Language Development Essay Examples and Topics

Language Evolution in Human Being

Abstract Language is one of the defining factors that differentiate human beings from animals. The ability of human being to use clear structured words instead of random sound used by animals makes human being unique. However, it is interesting to know how the language came into existence. It is interesting to know how the language […]

Language Intervention – Accents and Dialects

Introduction Language of any culture has over the year’s undergone changes in varying degrees. This is due to the change in lifestyles that has seen new vocabularies introduced into the existing language. Such alterations have contributed to the rise of dialects in the respective languages used across the world. While most people believe that an […]

Cultural Sensitivity and Language Use

The use of words and symbols is the primary source of communication. From the time we are born, we are taught to verbally express our thoughts and feelings through language. The tone and choice of words used can differ given the context of the situation; however it remains the constant tool of expression. Cultural beliefs […]

The Classical Arabic and The Colloquial Dialects: Where the Line Is Drawn

Introduction There are numerous languages that are used in different parts of the world for communication. Arabic is one of them. It is spoken by many people in the world and mostly by countries in Middle East and the northern parts in the continent of Africa. In total, around 24 countries use this language as […]

Language and Time

Language is a critical tool in the humanities and social sciences. It would be impossible to study communication arts, history, philosophy, religion and the classics if one will deprive himself of this tool. Language is the key that opens the door in the study of humanities. However, the same thing can be said when it […]

Testing in Language Teaching

Language testing stands for the identification of the level of a learner’s preparation to use their language skills and knowledge in real life situations and environments. Testing is an essential part of teaching a language and should not be viewed as a separate activity. Since the result is crucial in teaching, an educator is to […]

Suitability of a First Secondary English Textbook

Introduction English language is considered a foreign language in the Kingdom of Saud Arabia (KSA). Learners are introduced to the English language using EFL teaching materials at the sixth grade in public schools and at kindergarten to students who attend private schools. Teaching materials for EFL in the KSA are developed by the ministry of […]

Teaching and Testing the English Vocabulary

ESL is the acronym for English as the Second Language. It is usually a program that helps foreigners in English speaking countries to learn the language in a systematic way. The students are typically learning the basics of the language so that they can have confidence in their accomplishments career wise. They also learn some […]

English Language Learners

English language learners have a diverse range of needs that should be met by educators. This paper is aimed at examining the way in which my school supports these students as well as their parents. In particular, it is necessary to compare the current strategies against the best practices recommended by researchers. Overall, it is […]

Teaching the Spoken Language

Introduction English is the most widely spoken language in the world today. Stemming from the British Empire dominance in the early days of civilization, former colonies of Britain either adopted English as their official language or as their second most important language after some indigenous languages. Because its used in international instruction, learning English as […]

Defining Features of Language for Specific Purposes and Changes in Concerns since the 1980s

Introduction Language for Specific Purposes (herein referred to as LSP) can be conceptualised as one of the major branches of applied linguistics (Hyland, 2002). To this end, this sub- branch of applied linguistics has been used as a reference to two major realms in the field. The first area focuses on “…….the needs in education […]

Translation Strategies

Abstract Considering translation has a strong effect on various audiences, several researchers have come out to explore the appropriate manner of translating audio-visual contents into subtitles. This study sums up the findings of such researchers, through a keen focus on the movie Bad boys two and comprehensively, it articulates that, for producers to write the […]

“Across cultures, English is the word”

The text is responding to a situation whereby English language is facing challenges in such a way that it is not clear whether it is a global language. There are instances in the text when the author is agreeing that English language has massively evolved into a major global language (Mydans, 2007). However, the author […]

The History of the Endangered Languages and the Ways of Their Preservation

Introduction The problem of language preservation is very important nowadays. There are 6800 languages on the Earth but many of them may disappear if people will not take the necessary steps in order to save them. The problem of language disappearance is urgent in many countries of the world. The problem is studied by many […]

Typical and Atypical Language Development

Introduction This essay describes language theory and development including typical and atypical language development. The first part analyzes major theories that relate to language development and provides illustrations on how exceptional conditions can interrelate with people’s experience with and use of language. In the second part, the essay describes how language and culture can interact […]

Standardization of language

Necessity is the mother of all invention, this is a common phrase and it applies to language. The need to communicate led to the development of languages. With time, these languages have developed to suit the requirements and preferences of the people. These changes are responsible for the various languages and accent that are available […]

English Language Power and Variation

Introduction Language is an important tool in our everyday interaction with other people. There are thousands of languages used all over the world and English has emerged as the most widely used language. While in the past a person did not have to master languages outside his native one, the 21st century has been characterized […]

English as a dominant language

Introduction It has been argued on more than one occasion that the dominant position taken by the English language is more than just a matter of language. Some people feel that it also has a lot to do with political and economic domination, a claim that has been refuted by yet another cross-section of people […]

Language Exploration: Spanish and English

Similarities in Spanish and English English and Spanish languages have a lot of similarities .Both share common nouns and especially the names of items. For example, the noun insect in English is insecto in Spanish and professor in English is profesor in Spanish. Some words in Spanish are also synonymous in English. Besides, some of […]

