Study Courses and Education Programs Essay Examples and Topics

Educational Implications of Learning and Developmental Theories

Abstract Theories of learning and development provide important knowledge on which educational practices and activities are based. This document discusses the roles of teachers, factors which motivate learners and how learners acquire information as well as the factors which influence curriculum design and delivery as explained by cognitive, constructivism, social, behavioral learning as well as […]

Mixed Ability Classes

Abstract Students can be grouped into two groups in a classroom setting based on their ability. The tracking of students would entail grouping them according to their academic potentials, as well as putting them in different classes. This would mean that weak students would have their own classes. Those considered academic giants are also put […]

Students’ Creativity: Imagination

I agree with Fr. Nicolas as I also think that imagination is an indispensible part of education as well as human life. Imagination is what makes people strive for something better. People always try to make their dreams come true, and this leads to the development of the entire humanity. When it comes to education, […]

Hybrid Education Model

Analysis of the Hybrid Education Model Introduction The rapid advancements in technology have seen it find application in almost every aspect of life. The education sector has not been left behind either in the hype of technology. The internet platform has especially played a big role in changing approaches to education delivery. The internet has […]

The Use of Technologies in Education

Technology, by its broadest meaning, has a very important role in today’s classrooms. The application of that technology, however, must be carefully and strategically implemented in order to be of meaningful value to both teachers and pupils. Throughout history, there have been various inventions of technologies, which have brought about revolutionary changes. Technology continually changes […]

Student Policy of Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University is a community where relations and activities are based on the mutual respect, dignity, principles of academic integrity, and awareness. Students of Abu Dhabi University are expected to pursuit for academic goals, be oriented to academic excellence, be responsible for individual behaviour and actions, and honour the University’s property. The members of […]

The Comparison of Montessori Education and a Regular Mathematics Program in Kindergarten

Every student has special skills and learning needs. According to Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences, children can gain knowledge in various ways because they have different capabilities and competences. Teachers often fail to identify these capabilities in part because of the conventional teaching methods that they use in kindergartens. The goal of this study is […]

Peer Buddy Program: Discussion

There are a lot of different programs and strategies which have been considered as effective for dealing with students with disabilities. Exploring the programs and trying to consider their usefulness and contribution in the studying process, the Peer Buddy Program has been researched from different angles. The most commonly spread steps for implementing the program […]

The Comparison of Montessori Education and a Regular Mathematics Program in Kindergarten Classroom

Background According to Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences, children can acquire knowledge through different ways because they have different capabilities and competences. It is apparent that every student has special skills and learning needs. However, teachers often fail to identify the capabilities of their students in part because of the conventional teaching methods that they […]

An authentic Montessori program

Abstract The aim of this study was to determine the extent to which an authentic Montessori math environment is compatible with the conventional math classes in order to satisfy the needs of all learners. The study was conducted in a Catholic school, which is privately owned and is located in Campbell, California. The participants included […]

Hybrid Course Proposal of Clinical Laboratory Science

Course Title and Description The course that is proposed to be included in the new learning program is Clinical Laboratory Science 104. The new program will be suitable for this course as it does not involve a lot of practical works. The course will be taught at junior level. The level comprises the fresh men, […]

Developing Instructional Design Documents: Instructor-Led and Stand-Alone Instructions

The difference between the Instructional Design Document for an Instructor-led Design Document and a Stand-alone Design Document is basic. While the former is guided by a physically present instructor, (sometimes an instructor may be available via video conferencing), the latter has the instructions and/or lessons undertaken by the student or trainee without the aid of […]

Teaching Web Design in Secondary School Classroom

Introduction Teaching Web design in secondary school can present significant challenges. However, the need for Web sites among organizations makes it a worthy learning course. This is because most contents formerly available in other forms are now online. Web design students and teachers should demonstrate skills in graphic, photography, and art among others. The three […]

Balanced Literacy Program

The teaching and learning processes are interdependent and inextricably linked to each other. Hence, if to illustrate these complex phenomena in simple notions and components, the teaching-learning correlation will look as follows: [Board of Studies (a), p.86] These are the paving stones of theory to organizing and planning the class with the students of any […]

