Study Courses and Education Programs Essay Examples and Topics

Interdisciplinary Lessons on Nutrition and Eating Habits

Understand food and the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and exercise", and the objective is "4.L.2.2. The designed unit of instruction directly supports North Carolina standards and the local guidelines because the main goal of the [...]

The Prince Muhammad bin Fahd University’ Strategy

The strategy implementation process revealed that the university has some of the most modern facilities for learning and is in the process of introducing a wide variety of programs to accommodate new students from different [...]

Students’ Educational Standards, Goals and Objectives

According to the norms, adopted by State Board of Education of Public Schools of North Caroline, third-grade students should be able to "represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division". By achieving these goals, a [...]

Food Production Workshop

Workshop participants will have an incentive to start participating in the process of making policies related to food security. Workshop participants will have an incentive to increase cohesiveness in the community.

Why Universities Should Attract Creative Students?

This paper will argue that universities should aim to attract creative students who would use their ingenuity for the benefit of the university and the society. Creative students will help raise the profile and positive [...]

Mixed Ability Classes

In some cases, this may be due to the background of the learner, the intelligence of the student and other reasons that may cause the variability in learning.

Hybrid Education Model

With the hybrid system, the travelling is highly minimized, with the online platform; a student can be able to attend classes in the university of choice from the comfort of the house and in any [...]

The Use of Technologies in Education

Technology continually changes our world in outstanding ways, observable from the Sumerians' invention of the first ever-documented writing system of cuneiform, the Egyptians' invention of the papyrus, the comparatively more recent inventions of the printing [...]

Student Policy of Abu Dhabi University

Thus, the student policy used in Abu Dhabi University as the code of conduct is based on three key aspects which are the University's expectations in relation to students as the members of the University's [...]

Peer Buddy Program: Discussion

Speaking about the results in the academic research, the following data have been obtained in the categories of needs of students with disabilities, age gaps between students with disabilities and teachers, need for enough number [...]

An authentic Montessori program

The conclusions of the study highlight the need to change the conventional math programs and to focus on further research in order to enhance the application of Montessori math programs.

Teaching Web Design in Secondary School Classroom

The three main areas of Web design are construction and layout patterns, content and images, and management of the site. Students and teachers should know that usability of a Web site is critical in designing [...]

Balanced Literacy Program

Introduction is as important, perhaps, even more to the flow of the class and positive atmosphere between the teacher and students.

8 MATLT Program Learning Outcomes

The focus on attaining the 8 MATLT Program Learning Outcomes provides a learner with a chance to improve the knowledge in the field and to respond to the modern tendencies in the sphere of education.

Instructional Design: Principles, Theories, Application

Incorporating the basic principles of instructional design will help both address the needs of the students and introduce a proper motivation for an entire class, therefore, enhancing the learning process and contributing to better understanding [...]

Major Training Techniques in Education

However, this method is also effective to develop proper behavioral patterns in a variety of settings. This is a very effective method which helps employees develop proper and efficient relationships.

Peer Buddy Program

This research paper seeks to establish the purpose, importance, and rationale of the study of peer buddy program on students with disabilities in high school, in both social and academic grounds.

Importance of Education to Student-Athletes

Education enables student athletes to develop appropriate skills that they require to be independent and to succeed in academics. Although athletics forms a vital part of a student athletes' life, it is vital to understand [...]

Dynamic Instructional Design (DID) Model

The following are the characteristics that should be put into consideration; the students' development period, language and cultural backgrounds, the information pertaining the knowledge and skills they already have, personal characters among learners, for example, [...]

Eight Multimedia Rules

Several violations occur during the use of contiguity, in the scrolling window, the graphics and related text are often separated and dimmed in the process of scrolling down the screen.

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

The introduction of the choice programs and vouchers provoked a competition among traditional public schools and one of the basic questions related to the choice programs deals with the problem of positive or negative consequences [...]

Political Battlegrounds in Curriculum

The political nature of the process of making curriculum decisions is more pronounced where curriculum leaders have to make decisions to satisfy the interest of two groups subscribing to two opposite schools of thought on [...]

Educational Plan For Health Care Students

The first step in constructing an effective action plan is reviewing the latest theoretical studies and defining the main parameters of the student learning preferences and the desired learning modes which need to be taken [...]

Student survival guide

Often, the information presented is unrelated to the matter that is being studied or must be grasped in a short amount of time.

Impact of Online Courses on Education

The thesis statement for this study is: "online learning has positive impact on the learners, teachers and the institution offering these courses" Online learning or E learning is a term used to describe various learning [...]

New School Program in Seattle

Therefore, it is possible to note that the new school plan can negatively affect development of the city as it will contribute to development of a highly segregated society.

General Education Courses

Although, there are some universities and colleges that have decreased or ignored offering general education courses, their move is unwise, as they limit the knowledge of their learners to their areas of specialization.

E-learning as an Integral Part of Education System

Education as such is recognized as one of the basic necessities for the overall growth of the individual and society. The traditional system of education has been catering to the needs of the society for [...]

Developmental Curriculum Paper

For example, when a teacher is reading a story out loud to the children using high or low pitched voices to depict mood, a child is able to visualize and capture the use of language [...]

ESL Strategies: Stand-alone ESL Program

The program operates solely to serve LEP students who are separated from the rest of their colleagues and confined in an environment where their need for English instructions are addressed conclusively and in a special [...]

Online Tutorial Services for Baltimore College

Online tutorial services provide good environment for tutors to comprehend the individual needs of their students. In order for Baltimore College to improve its training among the students, it should introduce online tutorial services.

Courses outside of a student’s major

Among the main shortfalls of taking marginal courses is the fact that such courses take a lot of time and thus they may make students fail to master the intricate details of their majors.

Research Project on Education

In light of these considerations, this study seeks to critically analyze the business economics curriculum with the aim of identifying a controversy in the development of the curriculum.

Service Learning Strategy: Process and Outcomes

They help the students in appreciating some of the activities that take place in the community as they learn. Through the linking of issues taught in the classroom with participation in the community, students get [...]

Experience of Taking Online Courses

By far the most compelling reason that made me to choose E-learning program was because of the flexibility of the program that I was undertaking in terms of time, duration and pace.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The EYFS learning and development requirements comprise of three elements; firstly, the early learning goals, which entails the skills and knowledge projected that the child would have acquired by the age of five, the educational [...]

Action Research Project

The questionnaire aims to obtain the percentage of ESL students who would complete the questionnaire, parents of the ESL students who would complete the questionnaire and the percentage number of students who would get an [...]

Education System In Saudi Arabia

To ensure the smooth running of education in the country the government formed the General Directorate of Education. The government recognizes the importance of technical education to improve the skills of the labor force hence [...]

Philosophy and Curriculum

Of course, it is not the most important for teacher to teach students to do sums or know where human's heart is.

Singing River Education Association

Some of the primary functions of the taskforce should be the establishment of the best practices in childhood education, the confirmation of the details to be considered in the overall curriculum plus the consideration of [...]

Discussion on education

This is the education theory that puts a lot of emphasis on improvement of an individual and the society in general.

Independent Study Courses

An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats shall be used to evaluate the costs and benefits that are present in these courses and at the same time to pin point the major concerns [...]