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Languages Essay Examples and Topics

There are many different points you should consider when writing an essay on languages. Various tongue can show a vast array of dissimilarities, in terms of both written and spoken language.

For example, many Oriental hieroglyphs cannot be read directly and have to be interpreted before pronunciation. For this reason, languages such as Japanese have several fully usable alphabets.

As such, you want to provide a comprehensive overview of all the aspects of a language. Discuss their history, purposes, and applications in both formal and informal contexts.

Remember that you should try to infer the rules of a language instead of searching for pre-existing ones.

Rules that are normal and commonplace in English may not exist in other tongues. Sentence structure is an excellent example: in Russian, you do not have to follow a specific order when constructing one. Instead, you modify the endings of words to imply relationships.

Initial adjustment to such a method may be challenging, but the end result allows for considerable freedom of expression. You should acknowledge the differences without making judgements and look for ideas.

Here are some suggestions for your paper:

  • Note if a language is more primitive than English, but try to avoid misconceptions. A language can be highly advanced and have few different sounds.
  • Discuss all applications of a language, both formal and informal. While they are used for communication, representation of ideas is their primary purpose.
  • Do not assume that a language is hard to learn based on some characteristic. There are likely millions of people who have mastered it by hearing it since childhood.

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Discovery of Offensive Language

In support of this, Lawrence argues "offensive language is the source and function of the words themselves". Lawrence is against the idea of using offensive language, which disgraces and depreciates women.

The Status of Somali Language

Various language and literacy policies implemented in Somalia before the 1990's fostered the development of language in the country, but after the collapse of the state, when the existing political structure was destroyed, the position [...]

The Ivilyuat Language of the Cahuilla Tribes

The expansion of the British colonists into North America through the 17th and 18th century, later followed by the complete takeover of the continent by the independent American colonists throughout the 19th and into the [...]

Sign Language in the US

It will give a review of its history, evolution in the US, common misconceptions about the language, and the importance of the teaching children with hearing impairments sign language from a young age. A significant [...]

Popular Languages, Their Dominance and Threats

The majority of the countries are on the African continent, parts of the United Arab Emirates, and parts of Europe. A total estimate of the diverse and widespread English speakers can reach a billion making [...]

Innate Syntax Theory by Noam Chomsky

This, of course, accentuates the phenomenological overtones of the notion of syntax, as such that cannot be discussed outside of what happened to be the particulars of the affiliated person's amental wiring'.

Minimalism and Question Affix

For instance, the Arabic language influence on the English language is quite outstanding, and this aspect mainly initiates the study of the Standard Arabic structure and formations in the English grammar approach.

Ethnolinguistic Situation in Rwanda

French is still used in many urban areas in Rwanda; however, the government is keen on propagating English as the leading language of science, commerce and economic development in the country and in its interactions [...]

Guide to Writing a Poem

The purpose of this is to help the student construct a good poem based on the general principles of poem writing. The tone of the poem is very important as it conveys feelings of the [...]

Translation and Its Effects on Languages

It begins with a historical contextualizing discussion of the political and social climate of the Middle Ages through the Reformation and the events that eventually lead up to the translation of the Latin bible into [...]

The Arabic Language 50 Years Later

According to the ideas expressed by the scientist, it was quite likely that the "low" variant of the Arabic language would finally oust the "high" one, thus making it closer to the spoken variation of [...]

Linguistics of the Gurbetcha Dialect

The aim of this project is to identify the roots of the dialect Gurbetcha and compare it to the other Cypriot dialects and varieties and Cypriot Turkish dialects in particular.

Concepts of Language

On the other hand, the lexicon is more of an ingredient of language that language itself. In cognitive psychology, language hence, lexicon forms the basis of understanding individuals' background abilities.

The Norman Conquest of the English Language

The conquest resulted in the development of two categories of the English language called the Old English and Middle English. Old English refers to the language used before the Norman Conquest, while the Middle English [...]

Language Change in the Southern US

As far as the specifics of the Southern American pronunciation is concerned, one must note that the latter stands in sharp contrast to the manner of speech adopted in the northern areas of the United [...]

Languages: Canadian English

Taking into account the fact of the geographical neighborhood of Canada and the USA, which is one of the biggest English speaking countries in the world, it should be clear that the USA has the [...]

Languages: Models of World English

The spread of English led to the development of such concepts as World English and English as Lingua Franca. As has been mentioned above, English as Lingua Franca is the concept that appeared due to [...]

Gender Role in Language

The indications of certain words belonging to a specific gender can be noticed in the English language rather easily; the question, however, is whether these indications can be viewed as a step forward in promoting [...]

Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition

The title of the article A Longitudinal Study of two Boys' Experiences of Acquiring Italian as a Second Language: The influence of Age. The researcher uses letters A to refer to the elder brother and [...]

Language Skills Acquiring Process

The information provided below was retrieved by recording the dialogues between the child and the members of his family, as well as the utterances that the child made in the course of playing or interacting [...]

