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Tourism Essay Examples and Topics

Niche Tourism Analysis

The main objectives of the essay are to define niche tourism, determine the major characteristics of niche tourism and how it differs from mass tourism.

Workplace Issues in the Tourism Industry

Despite the importance of the hospitality industry to the Australian economy, the figure below shows that it posts the highest rate of employee turnover in the economy Figure One: Industry analysis of worker turnover in [...]

Economic factors that affect Tourism

Exploration tourism is a type of tourism that is often undertaken by researchers and scientists for exploration purposes in different parts of the world. The sixth economic factor that affects tourism is the nature of [...]

Greening of Hotels. Concept

This paper will discuss the concept of Greening Hotels, its effect on the various stakeholders including the customers, the significance of this concept, what the future holds for the development and growth of this noble [...]

Volunteer Tourism Overview

According to Broad, the concept of volunteer tourism can only be understood better when it is comprehended from the perspective of the destination of the tourism; the local communities.

Executive Summary: Hotel Industry

This is the reason that hotels need to keep their customers happy and satisfied to maximize usage of their facilities. Hotels need to understand and implement the latest trends and technologies in the hotel industry.

Sustainability in Cruise Tourism Industry

The gains from the industry have been increasing, however as the industry grows issues of major concerns have risen concerning the contribution of the cruise tourism industry to unsustainable development with proposals of the sustainable [...]

Four Star Hotel’s Strategic Planning

The first dimension places the values of "flexibility, discretion, and dynamism at one end of the scale while stability, order, and control on the other. It can be deduced that there is a lot of [...]

Gold Prince Motel

One of the greatest advantages of a small hotel, in this respect, is the number of employees necessary to maintain a hotel with regard to the resource management and competencies of employees in terms of [...]

Power of Children in the Tourism Industry

The power of children in families implies that they dictate the locations that families visit, the type of accommodation facilities, and the type of activities that families undertake during the holiday.

Into Thin Air: Summiting Everest

They greatly appreciate the rugged beauty of the mountain, the challenges that lay before them and they love to experience what it feels like to stand on the roof of the world.

Sustainability of Heritage Tourism in Australia

The purpose of the plan is to involve the government and other stakeholders, including the corporate organizations to better understand and contribute in protection and conservation of the cultural and heritage assets within the country.

Tourism Changes and Challenges

The growth in the tourism industry will emanate from the increased investment in various tourism sectors, such as the upsurge in the number of tourism destinations.

Hospitality Industry Organizations

This is the same case in business because if an employee is transferred to a new working station and decides to introduce a different menu from the previous one, this menu is likely to better [...]

Eco-tourism in Dubai

The uniqueness of the above analysis contributes to the existing body of knowledge regarding the cost of implementing eco-tourism, plus the environmental impact of the growth of the tourism industry on the environment.

Tourism in Shanghai

The signing of the Approved Destination Status between China and the EU in 2004 further enhanced the prospect of more foreign tourists.

Labor Turnover in Hotels

The employees in hotels and other firms in the hospitality industry are able to move from one organization to the other more quickly due to the many operating hotels.

History of Mortimer’s Castle in UK

Power of the Buyer The buyers in this case are the customers who are likely to visit the tourist attractions. One factor that is likely to reduce the power of the buyers is the differentiation [...]

Consumer Interest in Space Tourism

Consequently, the absence of alternative forms of tourism limited the products of tourism only to those tourists who consume traditional and common tourism products leaving out potential tourists attracted to alternative and unique tourism products.

Space Tourism Analysis

To perform descriptive analysis of the income allocated to the space tourism and the current occupation of a potential space tourists.

Hospitality Industry in Australia

7 As a result, the focus of HRM in the hospitality and other industries is on "adopting a new strategic role concerned with developing the organization and the capabilities of its managers".

Tour Operators’ Influence on Hotels in Mallorca

Precisely, the determination of influence of the power of tourists' travel on hotels in Mallorca is important in the development of strategic plans, which are consistent with the considerations addressed by various tour travel operators [...]

Jiangsu Province Tourism

1 Environmental analysis of tourism in this province clearly indicates that this province has remained one of the most popular destinations for tourists who want to understand the historic and cultural heritage of the Chinese.

Contemporary Trends in Hospitality Industry

The main areas which have been involved in the key performance of the company include: the vast number of the hotels and the rooms in the hotels, the rates of the occupancy in those rooms [...]

The Russell Hotel

The firm's location at 'The Rocks' which is one of the major historic sites in Australia contributes to the firm's competitive advantage by attracting a wide range of tourists annually.

Casinos Industry

An outline of the top five casinos in the world and the performance of the industry in the past 5 years is illustrated in the first part.

The growth of Cruising in Australia

It is also reported that the annual growth in the number of the Australian cruise passengers in the year 2010 was among the highest for the global cruise sector, with just New Zealand recording a [...]

Scuba Diving

In line with Crockett, the closer the mask is to the face, the better the vision and the easier it is to equalize, adjust, prevent and clear fog.

