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Languages Essay Examples and Topics

The Cultural Styled Approach

Moreover, in the study of language, this approach can be quite beneficial, in the sense that, it better encourages the accommodation of foreign languages and cultures as opposed to the deficit model, because to a [...]

Bilingualism in Canada

However, the code-switching of language words between English and French have raised concerns of the French standard in Canada, particularly in Quebec. The effectiveness of French speaking programs in Canada is unknown.

Encoding Manner and Result Verbs

Besides verbs expressing the manner in which an action is carried out, English language has variety of verbs that encode the result of an action, but not the manner of achieving this result.

Syntax-Semantic Roles

In the sentence "The boy hit the ball," The ball is the patient because the action of hitting affects it directly.

Modals in Different Varieties of English

I have used the corpora of English language to investigate the frequency of use of modals in different varieties of English though the primary purpose of the research was to compare and contrast the findings [...]

What is a Language

Therefore, the grammar of a language is a description of the rules of the language, rules of a kind that human beings are innately disposed to learn.

Code Switching and Code Mixing

Suwito in Sutana says that "in the phenomenon of code mixing the dependent characteristics are indicated by the relationship between the function and role of language.

Forensic linguistics

The legal processes indicated above ranges from proceedings in the courts to investigations conducted by the police and also to the management of prisoners.

English and Politics

The use of conjunctions is also altered by introducing other words in addition to the conjunction to make it a phrase.

Beowulf: Role of Women

Female characters in Beowulf are very important, as they help to understand of the entire poem and also the culture of the people in ancient times.

Figurative language

In many of the educational facilities, there is a misguided notion that these students will automatically fit into the society in their institutions through their interaction with the natives, but this often results to miscommunication [...]

Formal Written English is disappearing

Various research reports indicate that students are aware of the effects of the slang and formulated short-hand form of communication on the academic skills and formal writing, but in most instances, they are often not [...]

Definition: What is news?

Its purpose is to update on the latest state of a news item. Therefore, a fitting definition of news is an item of communication through mainstream, official and personal means of communication that passes on [...]

Scholarly Scripts

Writing tasks based on individual understanding of a subject have been utilized to train students in writing skills. Academic writing principles were not to be dispensed at any level of scholarly writing assignments.

The role of morphemes in the English language

For example, in the television show "A Charlie Brown Christmas", the cartoonist Charlez Schulz presented a scenario, in which Linus tells Charlie Brown: "Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you are the Charlie [...]