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Stylistics Essay Examples and Topics

Essays on stylistics can be difficult to organize due to the depth of the analysis involved in their creation. You have to distance yourself from the topics you may have explored in the past, such as literary analysis, and focus on stylistics in linguistics.

You should also take the changes that occur as a language evolves into consideration, using modern stylistics but remembering to account for differences in meanings. Ultimately, you will want to write your English stylistics essay in several steps.

It is prudent to read the work in question multiple times before your stylistics research paper is finished. The first reading will be cursory, and you will gather your initial impressions and form a basic interpretation.

The process should give you a number of ideas you can explore during discourse analysis. To remember these suggestions and organize your work around them, you should write an outline.

It will help you select the best discussion topics and connect them to form a coherent paper. Here are the basic steps of the process:

  • Write down all of the different thoughts that come to your mind. Try to phrase them concisely and clearly;
  • Eliminate the various options until only a number appropriate to your essay’s length remains. Do so by rejecting options or including them into other topics;
  • Put the remaining headings into a logical order that enables you to perform smooth transitions;
  • Include an introduction and a conclusion. They should be separate paragraphs that do not introduce any new information or elaborate on the topics you will discuss.

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In non-rhotic English, the word would be pronounced with an 'r' between the two sentences. The sound 'r' would therefore be acting as a linking word.

Do All Languages Have Word Accent?

Larry Hyman who is the author of the report on the universality of word accent is a linguistics professor at the University of California where he specializes in phonology.

Orthographic Transcription

Here, the story is told and there is certain return to the beginning of the story. This section is the end of the story and reference to the point mentioned at the start.

Morphology and Phonology

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Meaning of Spelling

Spelling is considered to be one of the invaluable components of orthography and also prescriptive component of the language of the alphabets.

Effect of Mandarin on spoken English

In some cases, it may force the listener to make guesses based on the context of the speech to develop a meaning because the speaker could be pronouncing a word in a manner that is [...]

American English Dialect

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African American Vernacular English Study

Therefore, the African American variety of English language refers not only to grammar and vocabulary attributes that make the differences, but also to social and cultural dimension they form in society.

Figurative Language versus Literal Language

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Concept of Language Contact in Linguistic

Other times, the contact of two languages can lead to a partial replacement of one language by the other. In other cases like in a situation where people without a common language interact, language contact [...]

Clausal Nominalization

In order to be in a position to determine whether this word is used as a verb or as a noun, it would require one to get the context of the word.

The word ‘like’

In this essay the main points concerning the use of the word 'like' is highlighted with different views concerning the word examined The word like is used in a range of uses.

Figurative Language versus Literal Language

The comprehension of the application of a figurative language requires from one to be able to understand it in depth. The use of an analogy is appropriate in circumstances where the two cases in question [...]

The Dialects Superiority

According to historians, the dialects that are there today are not the same dialects that existed in the past and therefore it is the fact that dialects keep on changing according to the needs of [...]

The Context of a Swear Words

The swear words are a separate division of language, as the meaning of the swear words greatly differs from others. The word "act", defines the meaning and the physical understanding of what is being said [...]

Syllables in phonology

An example of an onset in a syllable is 'r' in the word aread.' In the event that a word is made up of more than one syllable, each individual syllable comprises the normal syllable [...]


It is said that the word is derived from the Latin word "illuminare" which means either to enlighten or illuminate. Some people associated the word illuminati to a powerful satanic group or cult that came [...]

Computational Linguistics

The first step would be to develop the language structure of the two languages that are involved. The next phase will involve developing the structures of the two languages in the computer application.

Medical terminology

The language is suitable to be used in the medical and the nursing fields. In medical terminology, when a single letter is changed, the denotation of the word is transformed.

Sound of English

In these cases it is the sound [t] which is changed under the influence of the process of glottalization caused by closure of the gottis in the flow of the speech.[ ], [ ] Deletion/Elision.

Analyzing and Critiquing a Paradigm

Failure to understand the perceived meaning of the drawings led to the development of such stereotypes. The surfaces made the presentation of drawings extremely difficult owing to the ability of the surfaces to regenerate.

Idioms in “A Piece of Cake”

The idiom A piece of Cake is used commonly in speech and literature in the modern world. Due to this fact therefore, the phrase has found a lot of application in the speech and English [...]

Dialect: Development and Significance

The history of dialect is unique indeed and has close connection to numerous social, geographical, and cultural concepts; the relation to these factors makes dialect a considerably local term, a language variation with its own [...]

The Role of Media’s Influence

Generalization/Principles/Theories The effect of media on language and culture play a crucial role in the distinction of the American society and also affects it in national terms by comparing the American English and other varieties [...]

Nature of Taboo Words

In addition, the use of taboo words is proved to be more often observed in people, who are in a state of emotional excitement.