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Benefits of Going to the Gym | Gym Review Essay Example

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Updated: Jul 31st, 2022


Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with having a good body. Dieting, exercising and lots of stuff they do to achieve their goal. Gym memberships usually grow especially after the holidays when people eat so much. Then they go to the gym to burn the fat. Going to the gym is a commitment that people should make if they are serious in getting in shape.

Benefits of Going to the Gym

Many reasons to go to gym. Of course exercise is priority. The gym has plenty exercise machines that people can use to develop different muscle groups. Kulas (para. 1) in her article, “The Advantages of Going to the Gym Every Day”, says at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise should be done by adults five days in a week so going to the gym everyday will meet that goal. It will result in good physical and mental health.

Aside from exercising, one can meet new friends like fitness instructors and others. It’s good to be with people with the same interests so that all can motivate each other to keep their fitness goals.

When one exercises, the heart becomes stronger so it is efficient in pumping blood to the body so vital organs are kept healthy and in order. For example, blood pressure is maintained instead of spike high, cholesterol and triglyceride levels are kept low and heart disease is kept at bay. It means there is less chances of having a heart attack or stroke or any other diseases when one exercises regularly (Kulas, para. 3).

Why Gym Is Important

Combining aerobic exercise with other kinds of exercises like strength training with weights and stretching keeps muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons healthy, flexible and strong so when one becomes older, he is stronger and have less risk of being out of balance and falling causing fractures or other injuries. One also gets good posture when muscles are well-formed. That is why the person should select right exercises for each muscle group.

If one does not like to work with exercise machines, but still likes to exercise, gyms also offer group exercises which includes boot camp exercises they do in teams, cycling sessions on stationary bicycles, martial arts exercises like body combat, boxing, etc. and plenty of dance routines like Zumba, HipHop, Ballroom Dancing, etc. It can be very fun and meet new people so social life becomes alive.

One sleeps better also when the body gets good exercise. When one sleeps well, he wake up with more energy to face the day and go about his work better in high spirits. Mood becomes better too so he is not grouchy to others. As one loses weight from exercising regularly and having a good balanced diet, one looks more fit and attractive so good body deserves good clothes that fit well.

On the other hand, some people go overboard in exercising thinking all the positive results will double or they lose weight faster to get a leaner body. Andersen, in her article “9 Reasons to Skip Your Workout.. Sometimes”, advises that rest days should be inserted in between exercise days especially if the workout is heavy.

She says muscles need rest periods in order to grow to heal the tiny tears that exercising causes. When they are repaired, it makes them stronger. She also says over-exercising may lead to too much weight loss, or even weight gain due to the body’s built-in protective systems (para. 3). For women, over-exercising may interrupt their menstrual cycle because it affects the hormones.

As opposed to having moderate exercise that brings good sleep, over-exercising can affect one’s sleep cycle as well that some people have trouble sleeping. Some even develop Insomnia or the inability to sleep well at night that they resort to napping during the day only to catch up on loss sleep. This affects their performance at work or in school because they become very sleepy all the time. It also affects their mood because they always feel tired.

If one thinks over-exercising will curb their appetite so they become slim sooner, they are wrong. Andersen also says it can lead to overeating because one’s appetite is stimulated more if it the body requires more energy to sustain its exertion in exercise, so the more exercise one does, the bigger his appetite.

Spending too much time in the gym also takes time away from more important things that a person needs to attend to such as quality time for family and friends, engaging in a hobby that one enjoys, praying or meditating, or going to places one enjoys or has never been to before. Everything needs to be balanced… diet, exercise, work, leisure and time for everything, in order to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

As in everything else, too much of something good is bad, and in the case of over-exercising, it can lead to burnout. This means one has gone beyond his limits and the body is not able to handle it. The person may have a breakdown, get sick and becomes unable to exercise, work or be in any way productive. So it is much better to stick with an exercise program that is manageable at a time period that one can handle. That is about 30 minutes to an hour everyday of moderate exercise coupled with a good diet plan.


The feeling that one gets after a good workout is fantastic. This is due to the release of endorphins, hormones that makes people feel great. That is why many people can get addicted to working out, so they get that good feeling after. However, good workouts do not necessarily take place in the gym.

There are many other things one can do to exercise such as following exercise routines on the DVD in the comfort of one’s home, running, jogging or biking around the block, swimming, dancing, or engage in some sports like basketball, tennis, or badminton. One just needs to be creative in thinking of ways to move their bodies and exercise in order to get fit. They should also be able to do it regularly. Having various types of exercises within the week would be better so that it does not get boring.

However, if all else fails, there is always the gym so that one is really encouraged to actively exercise and not just sit around and watch others exercise. For one, there are gym instructors who can help members with the right exercises for their targeted body parts or for their whole body work-out.

Another thing is there are other people who can motivate one to exercise especially if they have good and fit bodies to inspire others to achieve the same goals. Still another is the membership fee that one needs to pay, so one should not waste it by not actively using the gym facilities to the fullest.

Once an individual reaches his goal of having a physically fit body, he should be able to maintain it and not let go of the diet and exercise routines he has mastered. He will realize the many benefits of having a good, healthy and fit body. Not only will other people notice his new improved appearance and be impressed, but more importantly, his health ensures him that he will be less likely to get sick. This helps in keeping a happy, healthy and productive life.

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