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Teaching Performance: Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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It is important for beginning teachers to focus on the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) associated with six specific Domains because these TPEs can be discussed as criteria and measurements of developing professional skills and knowledge. In this context, it is significant to conduct the self-assessment of personal success in achieving the TPEs and to analyze the results in order to formulate specific goals for further professional growth and progress.

Making Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students

Having assessed acquired pedagogical skills in providing instruction related to the specific subject matter, I have found that I am good at demonstrating the knowledge of the subject matter because I carefully work on all topics. Furthermore, I have rather developed skills in using the appropriate materials in order to make the subject matter and instruction accessible and understandable.

Thus, I can propose effective instructions to students while utilizing suitable instructional strategies. I focus on developing my skills in teaching students with disabilities because of the necessity to provide effective directives and activities to them. However, I am not sure about my successes regarding the organization of the curriculum depending on the needs of the class because it is one of the most important tasks of a proficient teacher (Churchill, Mulholland, and Capello 22).

Goal: To demonstrate success in organizing the curriculum after planning and conducting at least two lessons that are focused on the interrelation of ideas and topics within certain subject matter areas.

Assessing Student Learning

Monitoring, assessment, and interpretation of students’ results in learning are extremely important procedures. However, in spite of the fact that I demonstrate developed skills in following the principle of confidentiality, formulating and communicating learning goals, and selecting different types of tests for students with disabilities, I am not sure regarding the development of my skills in using multiple sources of information for the continuous monitoring of students’ learning.

I work to develop my skills in understanding all the measurement principles and using multiple sources of information for formulating instructions for a certain group of students, but I cannot state that I act as a professional in the field. At the current stage, I work to involve students in the process of assessing their learning and to refer to all the information in order to decide on the effectiveness of assessments and instructions.

Goal: To provide an effective assessment of students’ progress in learning while collecting the extensive database of different assessment tools.

Engaging and Supporting Students in Learning

I am oriented to supporting students in their learning activities, that is why I demonstrate developed skills in connecting students’ prior knowledge and experience with the topics and specific class activities and instructions. Furthermore, I choose to promote reflective learning that is important for students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses (Lemov and Atkins 54). I also try to address the diverse needs of students coming from different backgrounds and English learners who often experience difficulties in understanding the material. I also support the opinion regarding the necessity of promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students in spite of the fact that there are situations when the process of developing instructions is rather challenging.

Goal: To improve the choice of instructional strategies while increasing the use of various strategies, multiple tools to explain the material, and approaches to address the needs of the diverse group of students by 50%.

Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for Students

Planning is one of the most challenging areas in teaching because this stage determines the success of further ones. The self-assessment demonstrates rather low scores in the Domain because I try to avoid designing plans independently, refer to resources in order to evaluate the effectiveness of plans and instruction and refer to the assistance and consultation of experts in the field. That is why, I have difficulties in working with core standards and in evaluating the approaches to instruction, evaluating the whole effectiveness of instruction, and its appropriateness to address the specific IEP objectives.

In spite of the fact that I try to use equipment and technology for planning and formulating goals efficiently, there are problems with managing the time necessary for completing the activities because I need to research the appropriateness of the plan for the set goals. However, I have developed strong skills in creating comfortable learning environments for students with diverse needs and in modifying the prepared plans to adjust them to the specific needs of students.

Goal: To improve skills in formulating effective goals for learning and in designing appropriate plans while preparing at least one approved plan for the student.

Creating and Maintaining an Effective Environment for Students’ Learning

I assess my abilities in creating an effective environment for students as good because I not only provide the appropriate physical environments but also work to motivate students and give feedback to support their activities and encourage them in learning. Furthermore, I manage the learning environment while avoiding conflicts and promoting respect for different cultures and religions in students.

In addition, I understand the importance of addressing the students’ diverse and special needs and provide them with the necessary social support. As a result, I can describe the learning environment in the classroom as safe. Still, I am only learning how to make transitions between activities meaningful and interesting, and I have the limited experience in designing behavior plans. I understand the importance of monitoring the students’ behavior and plan to work in this area.

Goal: To demonstrate efficiency in addressing students’ differences in behaviors and characters while designing two behavior plans appropriate to work with students.

Developing as a Professional Educator

Having assessed my successes in developing as a professional educator, I should state that my strengths are in focusing on criticism, reflection, and continuous work with supervisors. I pay much attention to setting effective goals for further professional growth in order to achieve higher results as a professional. However, although I effectively work with other paraprofessionals and students with disabilities, I need to change my approach to working with parents in order to improve collaboration. In addition, I need to focus more on researching and applying the approaches to addressing legal and ethical issues within the learning environment to practice.

Goal: To demonstrate the understanding of ethical and legal issues in the area while developing the plan for the promotion of principles of tolerance and mutual respect in the classroom.

The results of the self-assessment are important to present what strengths are characteristic for the person and what skills and areas of knowledge need to be developed.

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