Education Perception Essay Examples and Topics

Educational Technology in small state countries: The Maldives

Introduction This paper is aimed at discussing the adoption of educational technologies in such a country as the Maldives. It is necessary to focus on the geographic, demographic, and economic peculiarities of this state. Furthermore, much attention should be paid to the policies on information and communication technologies (ICTs). Additionally, one should understand the challenges […]

Education Policy and Crime Reduction: USA/Africa Comparability Study

Abstract Educating prisoners and perpetuating an education policy that reduces unemployment reduces crime in societies. This has been the trend the world over and its application in developing countries is likely to have a major impact. Although different cultures may present different approaches, this paper finds that the core concept is widely applicable. The researcher […]

Keeping Physical Education in Schools

Introduction Physical education is a process geared towards physical development through exercise instructions which one applies to achieve a healthy lifestyle. These exercises range from sports, games, dance, aerobics and other gymnastic programs. Both quality and quantity of physical education programs are important in schools in forming an all-rounded student. Schools should incorporate effective physical […]

A Comparative Analysis of the Article in Chapter Eleven of the Introduction to Educational Research by Burrow-Sanchez and Lopez (2009) in Metler and Charles (2011) and a Survey Research of Satisfaction Levels of Graduate Students Enrolled in a Nationally Ranked Top-10 Program at a Mid-Western University by Sum, Mccaskey and Kyeyune (2008)

A comparative analysis of the article in Chapter eleven of the Introduction to educational research by Burrow-Sanchez and Lopez (2009) in Metler and Charles (2011) and a survey research of satisfaction levels of graduate students enrolled in a nationally ranked top-10 program at a mid-western university by Sum, McCaskey and Kyeyune (2008) reveals both similarities […]

Patterns and Trends and Theoretical Frameworks in Education

Introduction Recent research in education and learning process introduces a number of challenges and constraints that both teachers and students encounter. In particular, numerous studies are dedicated to exploring the traditional frameworks that contribute to teacher training and learning enhancement. More importantly, these research studies also highlight the main pitfalls of traditional curriculum and instruction. […]

Career and Technical Education

Introduction The program of Career Technical Education (CTE) is a crucial model for success. Its structure contains fifty clusters of career in the California Region Occupational Programs. In addition, it has ninety-six pathways of career. The students in CTE program have many benefits. First, it enables the students to choose from a wide range of […]

Education Theories: Designing Goals

Introduction For effective learning to take place, it is important for the teacher to carefully draw clear and concrete learning goals. With the goals at hand, the teacher can then look for materials that will help him or her to achieve the stated learning goals (Blackburn, 2007). Later on, it is important for the teacher […]

Education Studies: Research Design

Introduction Most people assume that their own views of the world are logically consistent. In this regard, human aspirations create a mutual cooperation between scientific and worldview theories. Towards this, subjectivists’ perspective of the reality focuses on the significance of understanding the process through which people fix their relationship to the world. The research strategies […]

Gender and Education

Introduction Contemporary educators and psychologists pay much attention to the relationship between gender and education. For example, they focus on such aspects as academic achievement of male and female students. In addition, they examine the socialization of boys and girls in educational institutions, especially the way in which they perceive gender roles. In this paper, […]

A Proposal For Launching Educational Tools

Description of Tools In order to simplify and facilitate the educational process in international establishments, it is viable to introduce specific technological tools that would contribute to its faster improvement. In this regard, such program applications as CamStudio and Inkscape will perfectly fit this purpose. CamStudio is software that allows users to record the material […]

Education and Social Justice

The articles have affirmed my understanding about education and social justice. Educational inequality is something associated with social inequality (Smyth, 2010). Any attempt to deal with educational inequality should always examine the complexities of social disparity. The society should also reduce the gap between the poor and the rich. This practice will support every learner […]

Educational Leadership and Management

Schools and colleges bring teachers, parents, and students together (Fitzgerald, 2009). Each of these groups has its unique goals and objectives. Every school leader should employ the best strategies in order to mentor these stakeholders. School leadership is a complex practice aimed at guiding teachers and learners. Educational leadership is one of the best practices […]

Idea of Rigor and Relevance in Education

Introduction Today academic excellence finds a different definition from the changing nature of technology, increase of competition and scenery of employment environment in the global market. Educators ought to set goals and priorities since the main reason for schooling is not to achieve better scores in an exam but for the student to be in […]