Differentiated Instruction’ Strategies and Benefits

Introduction Differentiated instruction entails giving students unlike avenues to gain content, develop, build, find the meaning of ideas, and construct teaching stuff to ensure that every student in a classroom learns efficiently, irrespective of differences in capability (Ellis, Gable, Greg, & Rock, 2008, pp. 31-37). Differentiated instruction is the practice of making sure that the […]

Introducing STEM Education to Young Students

Introduction Atkinson, Hugo and Lundgren (2007) allege, “We now are in the STEM generation” (p. 15). STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Today, the acronym has taken a broader meaning. It encompasses environment, agriculture, education, economics, and medicine. There is a universal agreement that everyone deserves to be STEM literate. However, […]

8 MATLT Program Learning Outcomes

The Masters of Teaching and Learning with Technology (MATLT) Program can be discussed as the great opportunity to improve the professional competence and develop skills of integrating technologies in the educational environment. The focus on attaining the 8 MATLT Program Learning Outcomes provides a learner with a chance to improve the knowledge in the field […]

Online Courses: The Future or the End of the University

In the world of nowadays the power of technologies, their popularity and influence are very impressive. The technological progress has created a significant impact on various spheres of people’s lives. Life without the Internet today is simply impossible to imagine. Internet serves as means of connection people, it allows the businessmen arrange their deals and […]

Teaching ICT at School: Reasons, Concerns and Solutions

Abstract Purpose Over the past few years, the significance of information and computer technologies has multiplied several times. New media has opened a pool of opportunities in every single field, increasing the pace of globalization and contributing to business development. Methods The given study is going to provide the themes that should be taught in […]

Instructional Design: Principles, Theories, Application

Making the process of learning more insightful and attractive to students is one of the most challenging tasks for a teacher. Demanding not only that the students should be properly motivated, but also that the strategies and goals for specific lessons should be defined clearly and efficiently, it presupposes that numerous factors of learning environment […]

Major Training Techniques in Education

This paper dwells upon major training techniques. Central characteristics are pointed out. Main advantages and disadvantages of the techniques are also identified. The brief analysis of the major training methods helps come to a very valuable conclusion. Thus, each training technique is aimed at specific goals and each of the methods should be used in […]

Developing an Effective Program to Match the Needs of Pre-School Gifted Children in Saudi Arabia

Introduction The modern system of education places special emphasis on meeting the needs of gifted students. According to Chakroun and Safieh (2012), any society’s wealth is in the human capital, which cannot develop without providing everyone with equal education and learning opportunities. The state must create favorable conditions to enable the most gifted creators to […]

The meta-analyses of volunteer tutoring programmes

Introduction The falling standards of education in American public schools have increased demands for accountability and performances in schools. Consequently, school administrators evaluate ways of improving academic performances, such as tutoring programmes. There are a number of tutoring programmes like peer, volunteer, one-on-one and cross-age tutoring. There have been growing evidences with regard to volunteer […]

Peer Buddy Program

Secondary schools that have adopted inclusion programs have enhanced performances and interactions of student with disabilities and those without disabilities. These schools adjust themselves according to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program in order to enhance learning, socialization, and friendship among all students irrespective of disabilities. Thus, the […]

Creating a Social Program: Providing Free Education to All Children

Introduction Education is a vital tool in any person’s life especially at early growth stages in human beings. It is power granted to an individual that will help him/her cope with a diverse number of issues, which will never fade or count as lacking usefulness. All humans should have access to basic quality education regardless […]

Importance of Education to Student-Athletes

Student athletes have numerous personal values and traits that have enabled them to exist athletically. These traits comprise of discipline, resilience, commitment, work ethics, as well as, the ability to handle pressure. However, most student athletes do not realize that these traits can be transferred to academics, as well. Education enables student athletes to develop […]

Family and Consumer Science Perspective with Regard to Existing Educational Programs

Educational reforms contribute greatly to creating new paradigms and visions to meet the highest academic goals. They should not only be aimed at enhancing students’ performance, but also at increasing the individual potential as a competitive member of society (Vail et al. 37). In particular, such skills as problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking are indispensable […]

