is determined towards visiting some of the most romantic places within Venice while Couple B is interested in luxurious life. This is clearly differentiated by the hotels booked. Price is of concern to Couple A while to Couple B the most important thing is exploring the artistic work and the culture of the people of Venice.


Campbell S. & Milner S. 2004 Artistic exchange and cultural translation in the Italian renaissance city Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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