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Teacher Career Essay Examples and Topics

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

In these regards, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation could be considered an important organization that guarantees the significant improvement of the educational sphere and contributes to the shift of priorities towards new and [...]

What Makes an Effective Teacher?

The paper emphasizes that the suggested list of the significant elements of effective teaching is not exhaustive; it is maintained that the personal views, professional development needs and priorities of the author are likely to [...]

Retention of Secondary Teachers

This objective was the primary justification for studying the impact of stress and burnout in relation to the significant rise in the high turnover rate within the teaching profession.

New Reading Program and Organizational Change

The present case offers the following strategies that can be used by leaders to implement a new reading program for students: Ensuring that relevant faculty and staff have adequate release time to learn about and [...]

Teacher’s Role to Make a Difference

Instead, I see a teacher as someone who encourages students to develop the learning strategy that they will, later on, use in any domain of their life to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and, [...]

Teacher’s Must-Have Characteristics

In this paper, I will review my current characteristics as an aspiring teacher and the characteristics I need to develop in the near future. The following are some of the characteristics that I will need [...]

Unprofessional Conduct: Mrs. Pettit Case

Apart from the need to monitor the actions of employees at work, a right to privacy is still one of the civil liberties, as every citizen of the United States of America has a right [...]

School Counselors Definition

School counselors are expected to uphold the basic ethics and professional standards of the counseling profession as well as the American School Counseling Association.

Leadership Style of Jordanian Academic Deans

The researcher introduces the basic concepts of leadership and emphasizes the significance of the leadership behaviour in the achievement of positive organizational outcomes providing the evidence from the academic works of over ten prominent scholars [...]

Labor Unions in the Education System

Teachers unions today have become tools for protecting the selfish interests and gains of teachers while neglecting the needs of the average student and the school at large and should therefore not be part of [...]

Communication Channels in a Daycare School

One area that has to be changed in this program is the interaction levels between children and the staff. A different program has to be designed for communication between children and the staff.

Teaching, Its Ideals and Reality

Perhaps, one of the most popular myths that are subverted unbelievably fast in the environment of a classroom is that everything goes according to the lesson plan and that all the items from it will [...]

Disruptive Behavior Management in Classroom

A student who is a "helpless hand raiser" either pays little to no attention to the teacher's explanation of the new materials or gets disrupted during the explanation; as a result, the student misses important [...]

Leadership Theory in Teacher Evaluation System

This paper aims to present the solution to the problem of a lack of an effective teacher evaluation system in the K-12 institution that is based on the path-goal leadership theory and discusses the strengths [...]

Teaching Concepts: Duties and Responsibilities

Any curriculum plays a significant role in the educational process because it provides teachers and students with a certain list of activities or tasks that have to be discussed and completed during the forthcoming course.

Literacy Coaching Cycle

In an effective literacy coaching, literacy coach should make strategic class visits to access the level of delivery that teachers are attaining.

English as a Second Language Teachers’ Training

Additionally, the project has been created in line with the context, process and content standards of the National Staff Development Council Staff Development Standards. With regard to content, the professional development project will:

6-Column Framework for Differentiated Instruction

In the six-column framework for differentiated instruction one sets the standard of teaching, defines the content to be taught, activates the prior knowledge of the content, acquires new knowledge on what is to be taught, [...]

Educator’s Philosophy Statement and Research

The purpose of this paper is to provide the educator's profile with the focus on the teaching style, present the philosophy statement with references to the aspect of family and community engagement, and formulate the [...]

Teacher Creativity Fellowship Grant

The skill of learning and creative thinking will be developed by encouraging the students to think of possible solutions to the issue, model a situation where these solutions will be implemented, and to find information [...]

Scholarship, Leadership and Practice

With regard to information literacy, information can only be acquired if a leader is studious and reads many scholarly works to gain knowledge that would be of great significance to him or her, and the [...]

Effective Leaders in Educational Settings

The main aim of this empirical inquiry was to gather student teachers' views to determine the gender differences in the effectiveness of educational leaders and also to understand what kind of qualities are inherent to [...]

Webster School District’s Leader Interview

Erickson on the recent organizational change in the Webster School District, on the process steps used by the leader to implement the change successfully, and on possible obstacles and barriers to the change.

Professional Learning Communities

The principal further stated that to ensure that students are learning the school has remained committed to ensure that the school goals and objectives value the demands of the PLC model.

Teachers’ Right to Strike Debates

The essence of teachers' strikes is of doubtful nature: teachers may be allowed to strikes as they have the freedom of speech and rights that cannot be neglected by the government, the necessity to talk [...]

