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Aspects of Education Essay Examples and Topics

Shared Governance in Education

For instance, different people can own shares of one company, and derived from the value of every share, the power of every stakeholder which is his ability to influence the company's life and make decisions [...]

Counseling Services in K-12 Schools

Good decision-making ensures that both the interests of the students and educational stakeholders are respected in the course of student counseling. The tiered model of action in regards to school counseling begins with the students' [...]

Child’s Physical Ability Assessment

According to Gallahue and Cleland-Donnelly, the body mass index of the boy is an indication that he is healthy and can participate in physical fitness activities. The boy is active, ready, and on time in [...]

Framework for Classroom-Based Assessment

The central themes of the article revolve around decentralizing responsibility for assessment to classroom teachers, dimensions and scope of the classroom-based assessment, and underscoring the immense significance of assessment on learning.

Fatigue Impact on Human Raters

Informed by a research gap on the impact of time-related fatigue on rating quality in language testing, these authors set out to examine the effects of fatigue on human raters' scoring performance within the context [...]

Role of Education in the Modern World

Moreover, talking about the long term perspective, it is possible to admit that a significant increase in the efficiency and profitability of the given hotel could be expected.

ABC School Board of Education Meeting

Some of the people present were the principal of the school, chairperson of the board of governors, and two parents. The two representatives from the local community were a part of public participation in the [...]

Policy Analysis for Educational Leaders

Following the group of qualities related to freedom, there are the values of individualism and order. That is why the values of fraternity, equality, and liberty were put on the top of the list.

Team Communication: Conflict and Performance

Currently, some of my classmates and I are working on a research project involving the separation of duties and the subsequent analysis of the findings to compile certain correlations and conclusions.

Testing Procedures and Security

The first one is the replication of the conditions that the assessment designers specified in the delivery requirements. The aim is to remove extraneous sources of variation that limit the validity and meaningfulness of test [...]

Whitireia Community Polytechnic Student Accommodation

The objective of the current study is to investigate the opinions of students of Whitireia Community Polytechnic, which were not found in the literature, about several factors related to accommodation, such as proximity to the [...]

Critical Thinking for University Students

Critical thinking refers to the process of skillful and active conceptualization, synthesis, application, evaluation, and analysis of information gathered from various sources and in various ways to guide one's actions and beliefs. Examinations and tests [...]

Multiculturalism in Education

The purpose of the identified study was to determine the nature of the views of the teachers in regards to multicultural education, the associated diversity of learning environments, and the efforts teachers have put in [...]

Eliminating Homework for Young Children

A lack of consensus on the effectiveness of homework as a means for improving the academic performance of children underscores the need to approach the issue in a systematic manner. The aim of this paper [...]

School Uniform Benefits

After the analysis of the works of modern researchers on the topic, it was found out that many of them believed school uniform policy implementation to be a good way to reduce crime, decrease the [...]

School Literacy Environment for Younger Students

For Birth to Pre-K group, the classroom environment will be organized to engage students in physical, emotional, and cognitive activities. In K to Grade 3, the students will be driven towards reading fluency and reading [...]

Single-Sex and Coeducational Schools

Viewing the idea of gender diversity in classroom from an ethical standpoint, one must admit that, by depriving learners of the opportunity to interact with the representatives of the opposite gender in the educational setting, [...]

Learning Environments and Design-Based Research

Since the introduction of the concept, specialists have identified and developed a variety of environments that may be used to promote students' interest in education and enhance their perception of different subjects.

Classroom Dynamics and Its Effect on Learning

The educator also succeeded in engaging kids in learning, using the method of delivering short activities, but doing it several times, so that the children would not lose all their focus by the end of [...]

University of the Incarnate Word and Its Core Value

Analyzing such values as innovation and education, it is necessary to notice that the university should use modern technologies in order to increase student's capability to study online and improve their practical skills, using modern [...]

Sex Education, Its Approaches and Legal Aspects

Thus, one can argue that the values of residents can be reflected in the design of sex education curriculum. In particular, one should determine the extent to which these people try to influence this area [...]

Self-Evaluation of Students’ Achievements

The question that this research was aimed to answer seems to be what is the influence of the student self-evaluation on "the improvement of students' learning and effectiveness of maritime studies".

Mindfulness in a Faith-Based Education Setting

The College's overall strategy for the following years is to continue promoting education in faith to form the staff around the Lasallian values, improve their appreciation of these values, use the Lasallian principles as a [...]

Parents and Community Involvement

In 2013, Abu Dhabi launched the "Abu Dhabi Reads" program, which is a program for students and children to be acquainted with national and world literature and enhances their reading and writing skills.

