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Teaching Process: Resource Methods Essay

RN as a Teacher

Teaching is the unique phenomenon that ensures transmission of knowledge from one generation to another, its preservation, and enrichment. For this reason, this process is one of the key elements of the further evolution of our society as it contributes to the increased efficiency of different activities. Especially important teaching becomes for the healthcare sector as the price of a mistake is extremely high there, and deep knowledge and specific experiences help to avoid these mistakes. For this reason, the RN might become a teacher needed to improve different competencies and guarantee positive final outcomes as the experience she/he possesses contributes to the unique efficiency of the whole process. Additionally, a nurse might provide clients with unique information that might help them to save their lives.

Assessment and Identification of Client Learning Needs Readiness/Motivation to Learn

Thus, the RN should be able to identify and assess client learning needs to attain success and guarantee positive final results. For this reason, this specialist should be attentive and concentrated to examine a client and obtain the information about the most topical problems peculiar to this very case. It is obvious that the major concerns related to this very issue will become the main client learning needs. Moreover, this approach will also ensure a high level of motivation as he/she will be interested in acquiring additional information needed to improve the state of his/her health.

Preparation of Environment and Client

The preparation of the environment is another RNs important task. Resting on his/her experience, this specialist could contribute to the improved final outcomes by reorganizing a clients dwelling, surrounding, etc. (“How to educate patients,” 2011). A specialist could adjust it to the specific needs of a client. For instance, in case a client is not able to move, space should be reorganized for a wheelchair to move freely. It will obviously help to attain success and improve the state of clients health. Improvement of a dwelling according to this pattern might be complicated, though an RN still should be ready to insist and use all possible tools to guarantee the reorganization of the environment in which a client lives.

Special Needs of Clients and Intervention to Meet those Needs

Therefore, the above-mentioned processes should rest on a clients specific needs that exist at the moment. In case a client has problems with eyes there is a need for remedies that will help him/her to orientate himself/herself. Patients with mental problems need some assistance in the simplest everyday tasks, etc. These needs create the basis of their further cooperation. Moreover, a nurse should create the intervention plan to explain a patient his/her position and establish the terms of their cooperation and usage of additional tools to fulfill these very specific needs (“Five tips for providing effective patient education,” n.d.). Besides, provision of the information about the ways to fulfill these specific needs is one of the most efficient interventions used by a nurse.

Teaching Strategies/Methods Resources and Referrals

Besides, there are also different teaching strategies and methods that are explored by any specialist who wants to establish good relations with a client and help him/her to improve the state of health. One of these methods is a communication between a patient and a nurse to set their main goals together (“Ten patient teaching strategies for nurses,” 2015). It will obviously improve their collaboration and establish a certain trust between them. They will work together to achieve the final goal. Furthermore, another method is the consideration of costs and incomes together to obtain important information and create an affordable strategy that could be used by a certain specific patient (Ward, 2012).

Summary of the Teaching Process

Altogether, the teaching process becomes extremely important for the modern healthcare sector as it contributes to the improved final outcomes and creates an environment that contributes to a clients speedy recovery. In this regard, a nurse is an efficient educator who establishes cooperation with a client and applies different methods to ensure positive final results.


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