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Learning Specifics Essay Examples and Topics

Shared Reading as a Literacy Strategy

Reading strategy involves determining mental actions that learners take when they are reading to assist them to build and maintain the meaning of what they would be reading.

Transformative Learning

To my surprise, I was still able to pass my preparatory education to join school; this was a cultivating day, as I understood all the problems of dealing with a bad teacher behind me.

Constructivism Understanding

The task of the teacher is to facilitate this change and expand them with the help of various tasks that put the students in a troublesome situation that requires reflection.

Teaching Mathematics Methodology and Methods

The methodology of the research devoted to the use of graphing calculators in class consists of several interviews and observation of the teaching students during a year.

SMART Targets and Process of Achieving Them

The first target that was set and achieved is the understanding of the dynamics of groups and my contribution to the work of the group including the giving and receiving of feedback.

The Presentation Delivery: Training Package

The training package reveals the major objectives of the session concerning the preparation for the presentation delivery. The room should be quite large as the class will consist of about 10 people.

Enhancing Gifted Learning in a Regular Class

Having explored the classroom setups in my school, as well as, the differences in the methods used by teachers to establish their classrooms, I feel that sitting arrangements can cause a lot of problems in [...]

The Story of Mr. Frederick Douglass: Lesson Plan

The focus of the lesson will be American History as the emphasis will be put on Mr. They will be required to record their feelings about different aspects of the story as it is told.

Reading Comprehension and Teaching Strategies

The volunteers, therefore, should be more focused on analysis of children's aptness to listen to a teacher and provide the corresponding modifications to the curriculum.

Summative Assessment Assignment

The proposed summative assessment assignment should be presented in the form of the online lesson that includes such activities and assessment approaches as the online examination with the help of the Blackboard resources.

The Key Learning Outcomes

In online learning contexts, it is important for educators to align all educational activities and resources with the anticipated learning outcomes of a learning module or course with the view to assisting the students in [...]

Student Vocabulary Assessment and Enlargement

This way, a parent for example, can buy a poster with names and make sure the student master the meaning of words and be able to use the words to construct sentences at home.

Handwriting Teaching Guidelines and Lesson Plan

Name: WGU Competency Number: Subject: Handwriting Topic or Unit of Study: The Introduction of Lowercase Letters 'l' and 't' from the Basic Stroke Family Grade/Level: 1st grade Instructional Setting: the lesson plan will be [...]

Return on Investment Rubric

The class had a very easy time due to the availability and assistance of the instructor who was always ready to assist in areas of difficulties and so, in the area of learner support and [...]

Communication in Learning Mathematics

As it is mentioned by Clements and Sarama, the use of talk in the educational processes is a part of the complex of instructional issues, which are typical of contemporary math teachers.

Decoding Skill Teaching Methods and Instructions

Another approach presupposes the teaching with the usage of the intrinsic and embedded phonics. The intrinsic phonics is the types of phonics that are generally used as the supplementary aids during the learning process.

Using Reports in the Learning Management System

The overview of course activity demonstrates a large disparity in time spent on the course throughout the week, with the majority of the time being on weekends, greatly exceeding most weekdays.

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

The active promotion of achievements in math and science among students is a crucial step toward improving the overall efficacy of the learning process, the enhancement of critical thinking among learners, and the further promotion [...]

Proficiency Level Descriptors for Science Lesson

In order to differentiate between the four levels of proficiency, it is crucial to adjust the pre-reading activities, vocabulary practice, reading comprehension, and other parts of the lesson to the language level of particular students.

Critical Mathematics Lesson for Pre-K-2 Students

To maintain the cognitive demand of the task, the resources available to the students were often changed, with the types and number of buttons varying between the phases of the lesson.

Visual Descriptions in Solving Math Problems

Moss argues that students are exceptionally energized by the discussion of the problem and adds that "the scenario capitalizes on both a fondness for cookouts and desserts".

Parenting Children With Learning Disabilities

A number of parents also feel worthless since they get an impression that the respective learning disabilities portrayed in their children are due to their own genetic malformations.