Reform of Education in California

Context and relevance The demographic changes in the United States transform the cultural landscape of the country. America attracts people who may represent different cultural, ethnic, and religious groups. This trend sets new requirements for educational organizations that need to adopt various strategies to support people who struggle to integrate into the society. It should […]

Education in Texas

Despite the fact that more students are likely to pursue higher education now, unlike ten years ago, the attainment of higher education credentials in Texas is still low. Out of 883, 260 public school students in 8th grade, only 19.9% of these (175, 489) attained a certificate or degree program (National Center for Higher Education […]

Education in Different Schools

Introduction According to Kaldor and Rochecouste (2002), education supports the cognitive and mental development of individuals hence enabling them to view the world from an abstract perspective. Therefore, education imparts the knowledge and skills that people require to solve problems that they encounter in their daily lives. Despite the fact that parents want the best […]

Designing Educational Spaces: A Birth-to-Eighteen-Year-Old Training for a Rich Parent

It goes without saying that efficient studying is impossible without a proper studying location. Once having sufficient educational space, one can be certain to develop an efficient lesson plan. Of course, without a proper plan, even a very well-designed educational space will most likely not work; however, when every single element is in its place, […]

The Best Education Strategies and Design in Academic and Professional Life

The world is changing at a very high rate; therefore, people should be adaptive to upcoming technology. It is imperative for an individual to have a fulfilling and successful academic life for a better future. Ironically, many people find academic life to bear very challenging phase of their life due to the dynamic nature of […]

The Usefulness of Educational Research

Educational research is the process through which educators evaluate various aspects of education such as student learning, instructional methods, teachers’ training programs and classroom challenges. The main purpose of educational research is to improve the quality of education by solving the problems that are associated with the education system. This paper highlights the usefulness of […]

Impact of education reduction

Potential Impact of recent education reduction in Higher Education funding on the well being of students in Australian universities The Australian education system has gone through several changes. From 1974 to 1989, it was government funded. After 1989, the government made it necessary for students to bear the costs of education with the help of […]

Threats of External and Internal Validity in Education

Introduction Validity is regarded as one of the most successful approximation to the effectiveness of an idea, research, or suggestion. In other words, validity makes the evaluation of the chosen project thorough and definite. There are two types of validity, external and internal; and each of them has its own peculiarities, nature, and variables. In […]

State Profile: New York Education

Introduction The American higher education is one of the most elaborate and excellent learning systems in the world. The distinctive factors of the learning structure include the multiplicity, convenience, independence, antagonism, and the extent of the US’ higher learning segment. The US has more than 6500 post-high-school foundations where roughly 4000 are seminaries and campuses […]

Intrinsic Motivation in Education

Today English is a language that unites various nations. People learn it to gain more opportunities in life and to communicate with foreigners. Still, learning English as a foreign language (EFL) can be advantageous only when a person is motivated. According to Khodashenas et al. (2013), motivation is the “the combination of effort plus desire […]

Education should be a right not a privilege

Introduction Education should be a right not a privilege. This argument stems from a basic understanding of a right. If something is a right, then its removal should cause negative consequences. However, if people treat it as a privilege, then its negation should cause neutral repercussions. The removal of education can cause severe consequences, so […]

The USA’s education system

Introduction The USA is one among the many nations in the world that has the most dynamic education systems. The USA’s education system has been changing from time to time with respect to political, sociocultural, and economic factors. In this case, this research paper aims at exploring the changes that have taken place in the […]

Motivation theories in education

Introduction Motivation is a very important aspect of the learning process whether in the classroom or outside. This is because it helps create a universal interest among students which leads to improved general success of the learners. The use of educational motivation theories is based on the assumption that each and every individual has specific […]

Diversity, Equity, and Standards in Education

Introduction Current research has generated sufficient documentation about the continuation of a success gap that it appears people should prepare in moving toward resolutions. The initial ten years of the new millennium confirm to the increasing diversity in the society and learning institutions, on top of the inferences for the United States’ future achievements. Currently, […]

