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Sports Essay Examples and Topics

CrossFit Company

Because of the intense routines, CrossFit program members are able to attain physical fitness in a short while. This paper set out to highlight the benefits of CrossFit program.

French Cycling Culture

This prompted the political optimists and individuals profiting from the changes to equate the change with progress and the promise of a greater future for the nation.

Patella Syndrome: A Critical Discussion

Although there has been intense debate about the causes of patella syndrome, with some researchers suggesting that one of the likely causes is the maltracking of the patella on the femur as a direct consequence [...]

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is an important field of medicine because it deals with preventive, curative, and rehabilitative aspects of physical fitness and injuries in sports.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Expansion of the stadium in anticipation of the 2006 Commonwealth games has led to the MCG being one of the most developed stadia in the world.

Mills and Juiced Athletes Problem

Additionally, such drugs are seen as a danger to the health of the users. In this regard, the views of Mills regarding attempts to shape the society are confirmed as true.

The London 2012 Olympic Games

Purpose of the Report The general aim of this report is to assess the sustainability of the London games 2012. The use of the three sustainability indicators is in line with the legacy of the [...]

The New York Marathon

The redrawing of the race course by Lebow helped to bring the New York City together, and elevate the sport to an international status."The New York City Marathon's unique mix of athletics, neighborhood spirit, and [...]

Changes in NBA History

Kirchberg makes a comparison of the growth of the league to the growth of athletes by noting that the league has grown "From the first superstar, center George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers, to its [...]

Sport in Society

This can be a very serious problem for any team where each team player should trust other players and should be trusted.

Technology and Sports

According to Baker, technology is sucking the life out of the majority of athletes. Technology is used to ensure that there are no cases of "gender frauds" in sports.

Enlighten Up!

Long before I joined yoga, I used to think "going to the yoga mat" referred to going to the hall in which yoga was practiced.

Sport Governance Issue

Judging by the character of the coach and the players, it can be said that this investigation should not be done in relation to sport, but as a matter that stands alone and apart from [...]

Revision of sport issues

However, with the emergence of new types of sports, managers will need to open themselves to divergent providers. One of the key advantages of BBL was that it revamped the sport by reaching out to [...]

Referee VS. Technology

Additionally recent events starting from the 2010 world cup where England's midfielder Frank Lampard was denied a goal and Chelsea being awarded a goal that the ball had not crossed the line attest to the [...]

Virtual Reality in Soccer Training

The following work will focus on the analysis of the use of Virtual Reality in the training of soccer players with the evaluation of the practices adopted by particular soccer teams.

Value of Sports Talent

The signing of contracts is especially identified as critical in the development of sports as it outlines the particular financial success of the athletes as well as the teams.

Coaching Philosophy

The fundamental foundation of a good team rests upon the ability of the coach to lead the team to greater heights.

Use of PEDs in Sports

It will also seek to register the qualified physicians and drug companies for which these athletes will be buying their drugs from to enable a sequential and a more transparent way of monitoring the drugs [...]

Violence in Hockey

A number of incidences have been reported regarding to the eruption of violence in the course of a game. Due to its importance in the game and the impact that it has, violence has developed [...]

Violence in Sport: Playing the Game Clean

On-the-Field Violence and Professional Football: The Points of Contact In spite of the fact that numerous kinds of sport involve certain degree of field violence, the reasons for such behavior are far from being skin-deep.

Collision Martial Art School

The owner of Collision Martial arts school, Cinthia Flores, has a fifth degree black belt in judo, and will be available to offer her invaluable knowledge to the school.

The Coney Polar Bear Club

And finally, the methodology section introduces the ideas of how the study is organized: the number of participants, the description of the control group, and the conditions are given.

Steroid use in professional sports

At the same time, the belief expressed in the paper is that sports organizations need to have more powers and the will to ensure the process of eliminating steroids use starts from within.

Howard’s Power Play

Events leading to this had been initiated by the Bullets signing up the University of Michigan junior in the year 1994 under the leadership of John Nash.

Impact of 2012 Olympics on London and UK

The aim of this research shall be to establish the economic, social-cultural, and environmental impacts of the 2012 Olympics on London at its environs, with the objective of contrasting the pre-Olympics estimates of the impacts [...]