Creative Arts in Early Childhood Education

In turn, the essentiality of the creative arts in the early childhood education have to be depicted to highlight its necessity, and the benefits have to be analyzed.

Philosophical Picture Books in Education

Understanding the importance of the explored issue for the modern educational process, the paper evaluates the benefits of using picture books in the education process, ten picture books for schoolchildren of 6-12 years of age, [...]

Science and Mathematics Teaching and Applications

One essential thing that the teacher should consider in the teaching these subjects is the use of real-life experiences. In this case, it is the responsibility of the teacher always to ensure that understanding of [...]

Primary Sources and Backward Design in History

Therefore, it is essential to instruct students to help them to comprehend the issues related to the use of both primary and secondary sources and to understand the importance of utilization of both of these [...]

Teaching Counting to Disabled or English Learners

The three rules of counting, such as one to one correspondence, stable order rule and order irrelevance rule will be useful in teaching the technique to students. A child would have to match each object [...]

Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Development

If Tsui only states the perspectives according to which it is possible to reform the existing approach to enhance the students' critical thinking abilities with references to the conducted research, Payne and Gainey provide the [...]

Narratives in the Middle School Language Arts

It is important to note that the narrative is not the story itself, but the event of telling the story; the narrative is not several happenings, but the act of communicating those events, possibly omitting [...]

Academic Vocabulary Teaching to Students

By making the use of the identified phrases a second nature of the learners, one is expected to promote the development of the Monitor Procedural Memory by the learners.

Pre-Reading Activities for Basic Fluency

Practically, the learners could use the information offered in the title of the text and the vocabulary in order to explain the perceived intention of the author, the message he or she attempted to communicate, [...]

EBP Course: Key Lessons and Their Implications

The course taught me the importance of applying the EBP approach as the foundation for further decision-making, including the design of the appropriate therapy and the identification of the strategies that can be used to [...]

Just Draw Exhibition in Visual Art Teaching

It is imperative to note that numerous galleries are present in this area, and it is not an easy task to select the one that would be liked by children because every single one has [...]

Math Word Problems for Learning Disabled Students

Studies on whether the use of diagrams translates to an improvement in performance and the learners ability to relate problem-solving skills in math to the real-life situation are mixed with some indicating a positive correlation [...]

Child-Directed Learning Centers

The four learning centers that are appropriate to contribute to the development of 4-year-old children are Blocks Center, Creative Arts Center, Pretend-Play Center, and Sand and Water Center.

Children With Autism’ Communication in Saudi Arabia

Parents of children with autism in Saudi Arabia have complained that the government has neglected the needs of autistic children by failing to finance their education and research to detect the effectiveness of the digital [...]

Reading Instructions: Teacher’s Guide

The task of any teacher is to do everything possible to make the process of learning reading easy and pleasant. I always explain to the students the aims of the lesson and their responsibilities.

Fraction Sense, Number Sense and Numeracy

In essence, students with a good command of number sense have the ability to conceptualize fraction sense. Moreover, students with a good understanding of both number sense and fraction sense have the capacity to become [...]

Decoding and Word Recognition: Phonic Instructions

Thus, learners will be able to correlate the newly acquired knowledge with the rest of the information required for successful reading, since phonics instructions and phonemic awareness are not the only elements of the process [...]

Gender Differences in Learning and Information Recall

In the assessment of learning and memory recall, the study used the RAVLT instrument in testing the hypothesis that significant gender differences exist in various variables of learning and memory recall.

Just-in-time learning approach

Just-in-Time learning is a modern approach to learning whereby learning is done only on a need basis unlike in the conventional ways of training.

Learning Through Work Experience

The mechanism must be aligned to the different learning needs and in a way that minimizes any kind of barrier in the learning process.

Cultural Background and First Language in Second Language Learners

The importance of this topic emerged on its ability to clarify the relationship that exists amid the second language attainment, cognitive developments/learning abilities, and the ultimate learning and writing skills affected by the first language [...]

Learning the Spoken Language

The paper was written as a reference for the teachers and covers such issues as the concept of discourse and its types, listening and speaking as the activities in language learning, the meaning of communication [...]

