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Written Speech Essay Examples and Topics

Intertextuality in Environmental Articles

Intertextual analysis may function as the mirror of society on the textual level, it gives the reflection of the interaction of societal elements on the basis of recurrence of ideas in texts and references to [...]
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  • Words: 1231

How to Write Essay: Quick Guide

When an essay is to be written the writer does have an idea about what is to be written but the problem arises with the organization of the ideas and with the decision-making process about [...]
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  • Words: 571

‘A More Perfect Union’ Speech Analysis

The speech 'More Perfect Union' became the basic method of Obama's address racial problem in the USA; he covered the issues concerning the current nature of politics and social misprints left on the basis of [...]
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  • Words: 1127

Breakdown of Patton’s Speech

Through sheer inspiration and superlative leadership qualities, both on the battlefield and away from it, he exhorted his troops to fight on and was able to draw the best fighting spirits and display of valor [...]
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  • Words: 569

Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points

The relations of the countries in the world were not the same in the different periods of time. The Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points, the conversation is about, are as follows, an end to secret interrogations [...]
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  • Words: 1077

Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It

The focus is then shifted to the future of plagiarism in contemporary society and the effect of information technologies. The expropriation of the work of another person and presentation of it like your own is [...]
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  • Words: 3871

Personal Public Speaking Critique

The purpose of this critique is to evaluate the speech I gave during the class, note the strong and weak points as I see them after the fact, and suggest improvements.
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  • Words: 591

Printed Materials’ Effects on Oral Traditions

The book The Cheese and the Worms depicts the amazing history of Domenico Scandella, a miller in Menocchio, an Italian province, who suggested a unique vision regarding the process involved in the creation of the [...]
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  • Words: 1117

Omitting Needless Words

The rule is about the necessity to omit needless words. In fact, the rule instructs how to be to the point and to employ words effectively.
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  • Words: 301

How Does an Orange Feel to Touch?

As my longhand sprung to sample one of these eye-pleasing fruits, my fingers stretched with expectation while my feet struggled to lift my lean body to a higher level where the oranges hung vicariously from [...]
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  • Words: 227

Writing Theory and Practice

The great tempos of the modern world are leading to the appearance of numerous alterations in the structure of human thought and in major concepts used to describe unique phenomena in the life of an [...]
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  • Words: 2125

Yellowstone National Park Descriptive Essay

The park is full of various mountains and canyons that seem to form waves in the landscape and turn it into the illimitable ocean of green plants and brown rocks.[METAPHOR] Except for that, when driving [...]
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  • Words: 846

Gender Influences on the Writing Manner

The manner of writing can reveal numerous details about the storyteller, including particular character traits, perception of the world, and even the gender of a person who wrote a story.
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  • Words: 676

What Is Good Writing?

The main idea in writing must be of importance to the writer and audience and also be a sentence that can stand on its own.
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  • Words: 1040

English Sentence in Machine System Analysis

As one can see from this sentence, the obvious ambiguity is in the fact that the reader is not sure whether "she said on Friday" that she will go out with the narrator or she [...]
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  • Words: 581

Signs of Cheating in Oral or Written Statements

The second signal of deception is the reference to past events using the present tense. The eighth reason to question whether the interviewee is telling the truth or not is the lack of detail.
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  • Words: 631

Overwriting Hate: The Queer Writing on the Bathroom Wall

Furthermore, the author reflects on his intentions regarding the investigation of this topic and states that the interest to interpretation and understanding motivated him to use graffiti letterforms to create a queer language with the [...]
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 853

How to Write a Speech?

The main objectives of a writer when writing a speech is to engage the attention of the audience, use a language that is easy to understand, and present ideas in a way that makes them [...]
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 1391

The Problem of Speech Genres

The excerpt "the problem of speech genres" explores the infinite diversity of speech. In addition, the excerpt argues that style is complex and that it determines the nature of the grammar used in a specific [...]
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  • Words: 405

Speech Genre

However, the presenter of a speech genre is free to use accent to express individuality and is capable of mixing genres from diverse spheres.
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  • Words: 1531

Written as Spoken Language

This paper is therefore, an analysis of the spoken language to determine why it is used in writing, the current statistics and examples on the same.
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  • Words: 1372