Spoken Language Essay Examples and Topics

Multilingualism and Children Language Behaviour

The proposed study touches upon the effects of multilingualism on children’s language behaviour, this is why the research locale should be properly chosen. It is reasonable to find 20-50 children from age 4 to 16, who grow or grew up in a bilingual or multilingual society (e.g. with parents, who may use different languages or […]

Speech Language Pathology Research

Language and speech are some of the most important human characteristics that differentiate people from other living organisms. Unfortunately, there are sometimes developmental abnormalities that cause children to have significant problems in recognizing and using language and speaking. An article titled “The Efficacy of Fast ForWord Language Intervention in School-Age Children with Language Impairment: A […]

Pragmatic Development

Abstract The present study is the actual replication of the study of Chang (2010) on the analysis of developmental pragmatics and evolution of speech acts of L2 learners with the increased proficiency levels in English. The speech act of apology was analyzed with the help of tools and analysis instruments similar to those of Chang […]

Pragmatics Application

Introduction Over the years that man has been in existence, he has found a unique way to pass message to the other members of his community. He has achieved this through the process of talking. This is very essential as he has been able to communicate what he feels, what he thinks and what he […]

Delivering Effective Oral Presentations: How to Succeed in Public Speaking

The essay is a commentary on an article titled “Delivering Effective Oral Presentations: How to Succeed in Public Speaking” written by Geraldine Eliot and published in 2008. This is accomplished by giving a summery of the author’s main points and a reflection on the article that includes good take-away, useful learning and interesting ideas. The […]

Critique of a speech by Tristram Stuart

This essay examines a speech by Tristram Stuart about the global food waste scandal, delivered at TEDsalon on May 2012. Tristram is an activist fighting food wastage in the developed world. He works with many nongovernmental organizations, governments and private organizations to tackle food wastage, hunger, and environmental pollution. He addressed a Ted talk show […]

Shekha Mozah 2010 Zurich Speech

Introduction Communication is very important in every activity we undertake in the society today or in the future. Communication should pass a clear message that should be understood by the audience or the listeners. One of the modes used in capturing the attention of the audience is persuasion. The best way to achieve persuasion is […]

Evaluative essay on article “To oppose WikiLeaks is to be against press freedom and free speech” by Chris Berg

Introduction This study evaluates an article by Chris Berg, which was published in a website titled, the Age. The article was titled, the Weight of the World. The article speaks against negative criticisms leveled against Wiki leaks and its founder Julian Assange (Berg 2010). The publication therefore advanced the fact that, wiki leaks was only […]

Speech and Written Forms of Communication

Communication is a composite phenomenon that enables people to impart skills, knowledge, or information from one source (person) to the other. Most people intuitively comprehend the differences between speech and writing as the two major forms of communication. Speech is a form of communication that can address a large audience at once while written form […]

Legally protected speech

Free speech is the natural way of expressing ones ideas or feelings without any limitations by either the government or any other party for that matter. It revolves around the social life of human beings. Free speech differs from freedom of speech in that it does not only involve delivery of a message through words […]

Philosophy of language: Speech act theory

Abstract Speech acts are the basis on which day to day communications amongst humans is founded. It was however not until the mid 20th century that proper studies were carried out on this topic (Sosa& Villanueva 2006). Over the years there have been heated debates and discussions on the topic particularly under the influence of […]

Nature of the English Language

Introduction Language is an important tool of communication because it allows people to understand the meaning, urgency and context of messages. George Orwell believes that political and economic issues transform the nature of the English language; moreover, this perception is supported by various media excerpts that portray how capitalism changes communication. George Orwell’s Analysis The […]

Martin Luther King Junior

During his lifetime, Martin Luther King Junior had the privilege of giving several speeches whose main theme in almost all was on the freedom of the black Americans. ‘I have a dream’ was among the many speeches that emphasized the freedom of the black Americans. Martin Luther King Junior gave this speech during the leadership […]

Self Critique regarding an Informative speech on Hybrid Cars

The choice of topic for presentation clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding and awareness of the topic of discussion by the audience in terms of analysis of the audience. This is because the audience is composed of an aging or old people. The choice of topic is inappropriate for this kind of audience. It can […]

Humanizing Globalization’ Professional Analysis of Speech

Professional Analysis of Speech World Trade Organization’s Director General Pascal Lamy delivered the speech titled ‘Humanizing Globalization’ the on January 30, 2006, in Santiago, Chile. Lamy’s use of language is exemplified hereunder. Imagery and figures of speech– Lamy’s speech is rather limited. The only imagery and symbolism in the speech emerges when he appears to […]

Reliability of King’s arguments

The major conclusion of the part of Martin Luther King’s speech touching upon the issue of Ho Chi Min’s land reform is that this reform was benevolent for the peasants, and can be categorized as “one of the most important needs in their lives” (King “A Time to Break Silence”). The assessment of the reliability […]

Speech in “Speaking ‘Like a Man’ in Teamsterville” by Gerry Philipsen

Gerry Philipsen, who is commonly referred to as the father of The Speech Codes Theory, did an ethnographic analysis to establish the different meanings that are shared in a culture and he published his findings in the Quarterly Journal of Speech in an article entitled “Speaking ‘Like a Man’ in Teamsterville: Culture Patterns of Role […]

Commemorative Speech about World Relief

The world has many organizations, which engage in charitable causes. For me, the non-profit organization World Relief stands out as one of the noblest agencies and its actions provoke admiration. The organization’s motto is to “serve the world most vulnerable” and it accomplishes this noble task though its staff and volunteers. The organization’s efforts are […]


Defamiliarization- Definition Defamiliarization refers to the artistic practice of compelling the audience to view the familiar in an unfamiliar or rather strange way so as to improve the perception of what is already familiar. Also known as ostranenie, the term defamiliarization was first used by Shklovsky in 1917 in the study, interpretation, discussion as well […]