Teacher Career Essay Examples and Topics

Andragogy and Pedagogy Comparison

Andragogy Andragogy is a teaching method, an art, a science and a teaching strategy invented and used to teach adult students to improve their learning skills. As Knowles, Holton and Swanson (2005) stated, andragogy means the process of adult cognition over the content of teaching”. Adult education involves changes in values, beliefs, attitude, knowledge, behavior, […]

Education: Teaching Philosophy

Education can be discussed as an effectively organized process of social adaptation during which young people learn the rules of the social life and develop skills necessary to add value to social progress. As a result, a teacher in this context is a mentor who can show the right way in life and explain all […]

School Leaders Role in Reducing Teacher Turnover

Problem statement When offered the chance, several teachers often opt to leave learning institutions that serve below average, dismally-performing, and non-white students (Boyd et al., 2011). Even though a wide body of research has already addressed this aspect, minimal research input is directed towards comprehending specific characteristics of working conditions that compel a higher turnover […]

Strategies for English Language Learners Classrooms

Introduction In both rural and urban settings, teachers are responsible for facilitating English Language Learners (ELLs) (Echevarria, Vogt, and Short, 2009). A study conducted by the California Department of Education (2010) notes that the approach used to educate ELLs determines the students’ outcomes. These strategies seek to help learners to be self-efficacious. Based on these […]

English Language Learner Assessments

English Language Learner (ELL) assessments are aimed at testing the knowledge of the students whose native language is not English. The ELL assessments are organized in six states including Arizona, California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois (Guidelines for the Assessment 2009). The testing of knowledge of English is a complicated process. That is why […]

Teacher Career: Office Hours’ Role in Quality Education

Introduction Availability of teachers and professors is necessary to give students a consultation opportunity. However, part-time working schedule is denying students this vital aspect. Consequently, students are not able to access assistance for tough questions and problems in a free manner. This essay will evaluate how adjuncts could increase office hours to serve students. In […]

Ms. Gregorio’s Concept of Education

Ms. Gregorio’s approach of encouraging the use of cognates resonates with the instructional nature of elaboration. Elaboration theory argues that easier learning is achieved through organization of facts from the simplest to the most complex ones. Therefore, elaboration assumes that the easier learning content should precede the more complex ideas. Ms. Gregorio is upholding this […]

Lesson Plan Review: Effects of the War

The lesson is devoted to the effects of the American Civil War. During the lesson, students will learn about 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and discuss their significance. Students will also learn about Booth’s plan concerning Lincoln’s kidnapping and Booth’s reasons for Lincoln’s assassination. Students will learn about reconstruction, as well. The lesson plan is […]

Integrating Technology into Classroom

Abstract Integrating technology into the classroom has found a lot of interest in the last two decades. Hew and Brush (2007) direct their study in a developing direction; the incorporation of expertise into K-12 teaching and learning. While the article arouses some exciting questions, it has numerous institutional, methodological, and theoretical issues to be of […]

SlideShare as a Tool in Education

Description and Purpose of SlideShare SlideShare is a high-tech tool that was invented due to educators’ desire to enhance class work and ensure better communication between the learner and teacher. The tool also came about to lighten up the learning process by introducing more fun in learning and sharing. Slideshare provides a web-based interface for […]

Teacher Career: Successful Study Activity

A successful study activity requires a very organized planning process and strategic execution of the program. The need to draft out a plan is very fundamental in the achievement of the objectives of the study session. It is incumbent on an individual engaged in the study process to apply an intelligible studying model with a […]

Perspectives of the Teaching Process

There are five main perspectives on the teaching process and style. They are different approaches, yet they contain some similarities and overlap in some of the tools and actions. Generally, all the five perspectives have the same final goals. The differences are represented by the pedagogical beliefs of the teachers that perform various perspectives. Apprentice […]

Teachers’ Perspectives in Subject-Verb Agreement

Literature review The issue of the subject-verb agreement is quite meaningful for the linguistic society of present days, the difficulties learners of the English language experience in this field are quite common and frequent, this is why this problem has been explored and highlighted by many scholars all over the world. This problem has several […]

Phonetics Awareness Lesson: Rhotacism and Sounds

Introduction Specifying and correcting phonetic mistakes that children make at the given stage of their development is crucial for further language skills acquisition. A four-year-old Sophia, a kindergarten student, showed rather dissatisfying results after taking her tests on isolating beginning sounds (McGee & Dail, 2012), the test on phoneme blending and the Yopp-Singer test (Yopp, […]

