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Education and Identity Essay


Education leads a person towards self discovery. The education process makes a person conscious; this separates one from those who have not gone through an education process. This is because values that are indispensable in the society are instilled; a person gets good basis for an excellent living in the society. Therefore, education is very important, and it is given a great value in most societies. An educated person is placed high in the society; this sets that person apart from other uneducated people.

Education and Self Identity

Education brings out a person’s true identity. An educated person will not fear when engaging in activities that benefit the society. This is because the person has enough justifications for all his/her actions. An educated person will weigh all options and choose the best option that explains the choice of the decision made. The identity of such a person will be brought out, and this identity will be good for the whole society; people will seek help and advice from a person whose identity in the society is known.

In addition, this person will feel the need to assist to help the society, and he/she will do this without favoring some groups in society. This person knows the evils of engaging in activities that will divide the society, and one will make sure that the whole society is directed to follow and accept changes that such a person wishes to introduce.

People start attending school at a very early age. They are subjected to the same training; however, some people do well than others. In fact, each person develops certain areas of interest. These distinctions start to form personal identities. People start following disciplines that will help them in future careers. For instance, some people grow to develop great love for scientific disciplines while others develop their talents in artistic disciplines.

These people develop their varied interests; they follow their dreams towards different professions. These people become experts in their respective disciplines; they perform their duties to help other people in the society. For example, doctors help people to overcome ailments and engineers help to construct buildings, roads and other amenities that give people a decent life.

In the education setting, a lot is revealed about a person. Some people have a lot of problems interacting with other people, and this part of their being is revealed. People are placed in the midst of other people, and they are expected to fit in these groups. This gives every person a chance to interact freely with others.

A person who is unable to interact may become a social misfit. This is because these people dislike others, and they fail to follow common laws that guide relationships within the education setting. Consequently, these people do not participate in group activities, and they feel threatened when asked to do some things for the group.

When these people complete their studies, their anti social behavior makes them not fit in the society, and they result in other activities that are destructive. Counselors, instructors, parents and teachers have a responsibility of noting these signs and rectifying them. Acting on such behaviors will help the people affected develop some bond with the society, and they will act for the good of the whole society.

A person’s ambitions are revealed in an education system; when a person interacts with various people, he/she develops some good leadership skills, business skills and artistic skills that help him face life confidently. For instance, some prominent leaders started their leadership in school institutions, and they grew to take those skills to the national and international levels. People with good business skills at school develop to become good business people nationally and internationally.

These identities are reveled in the school, and they guide a person’s life in the following years. A person’s ability to volunteer to do some tasks in school sets this person apart from the rest; this person shows the willingness to assist others. This person has self confidence that is indispensable in any leadership task.

This identity makes people have confidence in a person; people will consult such a person on issues that are vital. They trust this person to do things that are right for the benefit of all. They entrust this person with positions of power and influence.

Education also leads to development of a person’s identity in that a person develops independent thinking. A person is said to develop some autonomy in the society. A person can identify with some things and differ with others. For instance, a person can refute some beliefs in the society and take on other beliefs that are different. A person develops different views in terms of religion.

This person feels that he/she is free to follow a certain religion that fits him/her; he/she may also decide not to follow any religion, and this will be followed by valid evidence. This is because this person has examined various aspects of religion, and he/she has found that they are not good for him. A person also gets to choose what to do and what not to do since he has a right to choose.

A person’s self esteem is raised by education, and a person has the confidence to air grievances openly. This is because this person does not fear intimidation from others; such a person can defend whatever he/she is doing with good reasons. One will also respect the views of other people while trying to make them follow the right direction.

An education that does not help a person to develop self identity has failed. Education has developed people who think independently and do their things in unique ways. People should be able to feel that they are independent in their thinking to be the best they can be. Therefore, education should help people develop self identity since this is a pathway towards achieving their potentialities in unique ways.

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