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CrossFit Company Research Paper



The Privately owned CrossFit Company has attracted attention due to its rapid growth over the last 7 years. The CrossFit training programs yield desirable results and many members have praised the effectiveness of the company’s fitness programs.

Kreinin reveals that other sports clubs in New York have even launched a program similar to CrossFit (22). This paper will set out to highlight the various benefits of the CrossFit program. It will demonstrate that the CrossFit training is a programmed geared for all body type, physically and mentally.

Benefits of CrossFit

The CrossFit program achieves fitness for individuals with any body type. The program does not promote any specific type of body. Instead, it aims to develop full body fitness for all people. The exercises done by gym members do not try to promote a certain body type. Stoddard reveals that CrossFit facilities do not have machines to isolate muscles or stationary bikes (130).

Instead, the gym consists mostly of open space with a rubber floor, high ceiling, and equipment such as kettle-bells, jump ropes, and barbells. Through exercises such as skipping, pull-ups, pushups, and weightlifting, full body fitness is enhanced in the individual.

In addition to the physical fitness, CrossFit training enhances mental health. Fischbach reveals that unlike most traditional commercial clubs where people workout in solitude, CrossFit encourages a sense of community among its members (10). Everyone is encouraged to work out together and people often cheer each other on and provide useful advice.

The sense of camaraderie is not restricted to the work out sessions. Kreinin reveals that most of the CrossFit gyms even throw parties for members after hours thereby increasing the sense of community (22). The program also gives members access to competent trainers who can help them achieve their physical fitness goals. Kreinin explains that every trainer in the CrossFit program has to be certified by the CrossFit organization (22).

The trainers are required to attend an annual CrossFit training program and on successful completion, they are awarded a certificate. This ensures that all trainers employed by CrossFit affiliates are competent. They are therefore able to effectively help the gym members with their exercises and ensure the best results are achieved.

Finally, CrossFit leads to the attainment of physical fitness within a few months of beginning the program. Through functional training, the fitness programs implemented by CrossFit are highly effective. Most of the fitness regimes used by the program are very intense.

Kreinin reveals that some of the rigorous training techniques employed by CrossFit are adopted from the military and law enforcement agency programs (22). Because of the intense routines, CrossFit program members are able to attain physical fitness in a short while. Members also develop endurance and they can successfully compete in marathons. Due to its effectiveness, most members regard CrossFit as a fast way to get fit.


This paper set out to highlight the benefits of CrossFit program. It began by noting that this program has gained a huge following due to its effectiveness and impressive results. It then highlighted that CrossFit caters to the needs of individuals with all body types.

The CrossFit program keeps members engaged by offering many varieties of exercises. Members also develop a community feeling and this promotes mental health and makes exercising fun. The benefits of the CrossFit program have made it one of the fastest-growing fitness trends in the US.

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