Nike Dumps Lance Armstrong

Oakley Inc.maintained that it was reviewing the allegations and would determine the fate of their relationship with Armstrong after a verdict by the International Cycling Union. The decision by Nike to end its partnership with [...]

Medical Ethics Violation

The Winger of the Harlequins team, Tom Williams, "all of a sudden spewed blood out of his mouth, which prompted the team to substitute a professional kicker, Nick Evans, for Williams.

Risk Management Plan: Mountain Biking

The clothes should also be suited for the weather conditions in the mountains; they should also be designed to protect the skin against the dangers of the surrounding environment.

Strength and Conditioning

Kraemer and Szivak propose that endurance training for soldiers should be based on mission requirements that involve tailoring endurance training programs to meet the psychological, physical, and environmental challenges encountered on the battlefield.

Past Olympic Games and London 2012

While the major goal of the IOC in awarding the Olympic Games to a city is to foster competitive sport and promote athletic development, the motivations of the host city are significantly different.

Heat Related Injuries in Sports

However, after a person gets used to such humid and hot conditions, he/she is able to regulate the functioning of the body and even the level of sweating, hence helping to balance the level of [...]

The athlete’s performance

To achieve high results in the sport competitions of different levels, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the improvement of physical skills and abilities and to the regular training but also to [...]

Olympic Games and IT

In this department, IT has had a significant impact in that this is the department that has been tasked with the mandate of having to sell the tickets for all the games that are scheduled [...]

Concept of Scavenger Hunts Game

It is a fun and exciting activity that takes them to various locations throughout the city enabling them to see a variety of sights while at the same time being on the lookout for the [...]

Victorian rugby league

The league has complicated governance- comprising of representatives of the New South Wales rugby league, the Queensland rugby league, the national rugby league and the Australian rugby league.

Hawthorn and Collingwood

The success of any sport event, regardless of the level or the environment in which it is to be held, is by far and large dependent on how well the event is organized.

Grass roots Vs. Elite Sports

Proponents of more funds for grass roots sports fail to see why majority of the sports funds are allocated to elite sports that have low participation compared to the grass roots sports that have high [...]

Sport and money

Because swimming is a well-developed kind of sports, money should be more spent on engaging new swimmers and promoting new talents to the professional sport.

Purpose of the Qatar 2022 Campaign

The objective of the world cup bid was to show the capability of Arab countries to host the football event that will reduce the gap between the two regions-Western and Arab.

Bid for the 2014 World Cup – Brazil

Brazil is the best performer in the world cup competition having won the world cup trophy 5 times which is the highest number of times that a country has won the trophy in the history [...]

NBA Strike 2011

The NBA strike began on the 1st of July, 2011 and is still in effect until the time when the NBA owners and the National Basketball Players Association will make a deal.

Boxing vs. MMA

Besides mastery of style and analysis of the opponent, boxers ensure that they are never caught in the same position during the fight.

Steroids in Baseball

The rejuvenated use can be traced back to the role of the media in promoting sports as a form of entertainment.

FIFA World Cup

The aim of the sport was to direct a ball towards a miniscule hole with players being allowed to touch the ball with any part of part of their body but the hands.

Sports Performance in Society

This is despite the fact that different sports have a well defined set of practice that is supposed to be followed and adhered to as time goes by for one to be fully acquainted with [...]

The Intended Outcomes of 2012 Summer Olympics

Overall, a country that bids to host this event intends to attain some of these objectives: 1) to increase the international awareness about the city, 2) to improve the infrastructure of urban areas, 3) to [...]

English Racism during World Cup

Written by Jon Garland in 2004, the Same Old Story Englishness, the Tabloid Press and the 2002 Football World Cup, explores issues surrounding the world cup of 2006, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of [...]

Athletic risk management

Supervision management All athletic trainers should be trained in warning athletes of the possible dangers in the activities in which they participate in and also the proper safety precautions they must take to minimize the [...]

Stress and Injury

In addition to the possibility of injury that is inherent with sports, stress is also likely to increase the possibility of injury for the athlete.

Football Strategy

Elements of strategic management in the conduct of the Tour de France emerge in the selection of the team members and in the conduct of the race.

Drugs in sports

The nature in which a drug is used depends on the purpose of the drug. The only way to have a level playing field for all players is through a total ban on the drugs [...]

Sports and Religion

It is obvious that sports and religion are important elements of people's culture in different parts of the world including America.