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Al Nassr was established in the financial year 1945 through two brothers, namely Husein and Zeid Al- Ja’ba. The establishment of this club was in the house of the two brothers found on Al-Ataif Street in Riyadh. An ancient playing area situated at Al-Shortah Gashlat became the renowned field where the exercise occurred.

Here there was a tiny room where they stored their shirts and balls besides having a small field for playing football. The football team was formally endorsed in fiscal 1960 through the aid of the Overall Youths Welfare Premiership. According to the club’s reports, the son of Saud named Doyen Abdulrahman turned out to be the leader of the club during that period (“Al Nassr” par.8).

In the Saudi football competitions, every club began playing at the second division. However, the team instigated recording its victory in the middle of 1960 through emerging the winners of the Saudi King’s trophy and the Top Doyen Cup twice. The team was later to advance to the first division in 1963.

The team has emerged the winners by collecting a confederation trophy, two Top-Doyen Cups shields, six king-trophies, four Saudi Football Confederation honors, and eight championship awards in the leagues from 1970 to 1980. Majed Abdullah, Mohaisn Al-Jam’aan and Fahd Al-Herafy are the trios who led the team to their success (“Al Nassr” par.21).

To distinguished from other football teams, the club’s logo is made of up of two colors, namely yellow and blue. It represents the map of Saudi Arabia with the bluish part standing for the seas found in the Arab countries while the yellowish part representing the coastline gravels. Though the club has recently changed its logo, the old logo represented the Club as a whole while this new one only represents the football team (“Al Nassr” par.16).

Al Nassr joined the Saudi Arabian folklore after representing Asia in the international football competition in the year two-thousand in Brazil. The club ended up third placed in their category after playing alongside teams like Casablanca Raja, Real-Madrid, and Paulista Corinthians. However, the club lost to both Real Madrid and Corinthians but won against Raja Casablanca. The consolation prize was the Fair Play Trophy awarded to Al Nassr.

This caused their fans to call them Al Alami, meaning the Golden Club. The club is one of the major worthy opponents of the Saudi Arabia football clubs. The club obtained two Saudi confederation trophies including a leagues trophy and the Monarch’s award.

Nasser Jawhar had been the lead player during those glorious years and has now retired to be a coach of the Saudi national team. The club missed relegation at the end of the season in 2006-07 but overcame their problems to win the Federation Cup in 2008 against Al-Hilal. The club ended up being third placed in 2009-10 in the Asians Champions league (“Al Nassr” par.16).

As part of Al Nassr management strategy and folklore, affluent and renowned people have headed the club. Prince Abdulrahman bin Saud was the first president of the club in 1960. As the club’s president, he always participated in the development of Arabic sports that are in Saudi Arabia in particular. He lived for sports and always celebrated Al Nassr victory by running into the playground. This was a sure sign to the fans that the game was over in all competitions.

The president committed all his life and activities to Al Nassr, thus becoming a symbol for the Al Nassr club. He was president of the club for 40 years until his death. His love for football started when he decided to become a goalkeeper in the Institute where he was studying law. He also took part in swimming, equestrian, and obstacles jumping, but led the club from second division league to first division (“Al-Nassr” par.1).

The current president is Faisal bin Turki Al Saud, and Al Nasr headquarters is in Al Riyadh city. The team has various coaches. The first team coach is José Daniel Carreño Izquierdo; the goalkeeping coach is José René Higuita Zapata, and the fitness coach being Juan Ozppadu Khamenei. The club’s current manager is J. da Silva.

They have won approximately over 41 trophies with the team being made up of 6 goalkeepers, 11 defenders, 13 midfielders, and four attackers. The club is also one of the most active clubs in social media. As part of its culture and growing popularity, the club has an increase of over 190,000 fans across their channels ((“Al-Nassr” par.1)

The club is taking part in Club Friendlies, Champions Cup, Pro League, and Crown Prince Cup this season. The positions held in the club are based on performance and dedication to the club. The club first captain was Abdullah Al Nazhan, and he was a center midfielder. The captain now is Hussein Abdul Ghani who has been in the club since 2008.

The Al Nassr players are paid very well, but they do not get the chance to mix with international players. They only tend to dominate in Saudia. With all the problems the citizens are facing, football is the only way to offer some type of freedom in Saudi given that most fans take it seriously and it has become part of their lifestyle. Fans form groups to support Al Nassr during major competitions.

Thus, most fans recognize Al-Nassr as the biggest club in Saudi, and its rival is Al-Hilal, and Al-Shabab Clubs are owned through the government while teams are being owned through the royal families. With t fans support and great leadership, it turned out to be a great club.

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