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Teacher Career Essay Examples and Topics

Teachers’ Right to Strike Debates

The essence of teachers' strikes is of doubtful nature: teachers may be allowed to strikes as they have the freedom of speech and rights that cannot be neglected by the government, the necessity to talk [...]

Sara Martinez Tucker’s Biography

This report targets the description of a life path of an outstanding American journalist and educator, who occupies a post of the Chief Officer of the U.S. The selection of a person was made on [...]

Effective Online Assessment for UAE Teachers

Thus, the training guide will enhance the teacher's ability to organize, develop, and implement an effective online assessment tool. The training guide will improve teacher's skill and collaborative effort to design and implement an effective [...]

Teaching Practice Improvement

Although the role of a special education teacher is often misdefined as the process of providing the students with the amount of knowledge that they can grasp due to the specifics of their mental state, [...]

Lesson Plan for a Disabled Student

This paper is about teaching for exceptionalities, and it involves the creation of a strong lesson plan for a disabled student as well as a reflective analysis of how the program impacts the educational achievement [...]

Professional Technical Teacher Interview

During the interview, the teacher demonstrated the relevant skills and knowledge that are needed in nursing. The current standards that are set for assessing the knowledge and skills of the PTE teachers are adequate.

Curriculum Review Project

Zemelman, Daniels and Hyde note that a curriculum map is an indispensable document that outlines the topics to be covered, the methods through which the teacher will use to effect dispensation of learning, objectives of [...]

Professional Teacher’s Evaluation

Student test scores are good in providing information used to judge the performance and effectiveness of teachers in providing instruction and in delivery of pedagogy.

Early Childhood Learning Centre in Zayed University

Zayed University ECLC values an establishment of developmentally apposite and child-centered experience in the context of safe, positive and healthy environment as significant in enhancing the development and learning capabilities of children. In addition, the [...]

Induction of a First Year Teacher

Mentoring as a strategy for new teachers' induction, works perfectly when the mentors are well acquainted with the knowledge pertaining to the responsibilities and roles expected of them.

The Teacher Speech With Parents

These instances are broadly meant to ensure that the parents get the best understanding of the information concerning the school and more importantly enable them to fully participate in the education of their children.

Teaching Models and Student Organizations

To present a captivating and working teaching model, it is necessary to make sure that it influences student perception of the world and the course, promotes students participation in classroom activities, and enlarges student knowledge [...]

Andragogy and Pedagogy Comparison

In this model and method of teaching, it is the teacher's role to make decisions and guide the students on what to be done, as well as provide the timeline for this to take place.

Education: Teaching Philosophy

Therefore, discussing the teaching philosophy, it is possible to state that a teacher is a person who assists in developing the personal potential of an individual, and teaching is a process of adopting an individual [...]

Strategies for English Language Learners Classrooms

Thirdly, teachers should identify significant concepts in the content, define the language, and outline the content objectives to guide each lesson. Therefore, small groups may be used for ELLs to facilitate the learning of new [...]

English Language Learner Assessments

The ELL program offered at my school is for the students who have the elementary and intermediate levels of knowledge in English as well as for those who achieved the advanced level.

Ms. Gregorio’s Concept of Education

The key role of metacognition is to enable students to take control of their thinking process while learning.Ms. The concept of metacognition advances the notion that when learners become aware of their thinking process, it [...]

Integrating Technology into Classroom

The analysis of literature in the article seems insufficient and requires adjustment since they present general information concerning the status of learners' achievement and instructor's professional advancement in the incorporation of technology into classrooms, technology [...]

SlideShare as a Tool in Education

The teacher must thus make such presentations brief and visually appealing to the young users through the use of audio and visual elements as opposed to strictly sticking to text data.

Teachers’ Perspectives in Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement difficulties have attracted the attention of many outstanding linguists, who study the most significant errors the students make in this area and work on the solution to simplify the procedure of teaching the [...]

Planning and Teaching

This is because I think the purposes of an appraisal to be directly related to the overall objectives of learning and hence when the instructions are planned in a manner that facilitates the attainment of [...]

The Teacher as a Representative of Education

It makes use of the personality in the learning process and adjusts to the individual character of every student. To add to the personal interests of each student, a teacher could invite different guest speakers [...]

Teaching Process

Another important and beneficial point of the training is that the material is selected with a unique understanding of the needs of students and teachers.

Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment

Assessments of content in the curriculum should be aligned to standards. The government should be engaged in construction of more schools to ease pressure on the few that are available.

Teaching English Language Learners

To determine the reading and writing abilities of students, students should be encouraged to take English tests more often. In addition, the efforts of the students should not be limited to the use of certain [...]

Curriculum and Instruction Revisited

While designing the curriculum, it should be ensured that the assessment, instruction, and curriculum collaborate to challenge the students. In this regard, the instructional content and strategies should be tied to the experiences that students [...]

Individual Staff Development Presentation

The main difference in the science curriculum objectives following the introduction of standards based assessment is increased emphasis on the need to provide student instruction that imparts skills for investigation and inquiry.

Effective Teacher

In the image, the professional features are basally the continuing trends of behavior that are blended to drive the activities of the teacher.

Professional Development and Teaching

First is the degree to which race influences the process of constructing identity, second, the degree to which race and ethnicity influences the relationships the students create with the education system and other aspects of [...]

CREDE Standards

The need for standards appeared with the development of globalization in the world and with the occurrence of high level of cultural diversity in the schools of the United States of America.

CREDE Standards in US

The strategy that is a great example of the application of the CREDE standards is the strategy of linking the concepts from the lesson to the students' personal experiences.

Health Instruction in Teaching

Human sexuality is a relevant topic to the children at the adolescence period because they need to understand the experiences of physiological and physical changes.

Development of Teaching Study

The curriculum map should be reviewed constantly to ensure that it address the needs of the entire student population and at the same time sticks to the regulation of the ministry of education and other [...]

Professional Needs of a Math Teacher

Before going any further into the details of the entire process, it is necessary to mention that the very experience of differentiation will help a teacher learn to respond to the students needs and, as [...]

The Nature of the Work of Teachers

To ascertain as to whether every teacher belongs to the teachers' union, and reason why they decide to join it The strength of the teachers' union seems to be the toughest in the country.

Training Strategies in Teacher Education Programs

As part of the in-service teacher education through the mandatory vocational training programs in Saudi Arabia, I underwent series of training on how to engage all the learners in imparting group discourse, experiences, skills, ideas, [...]

Leadership in Higher Education

The interaction of employees and leaders in an organization cultivates the organizational culture. Therefore, a careful evaluation of all factors including the opinion of other stakeholders and the organizational culture will be essential in making [...]

Teacher Emotional Management in the Classroom

The hypothesis of the study is clear and consistent with the objective of the study, which states that effective management and regulation of unpleasant emotions can help alleviate impacts of disruptive classroom behaviors of students [...]

Teaching Log and Lessons Planning

I also explained to the learners about what cover page could mean, and used discussion to explain to learners the information being communicated in the book.

Teachers Approach to an Idea of Change

To successfully implement change, teacher must first seek to understand the relationship between the context realities and the prevailing problems that necessitated the change and the implementation of the decision made to realize the needed [...]

The cybernetic model of organization

The self-correcting process of an institution focus on a control structure that is defined in terms of a signaling mechanism to monitor acceptable changes that can enhance fundamental changes within an institution.

Design a professional development plan

Tomlinson defined differentiated instruction as a teaching philosophy in which learners' interests are best served when the facilitator, in this case the teacher, is aware of the variance in the learner's levels of readiness, interest [...]

Professional development and research

Operations Professional development team will provide data to entire personnel participants regarding seminars and in-trainings that will aid in achieving the goals of the school itself and the school professional development team.

Teacher Merit Pay

Today, the merit pay program which is provided with basing on the activities of the federal Teacher Incentive Fund and the United States Department of Education is one of the most controversial aspects of the [...]

School Leadership Successful Principles

Some of these factors include past performances of the school, the aims and goals of the school, the performances of leading schools in the vicinity of the school, a consideration of the special challenges that [...]

Teaching Strategies in Study of Mathematic

Discussion is a strategy in which the teacher simply gives guidance to the learners as they solve problems, it gives the students an opportunity to have a broader view of the concept as well as [...]

Skills that make teachers effective

Effective teachers also need to incorporate relevant doses of humour in their teaching, which can help students gain confidence in their work. Moreover, a teacher has to involve students in making decisions.

Need for Lesson Plan in Teaching

Pacing the lesson plan is necessary so as to ensure that the presentation of the lesson helps the students understand the material despite differences in their abilities and interests.