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Safety of Silver’s Gym Term Paper

The issues that must be addressed in the report include the need for the appropriate safety measures at the gym, including availing of an automated external defibrillator. An appropriate first aid kit needs to be purchased and put in place as well, so that individuals who might get ailments or medical complications while exercising can be attended to.

The report also looks at the need for relevant and qualified medical practitioners on a standby to give the appropriate medical assistance incase of an emergency. Given that Tommy was transported to the nearest medical center when it was already too late to save his life, the issue of the appropriate means of transport also needs to be addressed. There is need to address the issue of negligence at the Silver’s gym (Kerber 100).

The report also has to look at the need for an appropriate code that would allow the gym to run its activities in a safe and systematic manner. The additional information that could be needed for the firm includes the availability of appropriate personnel to handle the automated external defibrillator. Other information would include the availability of the appropriate policy that governs the usage, maintenance and safety of the device.


Most people who frequent the gym may be prone to various heart complications and if their exercise regimen is not well addressed. The result could be fatal and in some cases, death may occur. There is therefore need to address this issue by taking the most appropriate measures, the best option being the purchase and appropriate use of the automated external defibrillator.

The report covers findings from Silver’s gym following the death of Tommy’s death at the gym. It looks into the issues of negligence and unpreparedness witnessed at the gym that could have resulted in Tommy’s death and the need to take appropriate measures to ensure that such an incident does not reoccur.


An analysis was done after Tommy’s death. The analysis done showed that there were several factors which might have contributed to his death. The main one was the lack of appropriate medical equipment to deal with the issue. The gym for instance lacked an automated external defibrillator. The device could have saved the life of a person suffering from cardiac arrest had it been at the gym.

It has the capability to detect and automatically stroke the patient until the situation normalize. This would have saved for instance saved the life of Tommy. Tommy was also taken to hospital when the situation had reached a point where no remedy would have possibly saved his life. The gym was therefore supposed have the appropriate transportation system so as to take victims in bad conditions to the appropriate medical center on time (American Red Cross 77).

There is need to ensure that sufficient funds are set aside to meet the cost of the AED device as well as ensure its maintenance. The availing of the device would also require the services of qualified personnel to operate it. Alternatively, existing personnel were supposed to be trained on the use of the device.

The appropriate policy was also supposed to be put in place to facilitate the appropriate usage of the device. For instance, people who would use the device with good intentions but in an inappropriate manner would have to bear the legal consequences in case of an accident or death that resulting from their use of the device.


Tommy’s death could have been prevented if the gym possessed an AED device. The Silver’s gym needs prioritize the safety and health of its clients and this would include the purchase of an AED device. In addition, the personnel should be trained on how to operate the AED device. The gym also needs to adopt appropriate transportation means to ensure that victims in critical conditions are taken to the medical center on time (American Red Cross 63).


  • Purchase of the AED device
  • Training the gym’s medical personnel on how to use the device.
  • Upgrading the gym’s means of transport.
  • Educating the personnel and even other users on the policy governing the usage of the device.

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