Planning and Teaching

Teaching is a complex task that necessitates a lot of skills and knowledge to make it successful or rather to achieve stipulated teaching and learning goals. Planning is a very crucial aspect in the teaching field as it allows practices to work out in an efficient and effective manner that facilitates success in the learning […]

The Teacher as a Representative of Education

Even though there are a structure and unity in every educational institution, the teacher is a representative of education in whole and so, personal touches must be added. The difference between classes and teachers is what will make the learning experience more enhanced and add quality. Balanced Literacy Institute and Teacher Cadre offer not only […]

Teaching Process

The way people are taught and how the information is presented, is one of the key methods in bettering the learning process. Not only the teacher has to be interested in the material taught but also, the students must feel included in the process. Teaching is not a simple transference of information; it is an […]

Leadership in Special Education: Self-Assessment

Teaching special education is one of the challenging professions in education sphere. Nonetheless, it can be one of the fascinating occupations, if individuals approach the challenges that arise in this field with positive mind (Cheney & Barringer, 1995). Lessons taught in special education are different compared to those taught in regular education. One of the […]

Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment

Introduction Curriculum denotes the subjects encompassed in a course taught in an institution of learning. Curriculum assessment is the appraisal of the content of the courses or subjects taught. We live in a dynamic world. To adopt this, we need to change in tandem with the world. The surest way of maintaining parity with this […]

Investigation of the Reliability and Validity of the Perception of Teaching Profession Problems Scale

Summary The title of the current article is, “Investigation of the reliability and validity of the perception of teaching profession problems scale with a structural education model: a research on teacher” and it has been authored by Erol Kraca. Purpose of the study The purpose of the current study was to develop a reliable and […]

Assessing Teacher Effectiveness: How Can We Predict Who Will Be of High

Abstract This research proposal is going to con duct a study aimed at developing reliable and valid ways of assessing teachers’ effectiveness. This study is influenced by the fact that currently effective methods of assessing teacher performance are still missing in the United States. Most states are using classroom observations and test scores, which are […]

Perceptions of Teachers about the Challenges of Integrating Hearing Impaired Children

Introduction Saudi Arabia is a country that has been in the forefront trying to portray its care and concern for its citizens. Its government has formulated comprehensive and realistic policies and strategies aimed at complying with the basic and special needs of its citizens. This has mainly been aimed at ensuring all citizens’ access to […]

The Importance of Professional Development for Teachers

Well informed teachers make great students. Although students are required to put in more efforts in their schoolwork, teachers are like their fuel to their greatness. This means teachers should have the dexterity to bring out the best in students. Teachers should have the techniques to convince students to read, and also show the students […]

Teaching English Language Learners

Teaching English to English language Learners (ELL) can be a very challenging task especially when dealing with a diversified society. However, teachers are often required to be willing to learn and develop new strategies that can help such students to succeed in the classroom. In addition, it is important to implement these strategies in order […]

Curriculum and Instruction Revisited

Demonstrated Learning Mastery The form and content in a curriculum and instructional materials are extremely vital. Teachers who teach technology enjoy the freedom in customizing, and coming up with curriculums and instructions which favor them, students, and community. Designing the curriculum involves developing the content to be used. The process of developing a curriculum, which […]

Mentoring of New Teachers

The database used for the present paper was the EBSCO host. The tutorial watched was the ‘EBSCO advanced search – guided style’ one. The newly acquired knowledge included the way to apply limiters and expanders during the search process, where to enter the search term and which fields to search (subject terms). It also became […]

Individual Staff Development Presentation

Introduction to Standards Based Assessment A standard has been defined as a degree of quality or achievement, especially a level that is perceived to be acceptable. The main purpose of the standard is its ability to be used to measure the degree of quality with reference to an item or subject (Steiner, n.d.). With regard […]

Representation of Women in Higher Education

Introduction The modern woman is no longer the person who was traditionally meant to be mainly involved in domestic activities exclusively. Today’s women have ventured into the professional world and are no longer regarded as people whose work is mainly the domestic chores. To achieve this, women have developed careers and do all that is […]

