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The use of ESL program Essay

Executive Summary

English is a language that has grown and is widely used by many nations as their language. This has made many countries, teach English in schools and assist individuals in understanding the language. The use of ESL program has seen its popularity rise, thus catering for many individuals who feel they need some assistance in English.

The execution of this type of education is vital among various communities. Many persons are made to understand one another hence, development occurs as common goals are known. The rise of many immigrants to America, especially from Mexico, shows the growing need for ESL programs. A good American society needs to have a better ESL system to comprehend English. This is why a study on ESL evaluation is necessary ( Caffarella 2002 pp. 2-3).

The institutions that compact with this language will offer support for these programs. This will ensure that the targeted audience is fully addressed. A campus is an area where, the study is designated to enhance a lot of commonalities.

When a population is put in an environment that is similar, a variety of issues are able to be handled with keen. A campus will also make the stakeholders feel part of the program. For any program to be effective, various evaluation mechanisms are put in place. The ESL program is not an exception since its evaluation, will augment improvements.

Evaluation of this program will increase its effectiveness and provide majority with the best knowledge. It will also lead to the achievement of the desired goals. The standards of this program are also improved to give a great deal of accomplishment. Technological advancement and innovativeness also are some of the factors that are considered to help in evaluation of the ESL program.

The evaluation process also is well structured to assist the program positively. Findings will be found from the answered questionnaires from the groups involved in this program. This will give an account of the ESL program and its effects to many, in the program. The evaluation way cannot be stated without the results since methodologies may differ.

The timeline also is rational and will not bother many in their way of learning. Evaluation will be used to improve the quality of education. With the support of the government and education department, most of the objectives will be achieved. Funds will be used to hire good instructors and also equipment for training. The action plan if well executed, will lead to an improvement of ESL education (Caffarella 2002 pp. 8-10).

The purpose of this study focuses majorly on the use of ESL program. The use of this program will take English, to an entire new level and assist in interaction. Many people will also be able to appreciate one another without fear of being misunderstood. This program will also attract many people as it will, cost less as compared to a whole tutorial program in schools. The program will assist the adults, who are not acquainted with the language as they will enroll themselves for training.

The evaluation criteria will make the program, helpful and assist the institutions involved to know various areas to be improved. The results, from the study will also be used, to create an avenue for further training of individuals in English. Utilization of this program will also, assist the American society, as immigrants will also help in development. Therefore, the need for this program is extremely recommended and its evaluation is necessary for improvement.

English Second Language program is widely used and its evaluation is important for expansion. As stated in the rationale the importance of this education is world wide and is essential.

The correlation of different members of the communities will be, enhanced by how well they understand each other. The use of this program will, enhance development and cohesion in the society. The American society is growing and the English language will be, fundamental in its economy and development. Most of the institutions of learning should be well equipped to handle ESL programs.

Universities and colleges can assist a lot especially in building up of functioning campuses. These will help attract many individuals interested in this program. Communication ability, across many different cultural divides, will help the society as a whole. The purpose of evaluation meets the required standards and also aims at improving the program. The better the program the more effective it will be for the society.

Many changes can be done on the program to suit the parties involved. This will ensure suitability in the handling of the evaluation process. The involved stakeholders, like the teachers and the groups should be checkered and made to adapt to the programs. The programs credibility will also be found as a result of evaluation process.

The use of documents and communication with the learners is effective as a way of evaluation. Questionnaires are also a good way to gather the details on the effectiveness of ESL program. The evaluation criteria will differ as methodologies cannot be specified without the results. This is because some methods will be better than the others in different cases. Timeline is good for this program while budget is a hindrance to implement this program.

The days identified will be, convenient to many and learning will be boosted since the attendance will be good. Funds are needed in this program and this will, improve the evaluation program making it more effective to involved parties. In general, the study has been created in a way that if properly implemented this program will assist many individuals.

All the specific issues, which want to be tackled in the study, are of much importance. The only issue is for the stakeholders to be well organized and work as a team. The government and the department of education should also identify with the program. This will ensure that the program will flow smoothly with least barriers.

Evaluation will, try and give a better picture of the program its merits and demerits and how it can be enhanced. The program will also be arranged in a way English speaking can be tested as well as writing. Quizzes, puzzles, crosswords and tests are a major inclusion in the evaluation of this program. Therefore, the use of this program will, make sure that English advances and becomes a worldwide language.

The successes of this program will also, move to the web and assist other people that might not be able to get to America. The ESL program and the rationale behind it, give a strong conviction of why it should be well structured. The teachers, staffs and the groups that are learning should all be assisted and this will ensure that the program is a success. The issues in the study will definitely make the program a success and develop it.

Data analysis is whereby; raw data is organized so that useful information can be extracted from it. In this case, data will be got from the concerned groups through questionnaires. The information from the respondents will be properly presented in form of tables, graphs and charts. These ways of presenting information, gives a clear picture of the situation on the ground. Analysis will have ensured proper data cleaning is done, to prevent several mistakes that are usually seen while researching.

Plotting graphs on the questions asked, will help give a good response to that question. Charts are visually attractive and can also be well understood by many thus will be used. Tables give the information as per numbers used, this helps the researcher, be able to analyze and know the number of respondents. This will be highly effective and most of the analysis will be properly analyzed.

Several statistical tools can be used this include the samples and also observations. These will lead to proper analysis of the major issues that are focused upon. Another way of analysis is by use of histograms, moving averages, rank and percentile, regression and sampling. Microsoft excel has all these analysis tools that are helpful to individuals while doing their analysis.

The use of these tools will, assist a lot in getting of the information that the study initially wanted to get. Some of the calculations will be used statistically, to approve the results and also give good probability thus accurate results. The analysis will assist in discussion of the findings and also give a good recommendation that will later assist in the improvement of the program.

Reference List

Caffarella, R. (2002), Planning Programs for Adult Learners, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

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