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Programs in Family Sleep Institute Proposal

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Updated: Aug 21st, 2022

In May 2017, I became a mother for the first time. I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy and love as it was the realization of my dreams. Since the first week, I was very tired due to a lack of sleep. My friends responded to my sleeping concerns with sarcasm by saying, “You will get used to it.” Unfortunately, it did not happen. I could no longer bear sleep deprivation. It lasted for about six months, and my son had no proper sleeping regime. I remember how long, gloomy, and noisy those nights were. What made it worse is the fact that I had numerous questions with no answers. I was not sure what was happening. Is something wrong with me? Is something wrong with my baby? Why my baby cannot sleep at night?

While I was browsing social media, my eyes fell on something called Child Sleep Consultation. It was a discovery for me. I had heard of potty training, but sleep training was something new, especially where I live. Curiosity made me search deeper and deeper until I discovered that there are qualified trainers who can help me right now, and they are in my community. They were precisely two child-sleep consultants.

All I had to do was arrange an appointment as soon as possible. However, I hesitated a lot after consulting with some friends. They convinced me that I would not benefit from these consultations because it is normal for a child to sleep irregularly. They said, “A baby cannot sleep more than 3 hours! The situation is quite normal!” I do not know if that was the truth or what the source of information was, but society seems to unanimously agree on that point. Nevertheless, my husband and I decided to take this step, set up an appointment, and marched towards the sleep training journey. I was so excited and scared at the same time. My baby was one year and eight months old, and I was eight months pregnant. However, the phone call with the specialist was pleasant and reassured me that this was the right step.

She explained to me the nature of irregularity and helped me to better understand my child. She provided me with excellent scientific information that made me confident that improving my child’s sleep quality was possible. She supported her arguments with relevant scientific research. She explained to me the sleep cycle of the child and the adult, how many hours my child is supposed to sleep, the bedtime routine, and the method that we had to adopt during the training. She helped me a lot and gave me practical advice. Finally, my son was able to soothe himself, and now he sleeps longer through the night. I am confident that a call to a child-sleep consultant was one of the best decisions in my life.

I was so happy to know that when I put my baby to bed, in only 25 minutes, he fell asleep. There was no need for breastfeeding or singing. I did not hear the heartbreaking cries of my child. That was magic to me. Yes, it is the magic of training children to sleep, which many moms do not know about or do not believe in. All of that encourages me, as a mom, to help and support others who undergo a similar experience to mine and let their families sleep longer through the night. Therefore, I set the course toward a new career and searched for the best institution that provided high-quality training and knowledge to make my journey valuable and smooth.

I studied at the Faculty of Law and received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, specializing in Islamic and traditional banking laws and regulations. However, after the incident with my child, a powerful deep-rooted desire emerged. After overcoming those challenges, I wanted to change my career for the one corresponding with my status as a mother.

The two reasons that prompted me to join the Family Sleep Institute are the faculty members’ interest in training their students and the patient-centered nature of their programs. Family Sleep Institute is well known for the professional expertise of its faculty members. Also, the teaching methodology employed by the institution could be considered up-to-date. The program offered by the institution covers a wide range of solutions to the challenges of sleep deprivation. Moreover, I believe that the scope of my expertise would broaden as the program offers the necessary tools to manage twins and people with special needs. I consider this to be a truly integrated and modern approach to the existing problems with child sleep.

I believe that the opportunity to join the Family Sleep Institute will contribute to my professional transformation and encourage me to provide distinguished services to my clients.

I want to aid those families in need. I want to train them to normalize their sleeping regime, raise awareness, help them understand everything related to sleep in a scientific and simplified way, and guide them to access reliable information from recent scientific research. Thus, I would like to become one of the graduates of the Family Sleep Institute and demonstrate my ability and resolution in practice.

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