Chinese Tourism in Victoria

The study revealed that language barrier is the primary cause of the problems that the Chinese visitors encounter in Victoria. The study concluded that language and cultural barriers are the leading causes of dissatisfaction to [...]

Mallorca Hotel Industry: Porter Five Forces

Power of suppliers Suppliers in the Mallorca Hotel Industry have power owing to the existence of many players and high demand for different hotel related services used by the establishments within the Mallorca Island.

The Asian Tourism and Hospitality Industry

This paper explores hospitality service trends in the region, analyses their impacts, and establishes the factors that influence the industry especially in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Singapore.

Mount Everest Case

In case of a disaster, the experienced climbers would not be in a position to address the crisis in time as is the case in the Everest case study.

Tourism in the United Arab Emirates

The decision to establish this venture is based on the role played by hotels and transportation in the tourism industry. If Al deyafa can be able to position itself in the market as the leader [...]

Tourism Planning and Tourist Agencies

With this in mind, adventure tourism has become the culmination in the evolution of New Zealand's sustainable tourism and a reflection of the country's commitment to the principles and values of sustainable tourism planning.

Tourism Motivation Categories

However, the author should have captured the fact that people do not only tour places to get a break from the normal but as they do that they want to go to places they have [...]

Sustainable Tourism Planning

According to World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism development is aimed at meeting the needs of visitors and the host countries and cities and at the same time furthering the future prospects.

National Tourism Organizations

This led to the formation of NTO's in almost all other countries of the world with the sole objective of making those countries known better as tourist destinations.

Tourism in Bario community

The state of Sarawak in the eastern part of Malaysia has embraced different forms of tourism such as research tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism and development conferencing in to bring economic empowerment in the community.

Development and Pro-Poor Tourism

Pro-poor tourism in connection to the global tourism helps in reducing poverty in local communities that reside in low-income countries. The pro-poor tourism development staffs assist local communities in different areas to identify and find [...]

Tourism destination management and development

Tourism destination development and management is a key factor to the success of the tourism industry in any given region. The regional bodies come in with professionalism that is key to the success of the [...]

Food and Wine Tourism

From the Australian perspective, wine tourism is the paying of a visit to the wineries and or wine making regions in order to experience and enjoy the unique features of the contemporary lifestyle of Australia [...]

The hotel management

Though some uncertainty is evident in medium-term planning, it is an integral part of the hotel management; besides, the main difference between the short- and medium-term objectives is the level of certainty/uncertainty due to the [...]

Tourism & Cultural Change: A Critical Analysis

The following are the major findings: Commodification of Culture Commodification generally modifies the culture of a particular community to suit the tastes and preferences of visiting tourists, implying that the local culture becomes a "pseudo-culture" [...]

Sustainable Tourism Development

The essay demonstrates this through various approaches to tourism sustainability and methods that stakeholders have applied in their attempts to enhance sustainability of tourism destinations.

Sustainable Tourism: Divisions among Stakeholders

The purpose of this paper is to evidence the divisions that prevail among the stakeholders, with regard to the way the tourist destinations can be made sustainable, that hinders the spreading of sustainable tourism practices [...]

Visitor Management Plan for Greek Island

The Crete Island has transportation issues because of road network from the NSW in the south and the congestion in the island Therefore, limited direct airlines services in spite of the proximity to Brisbane could [...]

Value Creation

In my, opinion in this way, hotels are able to increase the perceived value of their services. Thus, it is quite possible for me to say that hospitality organizations attempt to add extra value to [...]

Hospitality industry and entrepreneurs

The definition for the business environment is given as the entire variables or factors, internal as well as external to the firm, which may have a continued victorious existence of the firm.

How innovation add value to hotels

The hospitality industry is more of a service industry, thus for an effective operational management, the focus should be on the quality of service that customers receive from the company; this has been one area [...]

Path Towards Future Success

The results suggest the following: technology has emerged as a critical tool to promote and enhance service within the industry, interactive social media is the most viable tool for marketing and enhancing service to the [...]

Current Trends in the Global Hospitality Industry

The topics of our investigation are considered to be the distinctive features of the hospitality industry and leisure one, the relevance of fast moving consumer good experience to the hospitality industry, the meaning of brand [...]

Events Management

The organizing manager also has the duty of recruiting a team to ensure that the show is successful. The major objective of this research is to develop a framework of understanding and also create general [...]

Eco and Cultural Tourism

Water which is the source of all forms of life must be used sustainably and thus to be considered an eco friendly resort, water pollution should be unheard of within the resort and water recycling [...]

Tourism in Sydney, Australia

In order to enhance the image of 'Sydney in a Day' program amongst the tourists, the authority will ensure that the product is effectively packaged.

Tourism Marketing Portfolio- Dubai

Regardless of the global economic crises as well as the current situation in the Middle East, Dubai has remained to be the most popular tourist destination and has continued to grow steadily. The analysis of [...]

Heritage Tourism

Those in support of the claim that the two types of tourism meaning the same continue to say that the features that can be used to differentiate between the two types of tourism are the [...]