Sara Martinez Tucker’s Biography

This report targets the description of a life path of an outstanding American journalist and educator, who occupies a post of the Chief Officer of the U.S. The selection of a person was made on [...]

Effective Online Assessment for UAE Teachers

Thus, the training guide will enhance the teacher's ability to organize, develop, and implement an effective online assessment tool. The training guide will improve teacher's skill and collaborative effort to design and implement an effective [...]

Teaching Practice Improvement

Although the role of a special education teacher is often misdefined as the process of providing the students with the amount of knowledge that they can grasp due to the specifics of their mental state, [...]

Lesson Plan for a Disabled Student

This paper is about teaching for exceptionalities, and it involves the creation of a strong lesson plan for a disabled student as well as a reflective analysis of how the program impacts the educational achievement [...]

Professional Technical Teacher Interview

During the interview, the teacher demonstrated the relevant skills and knowledge that are needed in nursing. The current standards that are set for assessing the knowledge and skills of the PTE teachers are adequate.

Curriculum Review Project

Zemelman, Daniels and Hyde note that a curriculum map is an indispensable document that outlines the topics to be covered, the methods through which the teacher will use to effect dispensation of learning, objectives of [...]

Professional Teacher’s Evaluation

Student test scores are good in providing information used to judge the performance and effectiveness of teachers in providing instruction and in delivery of pedagogy.

Early Childhood Learning Centre in Zayed University

Zayed University ECLC values an establishment of developmentally apposite and child-centered experience in the context of safe, positive and healthy environment as significant in enhancing the development and learning capabilities of children. In addition, the [...]

Induction of a First Year Teacher

Mentoring as a strategy for new teachers' induction, works perfectly when the mentors are well acquainted with the knowledge pertaining to the responsibilities and roles expected of them.

The Teacher Speech With Parents

These instances are broadly meant to ensure that the parents get the best understanding of the information concerning the school and more importantly enable them to fully participate in the education of their children.

Teaching Models and Student Organizations

To present a captivating and working teaching model, it is necessary to make sure that it influences student perception of the world and the course, promotes students participation in classroom activities, and enlarges student knowledge [...]

Andragogy and Pedagogy Comparison

In this model and method of teaching, it is the teacher's role to make decisions and guide the students on what to be done, as well as provide the timeline for this to take place.

Education: Teaching Philosophy

Therefore, discussing the teaching philosophy, it is possible to state that a teacher is a person who assists in developing the personal potential of an individual, and teaching is a process of adopting an individual [...]

Strategies for English Language Learners Classrooms

Thirdly, teachers should identify significant concepts in the content, define the language, and outline the content objectives to guide each lesson. Therefore, small groups may be used for ELLs to facilitate the learning of new [...]

English Language Learner Assessments

The ELL program offered at my school is for the students who have the elementary and intermediate levels of knowledge in English as well as for those who achieved the advanced level.

Ms. Gregorio’s Concept of Education

The key role of metacognition is to enable students to take control of their thinking process while learning.Ms. The concept of metacognition advances the notion that when learners become aware of their thinking process, it [...]

Integrating Technology into Classroom

The analysis of literature in the article seems insufficient and requires adjustment since they present general information concerning the status of learners' achievement and instructor's professional advancement in the incorporation of technology into classrooms, technology [...]

SlideShare as a Tool in Education

The teacher must thus make such presentations brief and visually appealing to the young users through the use of audio and visual elements as opposed to strictly sticking to text data.

Teachers’ Perspectives in Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement difficulties have attracted the attention of many outstanding linguists, who study the most significant errors the students make in this area and work on the solution to simplify the procedure of teaching the [...]

Planning and Teaching

This is because I think the purposes of an appraisal to be directly related to the overall objectives of learning and hence when the instructions are planned in a manner that facilitates the attainment of [...]

The Teacher as a Representative of Education

It makes use of the personality in the learning process and adjusts to the individual character of every student. To add to the personal interests of each student, a teacher could invite different guest speakers [...]

Teaching Process

Another important and beneficial point of the training is that the material is selected with a unique understanding of the needs of students and teachers.

Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment

Assessments of content in the curriculum should be aligned to standards. The government should be engaged in construction of more schools to ease pressure on the few that are available.

Teaching English Language Learners

To determine the reading and writing abilities of students, students should be encouraged to take English tests more often. In addition, the efforts of the students should not be limited to the use of certain [...]

Curriculum and Instruction Revisited

While designing the curriculum, it should be ensured that the assessment, instruction, and curriculum collaborate to challenge the students. In this regard, the instructional content and strategies should be tied to the experiences that students [...]