Language Use Essay Examples and Topics

Gestural Theory of Language Origin

Many linguists and philosophers have come up with a myriad of theories, suggestions and approaches in their bid to try to explain the origin language as a means of communication. Moreover, many researchers, scientists, animal behaviourists and archaeologists have conducted many experiments and excavated many historical sites to try to understand this means of communication […]

Research Methods in Linguistics

The field of research methods in linguistics is a dynamic and fast evolving field of study Researchers continuously endeavor to unearth fundamental facts underlying this line of study, the modes and codes of its operation, and its central contribution to research in linguistics. The major issues around the English Language Teaching research are discourse. This […]

Cultural Linguistic Autobiography

I came from a family that spoke only Spanish and, therefore, Spanish was the only language that I grew up speaking. However, many of my family members can now communicate in a second language. I am Hispanic, and my country of origin is the Dominican Republic. I have had no experience in K-12 schools, in […]

Students Language Skills Project

Introduction The present paper is one of the steps in a pedagogical grammar course. The purpose of the present project is to carry out a collaborative project with ESLA students on the improvement of their oral and written grammar skills in using English according to their linguistic objectives. There are a considerable number of approaches […]

Cantonese Language

Background Cantonese is usually regarded to be one of the dialects of Chinese. This language is spoken by millions of people in many areas of the World, for example, the United States, Australia, Europe, South America, etc. It originated in Southern China in the province of Guangzhou, which is known in the English speaking world […]

Hedges in Linguistics

The definitions of Hedges by various Linguists According to Nikula (1997, p.188), hedging is a technique in communication which speakers employ in their utterances to ‘soften’ their magnitude of their speeches. The approach aims at enhancing agreement between the speaker and the listeners. In short, he suggests that it helps to bring the hearers and […]

Review of Qualitative Methods in Linguistics

Introduction Though quantitative methods are much more valid and reliable than qualitative methods, the latter provides in-depth perspectives on human behaviors, as well as reasons that predetermine these behaviors. Specifically, Dornyei (2007) realizes limitations to the quantitative research and, therefore, the researcher recommends qualitative research as a tool to examine specific concepts in a broader […]

Cognition of Language

Introduction The age at which language can be learnt is an area that has been given attention by different researchers. Researchers have tested syntax, lexical, phonological and grammatical differences of different people and of different ages in which they acquired the first and the second language. Different results have led to the explanation of the […]

A Survey of Specific Purposes on Language Use in English and Arabic: A Literature Review

Introduction Languages such as English, Spanish and French among others are increasingly being used by people who are not native speakers of those languages in contemporary society. For example, it is noted that most universities around the world are adapting English as the basic language for instruction in the classroom (Upton & Lee-Thompson, 2001). Most […]

Review of Scoring Rubric

Introduction English language learners’ represents a significant subpopulation of USA students which in the 2006/07 school year were more than 5 million in the PK to 12 grades (Esquinca, Yaden, & Rueda, 2008). This is projected to represent 1 in 9 students in the country with 80% of them nationally being native Spanish speakers and […]

Concept of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing is significant for technological, economical, social, and educational reasons. NLP is undergoing rapid development as its concepts and methods are distributed in a range of new language technologies. Therefore it is important for the society to have operational knowledge of this process. Natural language processing controls all computer use of natural language. […]

Reading Commentary About Literacy Articles: What Does Literacy Mean?

Thousands of people in Canada demonstrate low levels of literacy skills. The Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey creates a gloomy picture of literacy in Canada. 14.6 percent of respondents from Canada score as low as Level 1 and 27.3 percent are at Level 2 in prose literacy (Literacy Foundation, 2005a). Level 1 covers individuals […]

Why Should English Be the Only Official Language in the USA?

In the United States of America, there are two most commonly used languages – English and Spanish. But still, only English is considered to be the official language in many states of America and becomes more popular among the citizens. Nowadays, language policy faces one serious problem concerning language preferences: whether it is necessary to […]

Should English be Declared the Official Language of the United States?

Language is considered to be one of the most important elements of national identity (Storey 57). Each nation represents its own official language and demonstrates its unity and power. If one country cannot decide on its own official language, it may cause numerous misunderstandings among other nations and make these nations doubt about this country’s […]

Age at immigration and second language proficiency among foreign-born adults by Gillian Stevens

Introduction An experiment is carried out to determine the viability of age as an influential factor in second language learning. The experiment also aims to understand the aptitude of the English language among foreign-born adults in the United States. The author uses data collected from the U.S census bureau to assert his argument that age […]

Second Generation Identity and Language Use

Second generation identity use One of the discussions in the book about second generation, focuses on the issue of identity for the second generation children. According to Portes and Rumbaut the second generation children in America have had some struggles with their identity because they have been the children of two worlds (147). Many of […]

Stylistic Devices used in the Declaration of Independence

The writer of the Declaration of Independence has used various stylistic devices to bring out different messages in the text. These stylistic tools help shape the perception of the reader to agree with the writer. The writer has used antithesis, linguistic patterns, rhythm, and the use of a poem writing structure as stylistic devices to […]

