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Italian Culturally Competent Nursing Care Essay

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Updated: Sep 1st, 2021


Throughout ages, nursing and medical care have always been a dynamic, steadily sprouting study, modifying and adjusting following a broad assortment of factors. Modifications in social rules and regulations, discoveries of the latest remedial cures, enhancements in exceedingly complicated technological structures, and advances in pharmaceutical curing methods have assisted to figure out existing medical care customs. Another latest tendency that has affected nursing sufficiently is the consumer permission for ethnically competent care in a progressively more dissimilar, multicultural public. The capability to offer culturally capable care is particularly significant for critical care nurses, who act in high-perception, high-pressure healthcare surroundings.

Culturally competent care

Critical care nurses are required to enhance the cultural capability to be successful in founding relations with patients and to accurately assess, develop, and implement nursing interventions designed to meet patients’ needs. As patients’ advocates, critical care nurses are needed to maintain assessments made by patients or their families that could replicate a cultural standpoint that diverges from conventional healthcare procedures. In nowadays community, culturally competent care cannot be provided to all patients unless nurses have a clear realization of dissimilar cultural backdrops.

The American Nurses Association recognized the necessity to offer culturally competent care and established in the association’s code that nurses, in all qualified relations, are required to practice with care and respect for the intrinsic dignity, significance, and individuality of every person.

Hospitalized people and their families are undergoing abundant strains. This certainty is particularly true in critical care components, where patients with life-threatening diseases are cured. In these circumstances, the necessity for culturally competent curing is prominently obvious.

Lack of cultural consciousness and breakdown to offer culturally competent care can significantly augment the stresses undergone by seriously deceased patients and can outline insufficient care offered by healthcare specialists. Mrs. S compared American-Italian patients’ perception of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and urinary tract infections and corresponding medical care actions throughout the patients’ admittances to the rigorous medication and care unit. Italian patients in the study supposed that physical and mental energy reduced during a Diabetes stage and that uninterrupted mental abilities to go on studying language and attain courses.

Lack of consciousness of these anxieties amongst the concentrated care nurses may outline in some confuses, based upon language barrier. American nurses may not understand patients and make wrong conclusions. This patient’s level of anxiety could have been noticeably reduced if alertness of his cultural suggestions and particularities had been taken into account in his care.

Thus, elementary language courses are necessary to arrange, with obligatory studying of all the terminology on particular deceases. Experience exchange conferences would also be rather helpful.


The gradually more varied, multicultural society in the United States is providing new challenges in the stipulation of culturally experienced care by critical curing nurses. And straight relations subsist between a patient’s culture and his or her health; of the lots of changeable known to impact health convictions and procedures, culture is one of the most significant. If the stipulation of the best probable curing for all patients is the aim, decisive care nurses must have experience and skill in the release of culturally suitable and culturally competent medical care.


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