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Pro spanking in schools Essay


Pro spanking is a form of punishment that is encouraged by only a few in the 21st century; however this was a common practice in the early years. Those who advocate for corporal punishment, base their arguments on the need to discipline children, as an effective form of child rearing. Needless to say, pro-spanking is a debatable issue, which depends on how parents and teachers define this practice.

For instance, some parents may define pro spanking as a mere slap, while others see the need to hit the child severally. Needless to say, in a society where crime rate is high, suspension alone, is not effective in cases of indiscipline in school; therefore, there is need to advocate for pro spanking as a form of discipline. This paper will discuss the importance of encouraging pro spanking in school.

Advocating for pro-spanking in schools

Many countries such as the United States and Sweden have declared that corporal punishment has harmful effects on children; however these countries have suffered the consequences that arise from the ban of spanking. Kettle argues that since the ban of spanking in Sweden, child abuse rates rose over 500%, as a result the Swedish parents resulted to beating up their children, compared to the United States children, (Para 7).

Deprivation of privileges and suspension as forms of punishment for children are not effective compared to pro- spanking. Pro spanking enables the child to understand the power of a teacher and his position. In addition, a child’s fear of pro spanking will act as a mechanism of maintaining discipline.

The use of spanking in schools can only be effective when used appropriately as a disciplinary action; however over-using spanking may create a wrong impression for the student. Inflicting severe pain on a child, which leaves wounds and cuts is unacceptable and affect emotional well being of a child. However the correct use of spanking enables a student to understand his mistakes and avoid indiscipline practices.

Millei, Griffiths and Parkers, emphasize on the need for behavior management, discipline, and management of the learning environment, therefore teachers result to different mechanisms of improving discipline, (2).

As a result, discipline in schools maintains high standards, however it is important for the society to note the difference between pro spanking and physical abuse. Spanking causes pain to the targeted student, which aims at correcting his unethical behavior, whilst physical abuse involves use of force by an adult that can cause injury to the child, (Chang, Pettit, and Katsurada, 282).

A study which involved interviewing college students regarding their attitudes towards spanking, revealed that: the respondents supported physical punishment in cases of indiscipline, (Chang, Pettit, and Katsurada, 282).

Currently spanking is legal in several states of the United States, despite several critics facing pro spanking such as; a form of abuse, negative emotional effects and aggressive behaviors, discipline must be maintained. However pro spanking should not be misused, as it may create confusion among students, this traditional form of discipline should not be banned. Currently, it is the only method that can be successful, once used correctly.

The book of proverbs 23:13 advocates for a child‘s discipline, whereby a guardian is encourage to embrace discipline, by the use of a rod, (Anthony and Canfield, 78). Refusal to embrace a child’s indiscipline practices, but instead administer punishment is a sign of love, once a minor learns that there are consequences for his actions; he will be reluctant to engage in unethical behavior.

When a child’s unethical behaviors are ignored by the school administration, there is a high probability that a child may not learn the importance of ethics; as a result, the possibility of delinquent behavior is high.

Needless to say compared to other forms of discipline such as suspending, expelling or grounding a child, which all have short-term effects, pro-spanking has immediate effects and can be administered both in school and at home. When teachers administer pro spanking, wise students are capable of avoiding certain behaviors, which are likely to elicit punishment; in addition compliance from the child is fostered.

Pro spanking in schools is a cost effective method of discipline, which does not require extra costs to maintain or administer, as compared to rehabilitation which may require high costs. Finally, a child can be disciplined with love at school, through the use of pro-spanking, when a teacher explains to the student the reason behind spanking, the student will avoid any behavior that could lead to the same experience, which inflicts pain.


Effective use of pro spanking in schools, fosters discipline, only if administered in non-abusive forms, which are safe and effective. When students learn that pro spanking can only be administered following indsciplinary actions, they will be in a position to accept the consequences of their actions.

Needless to say, pro- spanking in schools must be handled with care, thereafter, positive character will be achieved in children. In addition, use of pro- spanking as a form of disciplining students in school, influences high grades, this is because the child is likely to devote his time on books, rather than in mischievous behavior.

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