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Concept of Scavenger Hunts Game Essay (Article)

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Updated: Aug 12th, 2019

One of the most exciting, yet not necessarily tiring, outdoor physical activity that is gaining in popularity these days is the outdoor scavenger hunt. The rules are quite simple; several people within a group pair up and go on a hunt to scavenge items all throughout a particular location.

The pair that successfully finds all the items and returns first are the ones that win the hunt. While such a game has become a staple at various children’s parties, some people never truly grew up and as such the game itself has evolved into a far more complicated version of its past self.

Scavenger hunts today can now encompass an entire town or city and could consist of a meticulous set of items that would be hard to obtain without some serious searching. Overall, this new way of playing an old game has developed quite a following since not only is it fun to do but it enables a person to reminisce about their fondest childhood memories.

Degree of Difficulty

Playing in a scavenger hunt does not require any degree of significant skill, rather it merely involves the ability to read and follow directions.

Do note though that in cases where a scavenger hunt encompasses an entire city such as London, France or even New York a certain degree of familiarity will be required as well as knowledge about the various means and methods of getting from one location in the city to the other as fast as possible.

Some scavenger hunts do try to make things a little bit more complicated by not outright telling players what the item is but rather phrase it in the form of a riddle. In cases such as these a certain degree of analytical ability will be required to figure out what the riddle means.

Halloween Scavenger Hunts banner.

Why People Participate and the Benefits of This Activity

People participate in scavenger hunts since for them it is an adventure where they get to explore, find items and race against the clock in order to beat the other competitors in the race. It is a fun and exciting activity that takes them to various locations throughout the city enabling them to see a variety of sights while at the same time being on the lookout for the place where their item is hidden.

From this description alone it becomes quite clear why people participate with the benefits of this particular activity encompassing a certain degree of exercise which when factoring in the degree of fun they have with the game itself enables a person to walk 5 to 10 miles in total in search for a variety of items without truly getting tired.

Basic Equipment Needed for Participation

Participating in a scavenger hunt does not require anything but your own two feet; you are expected to hunt down the items on your list in an expeditious but above all fair manner.

This means that no outside assistance will be allowed and that you must get there through commuting. Also, safety really isn’t an issue when it comes to scavenger hunts since they start well within the day and finish before night begins and as such there are usually no issues when it comes to the safety of the players involved.

Ideal Outdoor Location

The best place to play a scavenger hunt that people from a variety of ages could enjoy is by holding it within a small town or within a city. Basically in locations that the various participants are familiar with so as to ensure that they don’t get lost during the activity. In cases where children are involved it is usually the case that a country club, forest or large golf course would be appropriate since it ensures a modicum amount of safety and allows the event organizers to monitor the participants through a variety of observers placed in strategic locations.


Huntthegoose – Is a U.K. based company that specializes in renting out venues, hiring actors, producing items and creating a detailed adventure for people that are looking to have an excellent scavenger hunt.

Services Provided

Aside from planning the hunt itself, the company also happen to provide its customers with a variety of unique technologies for use during the event such as SMS-GPS technology to help hunters navigate around the city, unique items to be found and used exclusively during the hunt as well as take home packages so that a person could organize their own hunt from the safety of their home town.


Huntthegoose usually utilize a variety of historical locations such as museums, monuments and other such areas in order to create a more exciting and memorable feel for the participants.

Target Market

The target market for this particular company usually consists of schools, groups of friends and even families who are looking to do something “different” for fun. Most of their clients are usually situated within the U.K. since this is where the company is based at however the company does have a variety of packages available for up to 80 other countries worldwide.


At £45 for up to 5 people the price of the company is actually quite reasonable given the amount of fun the activity provides. It must be stated though that the price increases significantly should other extra items and activities be included.

Most Appealing Aspect

For me, the most appealing aspect of this organization is their website since it is laid out in not only an easy to read manner but it has a variety of graphics which show the experiences of previous clients that have participated in the company’s scavenger hunts. Not only that, the fact that the company provides a variety of packages with their own individual themes such as being a secret agent or a treasure hunter creates a far more detailed and riveting experience as compared to other companies that merely provide a list to be followed.

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