Wolof Language in Africa

Introduction Over seven million people spreading across three West African states including Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania is currently speaking Wolof. In fact, Wolof is deemed one of the most significant languages originating from Niger-Kordofan group of dialects set up by Greenberg. In Senegal, Wolof is widely spoken and perceived as the national language besides French. […]

Community Interpreting

Introduction The demand for community interpreters is rising in the modern society due to the essential services that interpreters provide to the community. The role of community interpreters has expanded and their services are now imperative in fields such as education, medicine, law, and trade. This rapidly growing demand for interpreters has prompted people to […]

Language Planning

Given the fact that Steppistan is an ethnically diverse country, the task of selecting and standardizing a single language as the new national linguistic code is incredibly difficult. Therefore, in the process of language planning, cultural, socio-economic and political factors are to be taken into account alongside linguistic factors. Despite the fact that none of […]

Work of Composition

Introduction The English language has gained a wide acceptance and is being used by many people across the world. This language is used as an official language in many countries. Globalization is said to be the major cause of English Internationalization. Many nations are currently under pressure to involve English in their communication. The non […]

Language problems facing Chinese migrants in Canada

Introduction Learning a new language is usually a nerve-cracking process. It has been described as “one step forward, two steps back” (Cross Cultural Adaptation 2). Some of the most prominent problems encountered by Chinese migrants in Canada are: language barriers; academic performance; and social change. This paper will dwell on these aspects. Language Barrier Language […]

Effect of the Multiple Voices on People

Language is a soul of the nation. If people lose their language, they risk losing their national identity, connection with national traditions and cultural roots. However, is it a statement that cannot be argued? If to follow the idea of this statement, than every person who moves to a different country and speaks different language […]

Contribution of Learning English as a Second Language

Introduction The most important reason for learning a new language is to convey information in that particular language. The ability of the acquirer to embrace and appreciate a language is what determines the future endeavours. Many people think that skills of acquiring English as a second language entails use of extensive conscious grammatical regulations or […]

Extinction of minority languages

The process of globalization has become very intensive recently. Indeed, the whole world seems to turn into one great community with a unified culture, lifestyle, and system of values. What is more, this community tends to speak fewer and fewer languages, preferring to speak the language that is popular or simple, rather than the one […]

Cultural and Intercultural Dimensions of Language

Language happens to be one of the training tools and the mostly used tool in that case. People will view the world depending on their languages. “Language is the medium through which a culture expresses its world view…Like culture in general, language is learned and it serves to convey thoughts; in addition, it transmits values, […]

The Concept of Audience in Writing

The writers, who want impress everyone with their skills to present effective essays, should take into consideration the concept of audience from the very beginning of the writing process. Any type of writing may be easily failed in the audience is ignored or misunderstood (Sant, 2004), this is why it is necessary to keep in […]

Kiera Brinkley: A Person Who Has Influenced My Life in Positive Way

Leading normal lives we do not understand how lucky we are to have legs and hands, we do not respect the opportunities we are offered and we do not know how to use the basic issues we have, the opportunity to walk and to use hands, while those who live with limited opportunities lead fuller […]

Summary of John Humphrys

In a rather humorous essay, John Humphrys presents the argument that the act of texting actually causes a degradation of the English language as we know it due to its use of abbreviations and terminologies which obscure the meaning of the message sent to the uninitiated. He presents rather interesting points of circumstantial evidence such […]

Texting and the English Language

This critique presents the analysis of the issues proposed by Humphrys in order to try to assess whether the text messages destroy the English language. Summary The article “I h8 txt msgs: How texting is wrecking our language”, is an article written by Humphrys (2007), and it provides the discussion of the sidelining of the […]

The effect of the American culture on my use of language

Cultures are different in certain aspects. Language is one of the cultural aspects that differ across cultures. Although I am a Chinese, I am able to speak three languages, Mandarin, Cantonese and English. The notion that I am an international student, having come from a very different culture implies that I have been exposed to […]

The Benefits of Being Bilingual in a Global Society

Thesis statement The realities of today’s living are being marked by an increasing role of information, as the foremost factor that defines the very essence of post-industrial social interactions. After all, due to exponential progress in the field of informational technologies, which had taken place during the course of latest decades, it now became a […]


English for special purposes (ESL) is an English course meant for students seeking to improve their communication skills in their future or current professions (Dudley-Evans, 45). I enrolled in this course hoping to improve my skills and capabilities. In the period within which I was enrolled in this course, I have seen my communication skills […]

“Sexism in English: Embodiment and Language” [Analysis Essay]

Introduction Alleen Pace Nilsen, in her book “Sexism in English: Embodiment and Language,” explains how the English language contributes to gender disparity. She is concerned with gender roles in society and believes that both men and women should be liberated from the divisions of social class and racism. She claims that linguistic aspects contributed to […]