How Fasion Merchandising Fits Into a STEM Education Program

Article research problem Due to the changing world, it is required to equip students with relevant and appropriate skills. The article endeavors to unveil the meaning of STEM education. There are conceptions of STEM in education (Breiner & Harkness, 2011). These are important in disclosing the relevancy of STEM in the educational programs. According to […]

Dynamic Instructional Design (DID) Model

The dynamic instructional design model, abbreviated as DID, is the study that is predominantly based on matters based on improved technology that moves around in designing and focusing on the establishment of an appropriate and effective studying environment for all the students. The model is mainly centered among learners; it consists of special procedures like […]

Assessment of impact of risk analysis on delivery of e-learning programs in universities of Saudi Arabia: Methodology

Methodology has been described by Collis and Hussey (2007, p.78) as an approach used in research to organize and plan the general approach in which the research goals and questions are addressed. In addition, different tasks are carried to ensure that the research is successful since the findings and analysis depend heavily on the methodology […]

Eight Multimedia Rules

Introduction Multimedia instructions present one of the modern ways through which instructional research and practice are presented. Instructional media is used as means of delivering specific instructions while multimedia refers to the ability of modern computers to provide real-time data of all existing media and sensory modes of instruction to learners (Ackerman, 1992, pp 598-614). […]

A Discussion of the Benefits and Limitations of Second Life

Benefits of Using Second Life as an Instructional Tool The introduction of technology to the field of education has occasioned many beneficial outcomes for both students and educators. Second Life, in particular, has afforded teachers a whole new range of possibilities in offering instruction via virtual platforms. One of the benefits of Second Life is […]

A Case for Sex Education in Schools

Introduction Sex education for students has emerged as a very important component of quality educational system in recent years. The goal of this education is to prepare the young people for responsible, healthy and productive citizenship by providing them with knowledge on their sexual development, biological and reproductive health, and self management. While the objectives […]

“Implementing Strategies Takes Time” by Abdullah Al Shaiba

Introduction Written and edited by Abdullah Al Shaiba, an editor with the Gulf News, “Implementing strategies takes time” article aims to convince the Ministry of Education to be patient and give its latest proposal a chance, because it will take time before the stipulated outcomes will be realized. The article was first published online on […]

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

After the 1980s, school choice and vouchers became an important issue and an essential part of the American’s educational system. It provoked debates concerning the influence of vouchers and choice programs on the quality of education in public and private schools. The debates are based on ideological differences between market proponents, who suggest that individual […]

Political Battlegrounds in Curriculum

Introduction When children attain the age of going to school, parents have the obligation to take them to school. This crucial duty of parents is part of the children’s fundamental rights. The government has an interest in ensuring that all children have access to quality education. When parents take their children to school, they expect […]

Educational Plan For Health Care Students

Along with pointing out at the existing gap between the nursing theory and practice, modern scholars emphasize the importance of taking into consideration the peculiarities of certain student groups while developing educational programs for specific groups of nursing students. This paper will discuss the most influential factors and the main steps which need to be […]

Cognitive and Academic Dimensions of Methods for CLD Students

Having read the second chapter “Cognitive and Academic Dimensions of Methods for CLD Students” from the book Mastering ESL and bilingual methods: differentiated instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students by Socorro Guadalupe Herrera and Kevin G. Murry, it is possible to reflect on the book with some critical notes which deserve attention. Considering […]

Student survival guide

An individual’s personal skills are based on their determination to develop and learn new information. The close connection between the amount of knowledge and the way it is used brings about positive results. There are several work habits that must be adapted and they relate to the personality type someone has. The technology has made […]

Impact of Online Courses on Education

Introduction Online learning is one of the new innovative study methods that have been introduced in the pedagogy field. In the last few years, there has been a great shift in the training methods. students can now learn remotely using the internet and computers. Online learning comes in many forms and has been developing with […]

General Curriculum for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Learners

Purpose The purpose of the study was to examine the extent to which learners with intellectual and developmental disabilities have access to the general education curriculum and the extent to which such access is related to and envisaged by complementary tools and services, including curriculum modifications (e.g., adaptations and argumentations, educational and assistive technology, adult […]

Strategies for Motivating Students

Introduction Education is widely regarded as an integral feature for the success of the nation. All governments therefore invest significant resources to their educational institutions and students are exhorted to excel in their academics. In addition to the personal aptitude of the student, other factors that affect the performance of the student in school exist. […]