Effective Teacher

An effective Teacher From the image of an effective teacher, the analysis will be based on the teacher’s qualification as well as career history, her skills of instruction, her professional characteristics as well as the classroom setting or management (Jones, Jenkin, & Lord, 2006). In general, there are three major factors espoused from the image […]

Professional Development and Teaching

Introduction Professional development is an integral part of teaching and use of technology has been proposed as a plan for overall improvement of performances of students. Use of technology plays a propelling role to make sure that professional development is regarded as an integral element in using technology to better teach and effect learning. All […]

The Role of E-Portfolio to Promote Teacher Reflection

Teacher professional development is an integral part of teaching practice, and teacher reflection is one of the methods to develop teachers’ skills, knowledge, and techniques. Teacher reflection shows the way of how teachers may interrogate their practices, pose questions concerning the effectiveness of their work, and meet students’ needs and expectations (Lyons, 1998: 115). Valli […]

Teachings Methods in Modern Educational System

In any modern educational system, the dominant issue is the types of methods used for instruction. The curriculum is usually designed to cater for the educational needs of all students. However, methods of presenting it to students are usually tabled in educational legislation. Many experts argue that it is necessary for teachers to use different […]

Primary School Teachers’ Attitudes towards Teaching and Testing Vocabulary

Introduction Research has been intensified on the teaching practice of teachers using English as a second language. The areas of research revolve from the teaching practice, writing, reading, and use of grammar, previous education background and the effectiveness of their teaching foundation (Alexander 2007). An analysis of primary school teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards teaching […]

CREDE Standards

CREDE standards are the standards usually applied by teachers in order to make their pedagogy more effective. These standards are the rules that were established after a careful research of teaching practices and methods. The rules determined by the researchers are directed at the improvement of educative literature and techniques of teaching. The standards are […]

CREDE Standards in US

The United States of America have always been one of the most diverse countries of the world. People of all ethnical groups and cultures have been living in this country for generations. Most of them had to face many difficulties related to their ethnicity and their English language proficiency. The children of various ethnical minorities […]

Vision for Your Teaching and Learning & Role as a Teacher-Leader or Teacher-Researcher

Vision for Your Teaching and Learning The concept of teacher leadership is based on the effectiveness of developing and following the definite vision statement worked out by the teacher to accentuate the path according to which the teacher leader can act in his or her classroom. There are many vision statements which can reflect the […]

Conceptual Framework of a Study about Teachers` Practical Knowledge

Teacher is a person who implements new curricula and change the people they teach using their ability to initiate and shape in the classroom. There is no doubt that teachers translate theories into practical in class (Westbury 1977). This research elaborates the teachers’ knowledge as practical knowledge. This is achieved through study of the conceptual […]

Health Instruction in Teaching

Introduction Unit of instruction is an important tool in learning because it provides sequences of learning activities and expected outcomes from students. For teachers to develop a unit of instruction, they must understand specific needs of students and theme of interest. Different units of instruction have varied styles and design depending on the academic level […]

Development of Teaching Study

Alignment The development of education system is based on the way stakeholders adjust to fit into the standards set by experts from both local and federal governments. In this case, the concepts of curriculum alignment are applied. Alignment in terms of education refers to the extent to which the component of education including curricula, instruction, […]

Professional Needs of a Math Teacher

Being a math teacher in a primary school is a great challenge not only in terms of planning and conducting lessons, but also in terms of self-development and professional growth (Cameron, Berger, Lovett & Baker, 2007). It is very easy to get stuck unless an efficient strategy is used to approach teacher’s duties, address students’ […]

Mathematics Methodology Classroom Effect on Efficacy of Elementary Teachers

Background of the Study The theoretical concept of this research is teacher efficacy and belief, which originated from Bandura’s self-efficacy in social cognitive theory (Bandura, 1986). It has two elements, which include “efficacy expectations and outcome expectancies” (Bandura, 1986). The author is also quite categorical that efficacy among individuals has been demonstrated in various ways. […]

The Nature of the Work of Teachers

Introduction The main aim of this research paper is to establish the nature of work of teachers and the motivation behind it. The interviewing process has been used as the data collection tool. Generally, interviews provide in-depth information pertaining to participants’ experiences and viewpoints of a particular topic (Turner, 2010, p.754). After gathering data from […]