Masomo Nursing School’s Learning Environment

The vision of the nursing school is to pursue and share innovative ideas in nursing education, research and practice with a view of developing caring communities. The corporate culture of Masomo Nursing School is that [...]

Student Self-Assessment in Higher Education

The study by Sluijsmans, Dochy, and Moerkerke focuses on the use of self-, peer, and co-assessment in higher education and the impact the employment of these forms of assessment on the academic success of the [...]

Instructional Leadership: Change and Culture

Some of the things that instructional leaders can do to engage their stakeholders in developing improvement plans include capacity-building, promoting visions, and embodying instructional leadership.

Gender and School Subject Choice in the UK

In this work, the discrepancies in secondary subject choices, in the UK, are analyzed. The information and data comparison on gender inequality in the British secondary education is derived from two major sources: subject selection [...]

Students’ Safety and Early Education Standards

The pivotal purpose of the paper is to highlight the main differences between the standards, discuss the relevance of the rules to the social, emotional, and academic development of children, and examine the implementation of [...]

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV

The majority of administration and scoring errors emerge due to the lack of expertise and experience in the test conductors. The administration errors may include the lack of clarification in case of the ambiguous answers [...]

Family-Community Partnerships Creation

The plan should include the following aspects: the involvement of the English-speaking relatives or educators to improve the communication between the teacher and parents; scheduling the teacher's regular visits to the family's home; scheduling the [...]

Differentiated Classroom: Foundations and Implications

Definition of Differentiation Differentiation in a classroom presupposes paying equal attention to every student taking into consideration personal preferences, emotions, and moods. Differentiation can be a challenging and time-consuming task as far as it requires great persistence, patience, and imagination. Justification for Differentiating Classroom Environment The differentiation of the classroom environment is significant because every […]

Kindergarten Classroom Environment Design

The design of the classroom environment should reflect the demographic characteristics of learners. The desks of children will be placed right in the center of the room, and at least, four students will sit at [...]

Cultural Competence in the Classroom

Nikhil Goyal opens the public's eyes towards the realities of school for the young learners and asks a crucial question "why do children hate school?" Speaking about Nick Perez's time at elementary, middle and high [...]

Family Engagement in Children’s Learning Process

Engaging family members throughout the learning processes of their children will improve the level of morale, address challenges, and promote the best educational outcomes. The targeted family members will be ready to support the learning [...]

Power and Student Behaviour in the Classroom

Coercive power is the ability to control the behaviour of challenging students using punishments or by the withholding of privileges. An example of how teacher behaviour contributes to student misbehaviour is the failure to name [...]

Classroom Management: Limitations and Benefits

Taking class composition into consideration is highly important for the success of management of the class, where an educator is to provide positive student-teacher relationships and capitalize on human resources making cultural backgrounds a part [...]

Importance of Sex Education for Teens

One of the advantages of cohabitation in modern society is that it eliminates the obligations of marriage while providing sexual and emotional intimacy for couples. One of the disadvantages is that for most couples, cohabitation [...]

Diversity in School and Its Advantages

School classrooms need to be responsive to diversity for varied groups to interact and leverage the benefits of diversity. Most researchers agree that education founded on diversity offers the capacity for schools and teachers to [...]

Ethics in the Preschool: Value Orientations

The major value orientations in the United States of America help to know the social attributes of human development. They make it legal for the government and the community to instill positive values in the [...]

University Classroom: Dynamics of Interaction

The issue and question that come to mind is that of the role of gender in the interaction. The questionnaires were distributed at the beginning of the semester and students were encouraged to make their [...]

Academic Honesty Importance

I chose honesty due to the importance of this virtue in our daily lives, both in and out of school. What is the importance of honesty in our daily lives?

Literacy Definition and Importance

Literacy is the process of learning whereby an individual gains the ability to understand and convey written information, gain new skills from the information, teach those skills and apply the acquired knowledge and skills for [...]

Smart Education: Dubai versus Singapore

Dubai is in the process of establishing smart learning in the education sector having introduced the program in public schools in 2012. The threat of entry in the Singaporean smart education sector is relatively low.

Teaching Social Studies: Reasons and Goals

It should be noted that the researches have shown that when the teachers are dedicated to the whole process and find the ways to make the students believe that this subject is vital together with [...]

Parent-Teacher Interactions Strategies

Despite this fundamental importance, the reality on the ground is that these interactions are often feared by parents and educators alike due to a variety of issues that need to be understood in order to [...]

Science Academy and School

Louis Gateway Science Academy's success is anchored in the ability of the management to harmonize curriculum and select qualified teaching staff who are in a position to meet the needs of students.