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Importance of Body Exercise Essay

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Updated: Oct 19th, 2018


Physical exercise can be defined as any body activity that maintains body fitness and the entire body health status. It must be done for a number of reasons such as improving muscle strength and joint structures, improving energy levels and reducing the risk of heart diseases.

It also helps in naturally lowering or controlling blood pressure level, improving immune system, enhancing healthy weight maintenance, boosting the immune system as well as an excellent stress handler. Biological studies reveal that healthy exercise reduces levels of hydrocortisone. Physical exercise can be broadly categorized into three types based on the overall effects they can have in the body.

The first category is the flexibility; it involves exercises such as body stretching to improve the range of muscle and joints motion. The second category is anaerobic exercise; which includes cycling, swimming, and rope skipping, running or even walking that focus on increasing cardiovascular endurance. The third category is anaerobic exercise; which includes weight, functional and eccentric training or sprinting.


Physical exercise plays a tremendously role in reducing the risk of acquiring heart disorders such as heart attacks and stroke. These heart defects are most likely a factor in the reduction of human life expectancy. Healthy body exercise helps in strengthening the heart and lungs thus increasing the efficiency of the heart muscle.

It improves the heart’s pumping ability by regulating the blood and oxygen circulation in the body. Regular exercise enhances the heart muscle functionality and blood flow. It reduces the chances of developing blood clots, lowers heart resisting rate and relieves stress on one’s heart. Being fit before a surgery also helps in quick recovery from the operation.

Many recent studies have shown that exercise naturally lowers and control blood pressure. This helps in reducing the risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension). Healthy exercise yields to a stable condition reducing the level of medication dose one can take when ill. Studies have also revealed that a healthy body exercise lowers the blood level of fats and unhealthy cholesterol, which may contribute to the hardening and contraction of the arteries.

This may render one vulnerable to heart attack or stroke. By reducing the chances of contracting illnesses caused by winter weather such as common colds, moderate body exercise have been shown to boost the immune system. Good exercise also helps improve the quality of sleep giving the body ample time to rest and rebuild its defenses.

Exercise helps in weight loss and maintenance by elevating the metabolism thus more calories are regularly burned. This catalyses the breakdown and utilization of fats for energy during any activity and can result to a reduction in the Body Mass Index to a height ratio.

This figure is vital in the prediction of risk for developing conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke and cancers. Regular body exercise has also been known to be an excellent stress handling by lifting the moods leaving one with something positive to focus attention on, reduce anxiety and provide a positive base to release stress.

For example, one can play football or run as a form of exercise and forget his stressful moments. This helps boost self-esteem and confidence providing a better ground to handle emotional stress. The mental benefits gained from exercising are of equal importance to the physical ones. Good exercise just makes one feel calm by bringing the overall feeling of quality life. It helps improve the physical appearance, body posture, and mental outlook of someone.

Healthy body exercise can also help improve muscle strength, joint functions and joint structures by boosting the strength of bones, muscles and tissues. Regular exercise makes the body adapt to these non-regular body activities leading to a gainful growth in strength. This enhances the one’s ability to perform daily chores more easily and conveniently.

Exercises that involve weight bearing such as running and long-distance walking is critically vital for women since it helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis (low-bone density) and body fractures. Studies have revealed that substantial exercise helps improve joint health for all people, especially arthritis patients by increasing the thickness of cartilage in the joints, thus protecting them against wear and tear. Healthy exercise may leave one tired in the early stages of an exercise program.

Gradual exercise helps one adapt to this new body requirement increasing the body aerobic requirement capacity, endurance and stigma. This helps one to improve the energy levels enhancing the ability to spend a day with less energy expenditure in performing the daily tasks.


Although it is essential to exercise as a daily body requirement, too much of this can sometimes be dangerous. Exercising without proper rest can lead to developing conditions such as stroke and other circulation problems leading to heart rhythm abnormalities. This is mostly experienced by athletes who train for large marathon events. It is advisable to consult a doctor before making a radical change from the current exercise routine to a new one to avoid inappropriate exercise activities.

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