Importance of Sexual Education in School

Sexual behavior plays an important role in modern life. Nowadays, youths speak about sex without borders. The increased level of youths pregnancy, raised level of sexually transmitted diseases and other problems are put at the first place. Speaking about sexual behavior among youths, it is possible to correct it and form by means of sexual […]

New School Program in Seattle

The USA has been an example of a democratic society where people have equal rights and opportunities. However, the US equality has often been questioned. Admittedly, there can be no equality in a segregated society. The Civil Rights Movement is regarded as a successful campaign. Though, segregation is still in many areas (or rather most […]

General Education Courses

General education courses make a crucial part of a well-rounded schooling and, therefore, all universities and colleges must incorporate the courses in the curriculum. General courses include “basic science and math courses, basic literature and writing, and basic arts like music and drama” (Kolby 580). Although some learners regard these courses as a useless divergence […]

E-learning as an Integral Part of Education System

Education as such is recognized as one of the basic necessities for the overall growth of the individual and society. It is considered a fundamental human right, as explained in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Human Rights Covenants. The traditional system of education has been catering to the needs […]

The Syllabus in Preparing for Exams

It is a requirement for all students to ensure that they strictly follow the guidelines given in the syllabus when preparing for exams. The syllabus should guide all students on what to expect in an exam and what would not be included. This is important because it is through syllabus that the administration and the […]

Developmental Curriculum Paper

Preschool is the onset of development where a child is trying to familiarize her or himself with the surrounding environment. Preschool children are fall in the category of those between three and five years. At this age, simplicity and interaction with others are very essential because the child familiarizes her or himself with that which […]

Should schools increase sex education and at what age?

Introduction The day-to-day cases of sex issues cropping up in young boys and girls has led to the introduction of sex education in schools. For instance, a case was reported of a 10-year-old girl who was impregnated by a 10-year-old boy. The parents of both kids sought ways of handling the matter secretly. However, one […]

ESL Strategies: Stand-alone ESL Program

Stand-alone ESL program Stand-alone ESL program normally groups LEP (Limited English Proficient) students together and subjects them to learning in a manner similar to that used in teaching other foreign languages. The program operates solely to serve LEP students who are separated from the rest of their colleagues and confined in an environment where their […]

An Action Plan Applicable to the Students’ Needs

Understanding different student needs in the teaching and learning process can be indeed helpful in determining whether the teaching and learning objectives are achieved. Different learners are blessed with different skills and abilities such that all of them need to be accommodated in the learning process and that is why an action plan needs to […]

Online Tutorial Services for Baltimore College

Introduction There is a dire need for Baltimore City College to introduce regular or online-tutorial services for its students. Based on its goals to quality training, tutorial programs shall play significant role in achieving the postulated goals. Fager (2010) describes tutorial services as an efficient strategy for successful learning (p.19). Based on the potential benefits […]

The “Banking” Concept of Education: An Analysis

Paulo Freire made an astute observation when he said that the teacher-student relationship has a narrative characteristic and therefore in the process of teaching: “The contents, whether values or empirical dimensions of reality, tend in the process of being narrated to become lifeless and petrified” (Freire, p.318). This is the reason why the author contended […]

Courses outside of a student’s major

Introduction In almost all Universities and colleges, the administration requires that students take courses that are, arguably, unrelated to their courses. For instance, you may find a student studying cultural studies being required to take mathematics or science-based courses in the course of his/her studies. A student taking a science-based course like engineering may also […]

Research Project on Education

Introduction The accomplishment of anything worthwhile in education and other circles depends on the accomplishment of its objectives and aims (Glenn 1). The business economics curriculum provides the blueprint through which students and teachers accomplish their educational goals. In simpler terms, the business economics curriculum provides an educational structure to propel students, administrators and teachers […]

Service Learning Strategy: Process and Outcomes

Service learning is a strategy that incorporates community service into the curriculum. In service learning students prepare for the activities they will perform during community service through studying it theoretically. Afterwards the students get an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in class in real life. For example students may get involved in activities such […]