The Female Leaders’ Obstacles to Gain Leadership positions in Universities

Introduction There are significantly new challenges that are now facing many universities all over the world and some are very fascinating as they present unique opportunities in the remarkably competitive global context. There is however persistent under-representation of women at the top management level of many universities, though recently, this has been receiving renewed attention […]

“Empowering EFL Teachers Through Distributed Leadership: A Critical Perspective on Leadership Practices in an Educational Institution” Article

The article is called “Empowering EFL Teachers through Distributed Leadership: A Critical Perspective on Leadership Practices in an Educational Institution”; it was written by Sayyed Rashid Shah and published in the International Journal of Business and Social Science in 2014. The author focuses on perceptions of professional empowerment of EFL teachers and the effectiveness of […]

Training Strategies in Teacher Education Programs

Introduction Training teachers, as part of complete instructional delivery, is laden with series of benefits since it makes the education process more inclusive and learner oriented. By training teachers on the rights instruction delivery methodology, it is not only possible to create an inclusive education environment but also to equip the teachers with necessary resources […]

Factors to Consider in Teaching Young Language Learners

Introduction. Teaching English: More than Teaching Language Teaching, in general, and teaching the English language, in particular, is a challenging and complex task. It involves numerous stages of the crucial factors’ analysis, identification of the existing methods for managing specific problems and providing learners with the necessary resources. These resources are needed to acquire the […]

Teacher Career: Kapplun State College

Organizing a work of the new faculty senate, it is highly important to take into consideration all methods how to make decisions in the best way and appropriately grant the authority. The idea of faculty being marginalized is widespread nowadays; therefore, it is necessary to provide the faculties the decision-making guarantees and an adequate freedom. […]

Effect of Integrating Daily Practice- Test Questions on Student Achievement: A Literature Review

Introduction The current education system advocates for high standards of teaching as a requirement for quality education to all learners. As a result of this, there is need for new ways of teaching in order to realize an effective curriculum that is centered on quality education. A number of studies have been conducted in this […]

Leadership in Higher Education

Organizational culture is the criterion through which particular managers of an organization normally dispense their authority. It entails how a leader in an organization influences the subordinate staff in executing his/her duties. The organizational criterion adopted by a leader also influences other leaders in the organization. Leaders in an organization rely on each other for […]

The Community College Governance Structure in California

Efficient organizational systems of education are some of the strong pillars that characterize the ability of an organizational structure to function effectively and make proper decisions. Studies indicate that educational departments that are well established with functional educations structure have enhanced performance and an excellent platform for success. Individuals seeking to assume leadership positions in […]

Teacher Emotional Management in the Classroom

Introduction Teacher burnout is a significant problem that affects effective delivery of educational services to students. Although there are many factors that contribute to teacher burnout, emotional reactions that teachers experience in classroom is one of the factors that cause burnout and emotional enervation. Disruptive behaviors of students in classroom elicit unpleasant emotional reactions in […]

Curriculum, Teaching and Reality: An Overview and Integration

Introduction Curriculum and teaching in physical education is an issue that requires attention. This is because many schools do not integrate physical education into the curriculum. According to a recent research, physical education activities are important because they help in the holistic development of the students and the teachers. This is because they facilitate the […]

Teaching Log and Lessons Planning

Review of the Teaching Log The teaching log shows how I was able to plan my lesson in a way that helped eliminate racial/ethnic, gender, socio-economic and ability gap in reading, as well as, writing. Cheesman and De Pry (2010) believe that literacy instruction should be culturally responsive and involve effective instructional practices. The goal […]

Teachers Approach to an Idea of Change

How teachers approach the idea of change determines whether change will be effectively realized or not. Most of the effectiveness in implementing change is realized in the decision making process. Many of the school administrators’ efforts to bring about change only require that teacher rely on the existing data to implement change. Consequently, training workshops […]

The cybernetic model of organization

This paper provides a conceptual approach to solve problems of governance, management, and leadership in an academic institution in order to improve on; accountability, student enrollment, and cost reduction. An institution should develop a new approach to governance, management and leadership that is based upon a cybernetic model (Birnbaum, 1991). The cybernetic model approach is […]

Understanding the Concepts of Collective Teacher Efficacy and Personal Teacher Efficacy