English as a Global Language

Introduction In today’s society, the role that communication plays in all facets of life cannot be overstated. Man’s ability to interact and plan for the present and future is purely based on the basic fundamentals of communication (Crystal, 2003). As such, communication in whatever capacity is the key determinant to the success or failure of […]

The Argument on the Specific Roles of Language, Knowledge, and Ideology

The connection between ideology, reason, knowledge, and language is discussed by many researchers because of the necessity to look at the role of relations between knowledge and language as the specific social power. These relations are discussed by Gary Peller within the social context, and the author states that knowledge, truth, objectivity, and reason can […]

Theories of the Language Evolution

It is not certain when language was originally evolved. It is a subject that has not yet reached any consensus, even though scholars have been trying hard to draw inferences from various indications. One of the theories of the language evolution suggests that during the prehistoric era, language evolved as an adaptation to change; a […]

English as a Global Language

English language is one of the most widely used languages in the whole world in spite of the fact that there are many languages. As much as all the other languages are important for various reasons, English language is important because it helps in uniting the whole world. Consequently, most parts in the world today […]

Evolution in the English Language

English is now indisputably an international language. It even has a new acronym: ELF, or English as a Lingua Franca. However, unlike French or Latin, the original LFs only of the European world, English is literally everywhere, and is the default language for many industries and fields of study and employment. Whether you are travelling, […]

The Role of Languages

In her short essay “Mother Tongue”, Amy Tan discusses the idea that the English language can become a significant tool to divide people within the society because of their proficiency in the language and because of using “the different Englishes” (Tan 46). From this point, weak language skills can limit a person’s possibilities in life […]

Getting Tongue-Tied: When the English Language Starts Dominating

Introduction: The Domination of the English Language There is no surprise that the role of the English language has increased considerably over the past few decades. Being an international means of communication, English has become the tool that bridges cultures. However, when it comes to English and the national minorities inhabiting the USA, the domination […]

Language Development Analysis

Though what has led to language and speech difficulties in Autism is yet to be established, many medical practitioners opine that the problem comes as a result of a situation which happened during, after, or before birth period that interfered with brain growth. This problem normally hinders children’s capability to interact with and predict the […]

Conservative and liberal languages

The conservative language thus creates an image of fear convincing people that any other path aside from its own will lead to a bad end while the liberal language, on the other hand, presents people with the promise of an uncertain future yet one where all are free to be who they are. As the […]

English as a Global Language

Global languages have been in existence for many years. They have been outweighing each other for top position as lingua francas. Latin and Greek for example, have once had their fair share as lingua francas. Latin, which played a key role in the domination and expansion of the Roman Empire, was spoken far across Europe […]

Does Global English Mean Linguistic Holocaust?

It is not difficult to find examples of the extinction of languages in the wake of the introduction of English. On every continent, there is some region where colonial English has apparently supplanted or wiped out the indigenous linguistic forms. Furthermore, there is ample evidence that languages are going extinct today at a rapid and […]

Language Development in early childhood

Introduction Language development refers to the process of deliberate communication using sounds, gestures, or symbols which can be understood by other people (Machado, 1985). Language is double perspectives process which forms the basis for other forms of learning. These two aspects include communicating information, and listening to others (Training Module, 2007). Existing theories acknowledge early […]

Language and Its Relation to Cognition

Introduction Any language starts its existence when a child learns to speak it. The abilities of children are really great; they can remember new words and their meanings, they find the necessary ways to use proper words and structures, and they comprehend all the necessary information properly. Language has been already studied for plenty of […]

Effects of Text Messaging on English Language

Introduction The written segment of literature and language forms an integral part in our language and culture. Through writing, man has been able to communicate his ideas. In addition, writing has developed to be one of the most efficient methods of storing information. It is through writing that people have managed to put down their […]

Language Accommodation

Introduction Background When a native speaker of a particular language is speaking to a person who has learnt that language as their second language, it is very common for the native speaker to try and adjust their manner of communication in order to accommodate the non-native speaker. The adjustments done could be in the areas […]

Nord’s Translation Theory: Reflective Essay

Introduction This essay focuses on the analysis of Nord’s translation theory, including its main functions and elements. It also provides the rationale for applying this model to the practical translation of the chosen article. Within this context, specific benefits and weaknesses will be identified in comparison to other theoretical studies on translation. Christiane Nord’s Translation […]

The Significance of Language: Essay on “Mother Tongue”

Introduction This essay examines the importance of language in literature, communication, and culture in general. Language, identity, and power have an interrelationship that has generated debate and discourses that affect not only an individual but also the broader community from where he comes. In this research paper, we will explore the relationship between language and […]

Language and Cultures

The cultural practices of different communities cannot exist or be understood if they are not communicated. Therefore, language is the most important tool in the growth and understanding of one’s culture. The ideas carried in a certain culture can only be communicated to the whole world through that society’s language of communication. Culture on the […]