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Spoken Language Essay Examples and Topics

Theories on Compliment and Compliment Responses

According to Chomsky, pragmatic competence is the awareness of the conditions, relevant manner, and objectives of language use with the help of which communicators are able to relate "intentions and purposes to the linguistic means [...]

Articulatory Variation: Speech Patterns

The preliminary results of the comparative analysis demonstrate that English and Dutch phonetics differ in terms of sounds articulation and words stressing to a certain degree. The differences in sounds articulation are conditioned by the [...]

Pragmatics and Deixis in Linguistic Situation

For instance, the following sentence requires that the participants of the conversation should be aware of the context in which it is used because of the vagueness embedded in the demonstrative pronoun "this": "Does this [...]

The Cultural-Individual Dialectic

This specific type of dialectics is based on the idea that communication of persons depends not only on cultural aspects and differences but also on their individual attributes and visions. Thus, the cultural-individual dialectic is [...]

Definition and Interpretation of “Fight”

For example: The two boys were fighting; College students fought with the police; The United States fought against Osama bin Laden."Fight" also refers to the act of "opposing threats", "struggling against" dangerous objects, or making [...]

Addressee’s Influence on Speech Style

When addressing an audience, the kind of words used by the addresser is dictated by the age of the addressee. This is because the ability of a child to comprehend certain statements and words depend [...]

“Personal Pronouns” by Shulamith Chiat

Additionally, the evidence provided proves that there are very many factors that affect the development of pronouns in a child that will also affect the use of the same pronouns later on in life.

Multilingualism and Children Language Behaviour

The theory called the ethnography of speaking, offered by Dell Hymes, will be used to situate the problem of multilingualism and its effect on children's language behaviour as it helps to comprehend the components of [...]

Speech Language Pathology Research

In order to properly study the effectiveness of the research and improvement methods, many more aspects of the individual characteristics and social life must be taken into consideration.

Pragmatic Development

The present study is the actual replication of the study of Chang on the analysis of developmental pragmatics and evolution of speech acts of L2 learners with the increased proficiency levels in English.

Pragmatics Application

This is due to the high level of understanding that exists between the individual who is sending the information and the one who is receiving it.

Critique of a speech by Tristram Stuart

The speech sensitized the audience on the dangers of food overproduction and cosmetic food standards. The examples connect him with the audience and people in different parts of the world.

Speech and Written Forms of Communication

Due to the dynamism of speech as a means of communication, it has a great impact on the confidence, speaking, and listening skills of students while the static nature of written communication greatly affects writing [...]

Legally protected speech

However, the degree to which the First Amendment protects commercial speech is not the same as that for other forms of speech protected by the Amendment.

Philosophy of language: Speech act theory

Foundation of the speech act theory The best way to analyze the features that form the foundation of the speech act theory is to make a comparison between it and other theories that are presented [...]

Martin Luther King Junior

During his lifetime, Martin Luther King Junior had the privilege of giving several speeches whose main theme in almost all was on the freedom of the black Americans.'I have a dream' was among the many [...]

Reliability of King’s arguments

The major conclusion of the part of Martin Luther King's speech touching upon the issue of Ho Chi Min's land reform is that this reform was benevolent for the peasants, and can be categorized as [...]

Commemorative Speech about World Relief

The organization's efforts are commendable since they make a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable people in the US and all over the world. In response to the vast suffering experienced by the [...]


According to Shklovsky, this method of art is intended to challenge the mind of the reader that she or he is compelled to perceive the ordinary differently and thus be glad about the text form [...]