EFL Students Attitudes Towards Learning English

The current critical writing presents the literature review of the studies that explore the effect of several variables connected to attitudes, stimulus, and academic accomplishment of the EFL students towards learning English.

Web Quests and Task-Based Learning in EFL Classrooms

One of the main objectives when selecting the type of task-based learning is the increase in the students' activity; it is the targeted activity of the student, not the teacher; the teacher should set the [...]

Philosophy of education

This enables an individual to understand properly, the formula that is the ultimate goal in the never ending pursuit of edification.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

The choice of intercessions for learners during phase II is guided by the following criteria: students sharing same learning needs contained in the RTI framework and proof that the intercession would be effective.

Adult Education Theory

For instructors to effectively supplement this need, they are often forced to draw out the experiences of the participants and relate them to the learning knowledge; in addition to existing theories and principles for the [...]

Attitudes towards e-learning

The basic assumption of the model is the implication that positive adoption of technology depends on the user's intention to use and the attitudes towards the technology in question.


Its main function is to provide a general outlook of the presentation and converse the salient points to the technicians and performers who are generating and convening the images.

Self instructional learning module

Since learning is a continual process, all the learning resources, facilities, equipments and computers need to be maintained and sustained for future generation of students.

Gagne’s Plan for Learning Activities

Instructional design involves the identification of the current state of the needs of learners, clearly defining the envisioned end goal of the instruction and creation of the interventionist measures to help in the learning process.

Constructivism in Learning and Teaching

At the end of the day, it is a highly democratic environment where the students and teachers are able to interact and participate in the learning process.

Learning as apprenticeship

The other methods that are used in cognitive apprenticeship include articulation whereby the students tries to express the strategies that they used in solving problems, reflection i.e.the teacher encourages the students to reflect on the [...]

Text-Based Second Language

The form and function of a text is described in the genre analysis and this helps the L2 learners to understand the purpose of a particular text.

Social and Situated Theories of Learning

This theory helps one to effectively direct the employees' behavior in order to encourage the appropriate behavior that is necessary for the growth of the organization.

Learning, Development and Learning Styles

This was because, most of the immigrants belonged to the low class group in the society. This has in turn led to lack of funding on most of the learning styles.

Collaborative Learning Community

A challenge that faces the collaborative learning is the cultural traditions that have always assumed that teachers should use the lecture-centered method of learning.

The Multiple Intelligence Theory in Differentiated Classroom

In developing a differentiated intelligence class, the best method is giving personal attention to each of the students while at the same time encouraging group work in order to enhance these intelligences and encourage learning [...]

Learning Module and its Usefulness for Instructors

The most important part of the creation of a learning module is the planning process in which all factors that are involved in the process of the creation of the learning module have to be [...]

E-learning in Modern Education

The existing studies indicate that perceptions of E-learning are dependent on the following factors: technical competence; awareness about the benefits of E-learning; the educational background of a teacher.

The independent learning method

In this definition, Cobb seems to combine all the above definitions since he mentions both acquisition of knowledge and the impact of this in making students more informed and concerning the changing of their lifestyles [...]

Education: Secon language Learning

Crement and Kruidnier states that attitude dictates the proficiency to which the learner is going to acquire in the learning of the second language, hence teachers should struggle to change the attitude of the learners [...]

Benefits of Children Learning in Two Languages

The sample of children in the bilingual system showed a general improvement in their academic performance in Math English and Spanish. As it were the adoption of a bilingual system does not guarantee success and [...]

General Definition of Learning and Its Forms

The input is consequently the learner's contribution, while the output from the learning process is the ability to comprehend and use the leant skills productively.

Read/Write Web Concept on Learning Process

The web developers should satisfy the skeptics' views that wide use of the collaborative web tools invades individual privacy and participation relies on the level of trust between users.

Learning and Teaching with Wiki Technology

From a dissimilar point of view, there will be the need to discover the insinuations for education in adulthood as a field of learning of the tendency on the way to degree classes in university [...]
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