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Language Use Essay Examples and Topics

Home: Connotative Definitions of the Word

Although the word home seems to have only one common definition, it is evident from its usage that it has a broad connotative definition that varies greatly with context making its use to have a [...]

Clutter in English Speech and Writing

To avoid clutters, a writer should avoid unnecessary words, avoid repetition and economize words. Highlighting and removing redundant and unnecessary words and phrases can help one to be a concise writer.

“Mother Tongue” Article by Amy Tan

In "Mother Tongue," Amy Tan considers the various implications of the different "Englishes" that she became acquainted with, and she pays particular attention to the "limited" and "broken" English used by her mother.

Neologisms as a Concern in Modern Society

Being the main tool used for sharing feelings and emotions, the language could not but respond to the alterations of peoples mentality that was impacted by the appearance of new phenomena and notions.

Mindsets and Language Structures Relation

The subject of the investigation is the theory of linguistic relativity, which signifies the idea of the correlation between the structuring of a language and the personal abilities of the speakers.

English as a Lingua Franca

Accepted voluntarily as a language of communication in the field of science, commerce, and other areas, the English language as a lingua franca focused on the poor quality of performance, the distortion of norms under [...]

Enlightenment in Humanistic Studies of XXI Century

Considering the relation of Kant's ideas on Enlightenment concerning the aspects of modern English language, one can see the certain interrelation between the key ideas of the Enlightenment and the sections of English studies.

Linguistic View on Accent and Language

This means that such an elevation to standard status leaves the other variants to appear undesirable, yet they are not inadequate in any way whatsoever since they have a complete syntax, grammar, and phonology. In [...]

Electronic Translation and Its Advantages

The electronic translation refers to the conversion of one language to another by the use of the electronic translation software. Considering the development of the internet and technology, the use of electronic translation in language [...]

Gestural Theory of Language Origin

While many scientists and researchers attribute the emergence of the use of language among Homo sapiens to spontaneous emergence in a manner similar to the "big bang theory" of the origin of the earth, others [...]

Research Methods in Linguistics

The field of research methods in linguistics is a dynamic and fast evolving field of study Researchers continuously endeavor to unearth fundamental facts underlying this line of study, the modes and codes of its operation, [...]

Cultural Linguistic Autobiography

Some of the courses that I took included curriculum development and assessment, language reading acquisition and research, teaching in a pluralistic society, and the English linguistic. In these classes, I gathered methods and tactics to [...]

Students Language Skills Project

Due to the growing body of research on the issue of grammar proficiency and processes involved in grammar acquisition, the project is aimed at showing which approach to grammar improvement is the most viable, and [...]

Cantonese Language

Most of the similarities are in the domain of lexicon, but the differences are located in syntax and phonology. The category of velar sounds is quite rich in Cantonese.

Cognition of Language

Different results have led to the explanation of the language acquisition patterns that are revealed by children and adults of the first and second language.

Review of Scoring Rubric

The IELTS tests are available in over 800 centers and locations in 130 countries of the world, and are accessible internationally.

Concept of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

As compared to this, the communication in natural language will ease the operation and communication with computer and in accessible way. Besides, the natural language processing can be used as production device in summarizing and [...]

Wolof Language in Africa

According to, the number of Wolof speakers are rising given the fact that majority of the communities within Senegal, Gambia and part of Mauritania are using the language in their socio-economic and political undertakings.

Community Interpreting

The rise in demand of professional interpreters in almost every field in the society has inspired the growth and significance of competent interpreters in the industry.

Language Planning

One of the reasons in this group would certainly be that the capital city of the new country is located on the territory where Caspian is the majority language.

Work of Composition

In fact, the aspect of globalization can be argued to be the main reason for the spread of the English language.

Extinction of minority languages

On the other hand, the extinction of minor languages leads to the extinction of certain cultural groups and their individualities, turning the world into a global grey crowd.

The Concept of Audience in Writing

So, I realized that the concept of audience was extremely important for my personal narrative essay, and proper selection of the audience made me define how to write the process of writing: I should to [...]

Summary of John Humphrys

In a rather humorous essay, John Humphrys presents the argument that the act of texting actually causes a degradation of the English language as we know it due to its use of abbreviations and terminologies [...]

Texting and the English Language

The main point proposed by the article is that the influx of technology has destroyed the uses of the English language through the introduction of the text message service.

The Benefits of Being Bilingual in a Global Society

And, it represents the matter of crucial importance for educators to be able to adopt a proper perspective onto the very essence of bilingualism/multilingualism, as it will increase their ability to design teaching strategies in [...]


In this course, students are exposed to various uses of English in a variety of fields, but these are limited due to the time the course takes.