Experience of Taking Online Courses

Online learning is an education program that is often referred as e-learning; it is a form of education that is facilitated by electronic technology. There are two components that are involved in E-learning which distinguishes it from other forms of learning; exchange of knowledge and utilization of computer and networking systems which provides the medium […]

Five Lesson Plans for Elementary School Children

Generally, it must be pointed out that teachers of elementary school should combine different learning styles. Auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles are of particular attention, as they are recognized to be the basic learning methods children’s ability to process and evaluate information depends upon. Other important learning styles teachers are to rely on include […]

Private School Teaching V.S. Public School Teaching

Introduction Since historic times, private schools have an educational advantage over public schools. They employ an independent learning system from that of public schools. Consequentially, the private school’s education is highly valued, and most parents are willing to pay more for the private school’s educational advantages. In fact, private schools continue to produce most of […]

Tutoring Programs for College Students

Introduction Tutoring is the support offered to students to enhance their learning. Most students are enrolled in tutoring programs to complement their normal class learning. Some people see tutoring as avery efficient remedy for academicdeficiencies, while others think it isdetrimental to the academic success of the students. Types of Tutoring Programs There are a variety […]

Designing the Curriculum for Early Childhood Education

Introduction Early childhood education is a field of study that has been growing in research and practice and focuses on all the experiences that define the early life of an individual. From the anxiety children go through after separation to the initial development of literacy, early childhood teachers take into consideration the physical and emotional […]

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Introduction Early child learning and development encompasses the various skills, knowledge, and preschool experiences that are important for children during the early years. The early learning programs apart from promoting learning on top of promoting physical, mental, social, and emotional development. In addition, children, from age <one to five, who attend these programs are better […]

Reasons to Teach Sex in Schools: Examples of Sex Education

Sex education is the teaching of safe sexual practices, reproduction and anatomy and health risks associated with risky sexual behavior. Sex education occurs through parents as the primary social gateway in a family. Other than family teaching, minors can get informal sex education from their peers and media and formal education from their school curriculum. […]

Action Research Project

Introduction This Action research project is important in understanding why many English as Second Language students are not great academic achievers in a mainstream classroom. This will help me in understanding and coming up with strategies to use in counteracting the effects of the situation. The research project will include an understanding of the problem […]

The Worldview Issues that Influence Curriculum Decisions in Public Education

As Josh McDowell said in preface to book by David Noebel and Chuck Edwards (2002), “We are now living in not just a post-Christian culture, but an anti-Christian culture” (p. 2). This statement can be applied to the curriculum decisions in modern public school as well. “The educational system in the West has progressively replaced […]

Article Summary on ‘College-Ready for All: Preparing Students for Success’

This article underlines the strategies that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation program aims to use to assist students achieve their fullest potential in education. The program takes cognizance of the fact that education opens the floodgates to in addition to enriching our lives, enlightening our decisions, and preparing us for the job market. In […]

Education System In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is located in Southeast Asia. Its education system was not elaborate in 1925 but King Ibn Saud stressed the importance of education for the Saudis to bring national unity. During this time, there were few elementary schools in the country, only four existed. There was the need for forming a centralized educational plan […]

Philosophy and Curriculum

Admittedly, education is always affected by the contemporary philosophy. For example, any teacher plans the curriculum in accordance with his/her opinion as for the main points and less important issues. Since teachers are brought up in a certain culture based on a particular philosophy they form their curricula in terms of this large context. Moreover, […]

Singing River Education Association

Introduction Developing an effective childhood education program and addressing children educational needs is not an easy thing. However, the effectiveness of a good childhood education program is dependent on a number of factors such as staffing, appropriateness of the environment for learning and growth, norms observed by the groups involved, activity scheduling, and the involvement […]

Discussion on education

Forces on education Medieval tradition Medieval tradition was characterized by cheerless institutions where only grammar and religion were taught. Monasteries and cathedral schools were the chief institutions where learning took place. Medieval tradition was characterized by theology and a great number of people within the society were not taken care of in terms of education. […]

Independent Study Courses

Introduction Education has for a long time been termed as the universal “key to success”. It is through a good education that we equip ourselves with the best skills both mentally and physically so as to yield positive results in our journey for success. However, education without direction is not effective and as such, it […]