Design Theories in education

Introduction Almost every characteristic of people’s daily lives involves problem solving and learning. Whether they are working, playing games, studying or engaging in any activity, people are always continually applying or adding to their ever-expanding pool of knowledge. Learning starts at birth and it ends when one dies. It takes place everywhere i.e. in schools, […]

Strategic Planning in Educational Organizations

Introduction Strategic planning has been employed mainly in business environments to shape long-term future. This is mainly because sustainability of such businesses is crucial to their competitiveness. In the recent past, strategic planning has been implemented in educational institutions and organizations. This has resulted in mixed reactions about its achievements. Moreover, its effectiveness in most […]

Experience and education

It is beyond doubt that a state’s Constitution is fundamental for the efficient running of any country. It contains the rules and regulations that govern individuals, institutions and the country as a whole (Dewey 1966). It contains the laws that are supposed to be adhered to by the people of the nation. People who do […]

International Education Policy

Many societies today are becoming diverse in terms of providing education services to their residents. As a result, the education systems that different societies are adopting are aimed at rhyming with the way of life of people. ICT is also playing a major role in influencing the lives of people all over the globe. There […]

Bilingual Education

Language Policy in Australia In Australia, the issues connected with the language policy are discussed both at the federal and state levels. Thus, special language programmes which are worked out in states develop along with the federal Australian Language and Literacy Policy. According to this programme, the most widely spread language in Australia is English, […]

Contractual Relationships in the Domain of Education

This paper seeks to analyse issues pertaining to contractual relationships in the domain of education. It outlines the basic meaning of contractual relationships and how they apply in the scenarios delineated. Its purpose is to identify whether or not there is the presence of contractual relationships in the scenarios outlined or to establish their deficiency. […]

Education Action Plan

Introduction Education is one of the most important economic aspects that should be taken into account in order to improve the living standards of a particular economy. To achieve this, it is paramount for educational institutions to be very effective. Most educational institutions are aimed at instilling sufficient knowledge to students so that they can […]

Education System in the United States of America and Public Policy

Introduction There are a vast number of controversies that exist in the realm of human life in the society today. The United States of America as a contemporary society is no exception as there are many controversies ranging from one field or realm of human life to the other. This is for example controversies surrounding […]

Sociology of education

Abstract Cognitive factors such as the poor performance by the students have been found to be major contributors to the student’s indiscipline. It is a well known fact that the major cause of indiscipline in schools is poor performance. Most of the students who normally perform poorly in subjects such as math, languages or generally […]

Virtual education schools

Introduction History Virtual schooling was initially conceived in 1996 in two regions of the United States following the invention of the Virtual High School and the Florida Virtual School. Five years down the line, between 40,000 and 50,000 learners enrolled in virtual classes (Clark, 2001, as cited in Barbour, 2006). Approximately a decade later since […]

Role of Education for Successful Careers

Introduction Over the years, there has been ongoing debate on the importance of education for a successful career. Even to those who agree that education is important, there is still the lingering question on the level of importance. Many learners and employment seekers have repeatedly been questioning the importance of education with respect to personal […]

Internationalization of Education

Introduction The desire to acquire education has been increasing at a very high rate over the recent years across the globe. This is because the people are increasingly realizing the value attached to education. Times have long gone when education was perceived as luxury. Currently it is viewed as an investment-human capital investment, which unlike […]

The Tracking System in Secondary School Education

Introduction The educational system of a society is fundamental for the development and ultimate advancement of the entire community. Governments all over the world have acknowledged that educational policies can have a significant impact on economic and social outcomes of their citizens. It is for this reason that so much emphasis is placed on the […]

Best Practices: Education

Introduction In recent years, there has been a dramatic preference among students for online learning in place of face-to-face classes. However, the hybrid format of providing education appears to be gaining increased popularity. In this regard, a number of researchers have documented the preference for a learning experience that incorporates the conventional, face-to-face mode of […]

Standards Driven Process in Education

Introduction The changes in education witnessed in recent years have seen the emergence of standard based instruction in schools across America. This new trend has its roots in theories of cognitivism and constructivism which have redefined the process of learning. The discussions presented in this paper will briefly highlight the basic principles of these theories, […]

Educators at Community and Junior Colleges

Education plays a very significant role in the life of any person: students want to get proper education in order to get good job, help people, and earn money; parents always care about their children and want to choose the best institution they can; teachers try to use the best programs to learn students and […]