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The Basketball Game Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

A basketball is a well designed sphere-shaped ball. In addition, the ball contains an inner rubber bladder that varies in shape in accordance with the size of the ball.

The ball’s inner material is always inflated to ease its usage. A basketball is a vital component in the game of basketball at the playing field, commonly referred to as a court and the basket (Dean 24). A basketball is dribbled on the surface and therefore design addresses its state in terms of handling and durability.

The interest of the basketball game solely rests on the handling of the ball. Spinning and rolling the basketball in different styles before making a basket varies with the size of the ball. The lighter the basketball, the easier it is to roll the ball in the court.

Basketball is a game that is dominating the world. It is among the most viewed sports in the entire universe. The popularity of this sport is mainly in the west; organization of leagues in the western states has grown the fun base rapidly.

It has drawn the interest of the young and old in an equal measure. A basketball is designed uniquely to suit its usage; there are those used in-doors and those meant for outdoor usage (Dean 25). Material for making the ball varies according to the aforementioned variation in usage.

The evolution of a basketball started in the 19th century. Initially soccer ball played the role of this ball before its invention (James 11).

The soccer ball texture was not satisfactory to the game as the ball’s specifications disadvantaged the hands, leading to many injuries. Legal suits from the soccer firms necessitated the development of a ball unique to basketball. The mother design composed of leather and a rubber bladder in the inside. To distinguish it from the soccer ball, the inventors wrapped it with a cloth lining.

Different environments called for unique balls, this called for additional innovations in the material and designs of basketball. In the 20th century, various trials were done and composite materials were unanimously accepted in the different leagues for use in the manufacturing of balls (James 17).

Leather and rubber are the preferred material for making indoor and all-surface balls respectively. Leather basketballs are more expensive than rubber balls because of the durability in use and cost of acquiring them. Outdoors environment are harsh and therefore necessitates the use of a material that is fully adapted to the surrounding. The balls surfaces vary in texture but have one thing in common, they have a small air opening in its surface to aid in inflating and deflating.

In addition, the surface of the ball is recessed to different manufacturer’s designs and variety of colors used to make it attractive. Moreover, the surface contains the logo of the traditional manufacturer or the individual logo presented during its development (Forrest 134).

A basketball comes in different weights and circumferences. These unique specifications vary in different leagues. According to basketball certifying body, International Basketball Federation, men’s competition basketball is termed as size 7 while female’s balls are size 6.

The amount of pressure is another factor that is looked into by a certifying body before the basketball is used in a given league. For a basketball to be certified, manufacturer’s name and a unique serial number need to be incorporated in the surface of the ball. Professionalism is highly valued by the International Basketball Federation, therefore the material used in the manufacturing of a basketball needs to meet the requirements postulated.

Basketball associations formulate the measures to be taken into consideration when designing a basketball (Forrest 57). The strictness of these measures varies from one association to another. National Basketball Association (NBA) for example allows the use of basketballs from a single manufacturer. The association, from 2006, has been using synthetic balls that replaced the initial leather balls.

The adoption of different basketball changes with the requirements of the sport. Spalding, the parent company that supplies the balls to NBA, has always designed balls that meet both the federation’s and player’s requirements (Randall 142). The color of this association is orange and therefore most of the basketballs produced by Spalding are orange, though they produce a mixture of orange and white for Women National Basketball Association.

A basketball from the aforementioned description is unique in different aspects. However, the name of the game is the same. Basketball attributes vary in relation to the requirements of a given league. The rankings of these leagues are also determined by the specifications of the basketball used in their practice and games (Forrest 146).

A basketball that incorporates the requirements of most of these corporations needs to be moderated for the competition to operate in the same platform. A basketball’s size and texture needs to cope with the play requirements and be conducive to the players by using appropriate materials. To be arrived at, different federations need to harmonize their requirements with the establishment of a product with international features in their minds.

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