English Language in Canada

Over a third of the people in Canada speak the Standard Canadian English while the rest of the population is either multilingual or Anglophone.

The Asiatic Society of Calcutta

Another outstanding characteristic of the Asiatic Society of Calcutta is extensively dealt with in the article as outlined by the many efforts by various researchers in the orient. It is evident that the establishment of [...]

Status of English as the Global Language

However, I tend to differ with that school of thought and cite the following reasons as to why the future of English remains assured globally: the large numbers of English speakers and learners, the simplicity [...]

Language Contact Situation

It would be interesting to analyze why the language of these children shifted from their mother tongue to English. Such interactions also made them realize that this English was the right language to be used [...]

The Word ‘Antique’ New Definition

Due to the confusion surrounding the accuracy of what objects fit the antique-description, the definition of the term antique should be changed to explicitly refer to objects that are more than a hundred years old.

Superman and Me

It can be argued that the supporting content used by the author is effective to the extent that it demonstrates how the author was exposed to reading materials early in life, and how this exposure [...]

French’s Customs and Language

The French language is also used as an instrument to tarnish customs consequently promoting the growth of French language and customs. In French customs, the language is used as a representation of unity.

Yiddish Language

They brought the German dialect and customs to the Jews in the Slavic territories. This led to the emergence of the Yiddish literature.

Sexism in the English Language

The significance of Piercey's discussion is the attempts to prove the idea that the English language is sexist in the nature, thus, the topic of the gender inequality is discussed with references to the linguistic [...]

The Characteristics of Generative Syntax

C-command is the structural relationship between two elements in a syntactic tree such that one can be said to c-command the other one if that other element is located in the area of the tree [...]


A group of words or a phrase that has been used to refer to the same object or concept is called a semantic field or a semantic domain, and gives meaning to a word in [...]

A New Role for Contrastive Analysis

Considering the following quote from Fries' paper: "The most efficient materials are those that are based upon a scientific description of the language to be learned, carefully compared with a parallel description of the native [...]

Religious Studies: Marcel Mauss Theory of Magic

Among the most common practices in the Christian fraternity, which, for the purpose of this paper, can be classified as magical, one could mention the practice of speaking in tongues. Can the practice of speaking [...]

Language of Children

According to Alatis, the language of children vary a great deal when they talk to their peers, and when they talk to the adults.

Integration of Essays on Linguistics

The set of articles reviewed in the present work provide a deeper understanding of the connections that a language has with the reality on any level, the functions that it plays in reflecting the human [...]

English vs. Russian Adjectives

Role of adjectives in Russian Due to the differences in language structures, the role of different parts of speech in Russian and English also differs.

Visual Language Analysis

Most of the signs and codes are recognised by all as living in one and the same society we seem to have the similar vision and interpretation of those signs.

Natural Semantic Metalanguage

This paper is a critical review of semantic primes within and across languages, particularly of the Natural Semantic Metalanguage theory developed by Anna Wierzbicka, a Polish and Australian linguist who is engaged in linguistic semantics, [...]

Importance of Paraphrasing

Whichever reason it may be, the important thing that a writer should realize is that it is normal to make errors in the first attempt.

Bilingualism and Multilingualism

However, to discuss the aspects of bilingualism and multilingualism, it is necessary to focus on the factor of the social motivation and psychological peculiarities of the ability to use two or more languages for interactions.

Whorf’s linguistic relativity hypothesis

The perception of the world depends on human culture as in most cases cultural and traditional aspects influence people from their birth and it presupposes the formation of their vision of the surrounding reality based [...]

Observer’s Paradox

In cases where the interlocutor is of higher social status, the effect to the informant would be either that of aspiration to illustrate same social status to that of the interlocutor's or one that is [...]

Anaphor agreement effect

In the article, the author seeks to enhance the understanding of anaphor agreement effect. To strengthen the perspective of argument marking, Shiraki shows the different roles that case and agreement play in the context of [...]


This text aims to find the correct definition of the term 'bilingual', by identifying the characteristics that define a bilingual, the distinctions caused by the different times a language is learned, and whether learning a [...]

Language Testing and Assessment

Extensive reading will also enable the learner to develop an affinity to the second language and; hence, will be able to master the use of the language in context.


This is because learning the second language involves learning new things or aspects about the language. The third and last phase is a product of first and second language learning.

Mandarin Chinese

Teacher's Evaluation of Student Performance Assessment is an inherent component of a learning process and teacher's task here is to be consistent in marketing students' achievement pursuant to the material as well as approaches to [...]


The dimensions of variations in the sociolinguistic paradigm includes the adoption of theoretical aspects such as the concept of function, stylistic and social meaning, variation and linguistic change, bi-directional relations between the synchronic and the [...]

Creative Ways of Teaching the Grammar

At this point, the teach calls it "the end" of the first round, helps the students to identify the remaining mistakes if any and call for the second group which will be assigned a new [...]