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Idea of Rigor and Relevance in Education Analytical Essay

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Today academic excellence finds a different definition from the changing nature of technology, increase of competition and scenery of employment environment in the global market.

Educators ought to set goals and priorities since the main reason for schooling is not to achieve better scores in an exam but for the student to be in a position of applying the knowledge to ever-changing real-life situations in the global economy. Application is therefore the true test for quality and academic excellence.

Emergence of Rigor and Relevance in Education

Some of the common and recent strategies concerning need to achieve quality education have a connection to the various government initiatives such as the “No Child Left Behind (NCLB)” legislation (Wankel and Defillippi, p.151). States have put in place serious policies and assessment programs to govern compliance with rules and regulations that enables every student to achieve minimum academic proficiency.

There is need to have strategies that diversify the procedures of attaining proficiency other than the state regulations that cause every educator to work hard for a sole purpose of attaining these requirements.

The assessments done by state officials are not the standard unit to measure achievements. The ability to acquire knowledge ought to have a basis on application of high rigour in relevant areas of study with the aim of making the knowledge relevant throughout lifetime applications.

Meaning of Rigor and Relevance in Education to the Teacher

The basis of education is the ability to achieve academic goals, mainly results. Teachers utilize various techniques such as planned instructions, curriculum and strategic assessments procedures to ensure proficiency. Most educators plan the procedures systematically with the examination being the final strategy.

Besides adhering to these techniques, the teacher stays in line with government policies to ensure pupils gain knowledge. Rigorous and relevant learning occurs effectively when all the techniques integrate and interrelate in a way that each aspect reinforces the other (Simpkins and Simpkins, p.157). The teacher ought to understand that state assessment is important but not the only key factor to academic affluence.

The assessment is today a barrier to higher achievement levels because most educators consider it as the end goal of knowledge acquisition. The tests are a bonus to education achievement if the educators focus on curriculums and relevant learning instructions (Simpkins and Simpkins, p.157).

Other current influences to education also include the fast technological advancements due to changes on the communication systems, personal involvements and business transactions systems. This means that the teachers have to ensure chosen education systems enhance proper understanding of knowledge that relates to the global transformation and technological advancement.

Various schools offer knowledge that relate to specific content without any integration between learnt subjects or between subjects and grades. Students move from one grade to another without the ability to relate what they learn in one class to content of the lower level or find the application in real world situations.

Rigorous and relevant classroom education ensures realistic achievements and gives ways for immediate results due to enhanced enthusiasm for the learner.

By engaging students into such form of learning experiences, it is possible to attain and excel in real achievements. Idea of rigor and relevance in education requires both the trainee and trainer to change attitude and willingness to reform the culture of education to provide lifetime needs.

Education Theory of Rigor/Relevance

Teachers must understand that students retain their knowledge better when they apply some practical work during teaching. The school ought to have relevant settings for optimal learning opportunities as opposed to lectures.

The Rigor/Relevance theory requires the teacher to encompass imaginations creatively into normal learning procedures as a measure to inspire students at individual levels depending on abilities (Brand, p.8). It is the inspiration to teach students to achieve high rigor and relevance.

Synthesis 5
Analysis 4
Application 3
Knowledge 1
knowledge in 1 discipline Apply knowledge in 1 discipline Apply knowledge across discipline Apply knowledge to real-world predictable solutions Apply knowledge to real-world unpredictable solutions

According to (Brand, p.8), the theory of rigor and relevance indicates that learning starts with acquisition of basic knowledge, practical application during learning, assimilation to the fields and eventually application to the real world situation as indicated in the quadrants A,B,C and D above.

During lesson plans, the teacher can utilize the theory to maintain consistency of rigor and relevance of education. Eminent objectives based on curriculum that students need to adopt as indicated in quadrant D, must precede acquisition of instructions and eventually the analysis to test whether student attain the expectations as indicated in quadrant A and B simultaneously (Brand, p.8).

High rigorous instructions go along with equally high assessment procedures for better accuracy in measuring student’s abilities to adapt to the technical environments.


The rigor/relevance theory enhances teachers’ motivation to find and implement individual standards that promote excellence and plan for goals that they need to achieve. It is therefore a complete integration of curriculum, instructions, standards and assessment as the properties for achieving high education levels.

Rigor/Relevance educational theory assists students to develop and accumulate relevant skills that are applicable in working environments such as inquiry, investigating and implementing skills. During acquisition stage, the teacher has major roles to play and these roles diverge systematically as the student develops his/her analytical, evaluative and implementations skills.

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