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Language Acquisition Essay Examples and Topics

Baby Language: Development of the Dialect

The analysis of this paper discusses Fahad's grasp of Arabic dialect due to the influence of the Arabic language speakers around him. The boy continues to learn the Arabic language from his mother, who is [...]

Language Teaching and Learning

According to the results of the research mentioned above, it is clear that the best way to teach an additional language is to involve the learner's different senses and skills into the process of the [...]

Learning a Foreign Language in Childhood

The validity of this assumption is supported by the empirical observations of what account for the specifics of how a child becomes familiar with a particular language, and by the fact that, as of today, [...]

Pragmatic Failure in Successful Communication

The "How do you do?" utterance is a manner of formal greeting between the acquaintances and traditional response to this expression would be the same "How do you do?" Obviously, the Englishman, intending to greet [...]

English for Global Communication

Thus, the majority of the interviewed students claimed that the concept of global citizenship is applicable to a person who treats the humankind as a whole and believes that people should emphasize that they belong [...]

Al Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language

While examining the stages of the new language's development with the focus on the concrete social group, the researchers are able to resolve the dispute on the role of culture and nature in forming the [...]

The Difficulties Asian Students at the English Class

Moreover, the investigation is constructed to determine the differences in perceptions of the strategies by foreign language teacher and by Asian students, for the effect carried by the practice of these strategies may differ from [...]

Acquisition of a language

It is therefore believed that similarities and differences in various languages play a significant role in the acquisition of the second language, the more the differences, the difficult it is to acquire the second language [...]

English for Special Purposes

Identifying Characteristics of Taxi Drivers as Learners of English for Specific Purposes The group of students includes taxi drivers who will need to meet the existing standards of the language proficiency.

Second Language Teaching

The above observation was also apparent in the study by Benseman, Sutton and Lander who explained that, the involvement of the learner in the teaching allows students to increase their use of first language literacy [...]

Second language acquisition and identity

In this regard, it can be stated that the process of second language acquisition is a platform for either improving one's identity or reinforcing one's identity as a member of the privileged class. In other [...]

Tai-yu Language Policy

Aim and scope The aim of the research consists in investigation of the attitude toward the language policies implemented in order to encourage the rising generation to speak the Tai-yu language and be educated using [...]

Bilingual Language Acquisition

Successive acquisition is similar to first language acquisition because a child learns the second language through analysis of rules and making errors.

The Cornerstones to Early Literacy

Displacement is the idea that language can be used to communicate on things not in the immediate environment. One unique feature of language is that children, growing up, can easily learn how to communicate in [...]

Second Language Acquisition

During the process of acquisition of two languages, a child can make developmental errors, transfer errors, and mix languages while communicating orally, and the character of these errors can be analyzed in order to make [...]

The use of ESL program

This will give an account of the ESL program and its effects to many, in the program. The use of this program will, enhance development and cohesion in the society.

Learning a Second Language

This improvement is attributed to the fact that learning a new language results in divergent thinking in the person. This paper has demonstrates that learning an additional language can result in the creation of a [...]