The main challenge of improving students’ academic performance is to define how personal qualities of teachers, as well as the overall school organization influence the educational outcomes. In this respect, personal teacher efficacy is confined to personal conviction that a person is capable enough of producing desired outcomes, regardless of difficulties he/she may encounter. In […]

Design a professional development plan

Introduction In a differentiated instruction, the teacher plans tactically in order to satisfy the needs of all students. This method of instruction is based on the belief that there exists a degree of differences among groups of learners and the teacher will change the instruction method to fit any particular group (Tomlinson and Allan, 2000). […]

How to Teach Those Who Are Not Like Us

Abstract Teaching refers to the process of passing knowledge from one individual to another. It is very important for young individuals to be exposed to the right values in society so that they may grow up to become good responsible adults. All members of society have a role to play in ensuring that our future […]

Professional development and research

Introduction Professional development basically refers to continuous training chances available to instructors and any other school staff via their institutions. Successful professional development is frequently viewed as significance to institution performance and instructor fulfillment, but it has in addition been condemned due to its cost, frequently loosely verified objectives, and because of the absence of […]

Learners Attitudes towards Native and Non-Native English Teachers in Saudi High Schools

Matters regarding native English-speaking teachers (NESTs) and non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs) have lately received substantial interest from researchers and academicians (Braine, 2005; Mahboob, 2004). One of the key topics under discussion is learners’ attitudes towards native and non-native English teachers in Saudi high schools. This paper shall discuss views of different academicians and researchers on […]

Teacher Merit Pay

The students’ high academic achievements are usually considered as the best results of the good teachers’ performance. However, is it possible to speak about the direct connection between the processes when the teacher’s work is stimulated with the help of money? This principle was discussed as the major one while implementing the new system of […]

Acquainting The New Staff with the classroom

The learners’ profile and context of the learning environment In the learners’ summary we consider obtaining all the necessary personal details about the targeted staff, who in this case are the new teachers from college. The teachers should provide their personal information for formality purposes, and for employers to understand their background information depending on […]

Critiquing a Research Study Presented In a Journal Article for an Educational Research Methods Module

The Focus, Purpose and Rationale for the Study The study highlights the importance of investigating student-teachers’ involvement in active learning. Learning is a lifelong experience. It may also be attained from professional practice. The study utilizes an investigative approach. This approach is based on the assessment of competencies of the participants. The basic focus of […]

Action Plan for Recruiting Teachers

Introduction The introduction of a new system of recruiting and selection of teachers at DCPS classroom is an important strategy of enhancing student achievement. The system is performance-based and it tries to recognize the most competent teachers, for recruitment and selection. In order to monitor the teachers’ performance, Recruitment and Selection team uses a spreadsheet […]

The Role of a Teacher When Implementing the Change of a Collegial Organization

Modern system of education is changing and these changes affect many participants of this process. Teachers and students are the participants of the educational process which are affected in the same way and this influence is interrelated. It is important to state that it is impossible to underestimate the role of a teacher as a […]

Mixed Ability Classes and How Teachers Can Face This Challenge

Introduction Mixed ability classes and teaching is a kind of education strategy where students can work together with teachers despite the differences in individual skills, personal interests, personalities and learning needs. Despite the fact that most classes are often multi-level, instructors, particularly the less experienced find giving instruction to such classes a very tasking job. […]

How Teachers in Saudi Arabia View and Deal with Individual Differences

Introduction As compared to animals, human beings are said to be the most intelligent of all species. The term intelligence has been defined differently by a number of experts over the past years. However a general definition of intelligence would be the ability to learn from, learn about, interact with and understand one’s environment (Ackerman, […]

School Leadership Successful Principles

Introduction Principals are an important part in the development and maintenance of successful schools. However, there is, surprisingly, less research on the methods that can be used in developing people to get the required knowledge of running schools effectively. This condition is in an environment in which principals are increasingly pressured to make improvements in […]

How May the Teacher Encourage More Learner Involvement in the Lesson?

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the entire community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that teaching practices can have a significant effect on the education of the population leading to significant impact on economic and social outcomes of their citizens. For […]

Teaching Strategies in Study of Mathematic

Educational strategies are the instructional methods and the learning activities used in imparting knowledge and skills to the learners. Mathematics being an abstract and empirical subject requires exciting ways to drive home the concepts and facts. To achieve this, mathematics teachers use several strategies which are not limited to gaming, problem-solving, group work, discussions, and […]

Negotiation Outcome between Teacher’s Union and US Government

Our main goal was to stop the layoff of teachers, not to reduce prep time, increase salary, and possibly reduce workload on the teachers. The outcome of the negotiation was in favor of the teacher’s union. However, due to the constraint in the budget, many of our demands were not met. The board had a […]

Relationship between Students Mathematics Performance and Support Provided by Teachers

Introduction The demands of today’s fast-paced global environment have necessitated individuals from all walks of life to acquaint themselves with basic mathematical skills. Calculations and mental estimations have become a core component of our lives. As such, many governments and stakeholders around the world are increasingly stressing the need for educational systems to develop comprehensive […]

“How Asian Teachers Polish Each Lesson to Perfection” by Stigler and Stevenson

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental to the development and ultimate advancement of the entire community. Educators and governments all over the world have acknowledged that teaching practices can have a significant effect on the education of the population leading to significant impact on economic and social outcomes of their citizens. For […]

Skills that make teachers effective

Skills that make teachers effective Teaching is a task that can be entrusted to any determinant person. Teachers should be passionate about their job. This can motivate them and hence make them achieve success in their teaching profession. Most developed countries have many educated persons because most teachers in these countries use effective teaching strategies […]

Need for Lesson Plan in Teaching

Introduction Effective lesson pacing is important because it determines how well students grasp new information. Information takes time to be processed at any level of learning process. Therefore, it is essential for the teacher to present new information at a pace that will not leave any student behind the lesson. This calls for the teacher […]

The article “Using Knowledge of Children’s Mathematics Thinking in Classroom Teaching: An Experimental Study” by Carpenter

Professional development (PD) has always been observed with great deal and keenness. According to Yoon, Duncan, Lee, Scarloss and Shapley (2007), over 1,300 studies have been carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of PD on teachers when adopted as a teaching method. The essay draws its analysis from three of the nine reports which meet […]

Developing a Personal Approach to Classroom Management

Apart from imparting knowledge to students, teaching is an art that when perfected can produce some of the best results and satisfaction to the teacher and the society at large. This is because when you are in the classroom you are taxed with the responsibility of creating an environment that allows information to be shared, […]

Supporting Children’s Care Learning and Development

Introduction The society highly values children. Childcare is currently a shared responsibility. Parents, teachers and all other stakeholders have a role to play in ensuring that a child grows up in an environment that is conducive for its growth. As Hansen (2007, p. 76) states, a child requires a lot of attention, especially at early […]

Issues Relating To Collaborative Working within a Childcare Setting

Introduction Childcare has increasingly grown popular in many countries across the world. United Kingdom in particular, has developed mechanisms that would ensure that it has a system that would support children from very tender age. Nussbaum (2002, p. 28) says that for a long period, the position held by children in the society has been […]

Never Say anything a Kid Can Say

During the early days of his teaching career, the author of the article took a lot of time to prepare for his classes. He then taught with the conviction that he was making a difference in the understanding of the students, but they were often left confused. The principal commented that he was a good […]

United Federation of Teachers and DC 37

Introduction Unions are legally formed to serve as the voices of all workers in New York City or entire country. They act as representatives of public and private employees in several industries in the United States. Their main aim centers on cooperative negotiations in issues related to wage increase, workers’ benefits and better working conditions […]

Summary: “Prototypes for Teaching Word Meaning”

In Waite’s research (1) on Prototypes for Teaching Word Meaning, varying amounts of information to be learned, different stimulus familiarization, different measures of practice and varying value of association were the effects of four discussions assessed in four studies that compared the acquisition of synonyms by normal and learning disabled children. The results were not […]

Labor issues surrounding the Department of education

Introduction The education department is facing serious labor issues with teachers being mistreated and many saying that teachers are paid way below their qualification. This paper will thus discuss recent labor issues surrounding the department of education and their teachers, specifically those in Seattle, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It will discuss whether any progress has been […]

Evaluating Professional Development Training in School

According to P, Black and D, William, evaluation refers to a sequence of interrelated actions that have a definite purpose.1 Since education instructors are involved in several multifaceted issues, they should be assessed as professionals. The standards of evaluating them should be developed by all the stakeholders of the school institution and their evaluation should […]

Feedback on Whose Curriculum Should be taught in School

An examination and dissection of the student’s essay on what schools should teach reveals a mix of assumptions supported by facts and generalizations that go far beyond the data. The student has effectively responded to the first question and provided a clear analysis of the most important issues in this case. However, in the analysis […]

Teaching – Reflections, Questions, Decisions

Introduction Teaching – reflection, questions, decisions Becoming a professional and caring teacher is, indeed, a challenging task because one should conceive the main elements of effective learning, planning, and teaching with particular reference to existing social, cultural and political aspects affecting children in schools. More importantly, an outstanding teacher should be a great decision-maker and […]

North Carolina Teaching Standards

Introduction Education is an important tool in the modern world. “Education has long served as the key to equal opportunity for American citizens” (State of Board of Education 1985, P.10).The state of North Carolina understands this and in a bid to improve the quality of education, has come up with various performance standards for the […]

Merit Pay for Teachers

Introduction Merit pay, as many would call it, is a practice in which the salary of the worker is determined based on the basis of how well individual worker is successful in his/her work. This method of compensating employees may seem attractive as it makes sense to reward those employees who demonstrate high productivity and […]

The Bond that Students and Teachers Share

Introduction/Summary “The Bond that Students and Teachers Share” is an article written by Souad Jamal Al Serkal and was published in the Gulf news on March 19 2005. The writer, a student explores the aspect of cultural diversity in the field of learning by taking the views of stakeholders in cosmopolitan centers of learning with […]

Child and youth care counselor

Introduction Being a good and effective child and youth care counsellor doesn’t always come automatically but rather through much training and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of human nature and particularly the kids. The article “Attracting resilience: Helping kids do better” presents the reflections of the author, Hector Sapien in his endeavor to understand the […]

Merit Pay for Teachers

Background Merit pay is a term used to describe the payment of wages or salaries based on performance. This form of payment grants bonuses to workers who execute their duties effectively according to quantifiable standards. Merit pay can easily be used in non-education sectors such as finance, industrial and other service industries as merit can […]

Challenges and Benefits in Teacher Profession

Do teachers like to teach? Teaching is arguably the oldest profession in the world. Regardless of man’s differences, each culture, race and community has been transferring knowledge and skills since the beginning of time. Today, this transference occurs mainly in learning institutions and is done by specific personnel, who are proficient in given subjects of […]

Difference between formal and informal teaching

Formal teaching is also known as classroom based teaching. Formal teaching is practiced by trained teachers who have the necessary skills required to teach. Informal teaching on the other hand, can be described as teaching that normally happens outside the classroom and does not require the assistance of a trained teacher. Informal teaching comprises of […]

Parent Involvement Interview

Belief about school-parent communication Effective school-home communication is essential and assists parents and teachers to do what is best for children with disabilities. The institution has various methods of communicating with parents, but it chooses to use methods that best suit parental and its needs. Generally, the school has a Web site for general information […]

Philosophy of Teaching

Introduction Early childhood education, being the education and care to young children provided by people outside the family setting, is important in giving them a head start in education. Thus, conceptual framework has been developed to help educators facilitate proper learning in schools. Early childhood education covers any period to the time a child joins […]

Ethical dilemmas facing teachers

Introduction The role of teachers in the current society is more than imparting knowledge among students. Teachers are involved in developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes among the children. Present day parents are involved in activities that raise income to a level that children are left to spend most of their time with teachers in schools […]

Program and Curriculum Planning

Introduction Preschoolers usually develop their vital skills for learning before the age of eight years in early childhood. A curriculum for preschoolers should foster skills that are developmentally appropriate for gaining academic advantages for later years. Failure to learn such skills among preschoolers can have severe consequences in later academic performance. The role of the […]

The Human Interfaces

Discussion of the usefulness of the Bloom’s Taxonomy in strategic planning Bloom’s taxonomy is a system of learning classification proposed by a committee of educators chaired by Benjamin Bloom in the year 1956 (Anderson & Krathwohl, 2001). Prior to its publication by Bloom, there were a series of conferences from 1949 to 1953 that were […]

Teaching and Ethics: When It Is the Teacher Who Is Taking the Test

It goes without saying that the work of a teacher is by far one of the most demanding and responsible ones of all. That is why, the ethical principles are supposed to be followed especially well in the field of teaching, given the fact that a teacher is responsible not only for the knowledge that […]