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English as a Global Language Expository Essay

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Updated: Jul 20th, 2019

English language is one of the most widely used languages in the whole world in spite of the fact that there are many languages. As much as all the other languages are important for various reasons, English language is important because it helps in uniting the whole world.

Consequently, most parts in the world today are united because a high percentage of people have learnt to communicate in English. The issues of languages have a long history. For instance, the story of the tower of Babel has many similarities with the current situation that is facing the English language. While the English language is becoming popular and important, other local languages are vanishing as the days go by.

Therefore, the issue of English becoming an international language and preservation of other languages has become the subject of discussion. With that background in mind, this paper focuses on English language, its importance, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of multiple languages compared to having one single language.

There are some applications on the English language and other languages that can be derived from reading the story of the Tower of Babel as recorded in the book of Genesis in the Christian bible. The story of the tower of Babel came up after people who were speaking only one language united and decided to build one high tower to become famous. God was not delighted with them and he confused their languages such that they started speaking in different languages.

Due to the language confusion, they could not continue with their project and according to the Christian bible, many languages that are present in the world today came up due to the same. Therefore, it is clear that speaking one language is very important because it unites people such that they can be able to undertake a similar project. Some problems and conflicts that are in the world today result from the presence of having many languages as it happened during the time of the Tower of Babel.

As highlighted earlier, other languages are important but on a global scale, English is more important. The issue whether English language is a global language or not is contentious despite the fact that the majority of people in the whole world can communicate in it. In addition, most of the works in different areas such as sciences and literature have been written in English since the authors target meeting a large audience.

On the same note, it is important to point out that most of the works that were originally written in other languages are usually translated into English. As a result, one of the authors concluded in future, all the world literature would be referred to as the English language (Divide).

It is quite true that there is widespread use of English language in the world today but as highlighted earlier, it is not clear whether English will end up becoming a global language. Various studies have indicated that the majority in the world are learning and being taught to speak in English. However, it is important to mention that the number of people speaking a particular language is not the determining factor.

The study of illustrates that the economic as well as the military power of the speakers are usually the most important determining factors. More specifically, the study explains that military power helps in establishing the language but the economic power helps to expand it. Therefore, English may end up becoming an international language not only based on the military power of its speakers but also on their economic power (Crystal).

Although there are some advantages of having one language, it is important to preserve other languages since they are important aspects of culture. According to The Endangered Language Fund, there are about thousand languages which are spoken in the whole world and it is projected that about half of languages may disappear in the twenty first century. Therefore, it is important to perverse those languages failure to which they may become extinct.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of having multiple languages in the world. The story of the Tower of Babel clearly illustrates that having multiple languages leads to misunderstanding, which may eventually lead to conflicts. Language is an important aspect in communication and failure to understand other people does not only lead to conflicts but also lack of harmony.

Though people speaking a similar language may conflict, it is worse when people speak different languages. Secondly, having multiple languages is disadvantageous in the view of the fact that it calls for people to learn and to be taught other foreign languages. Additionally, learning other languages needs not only money but also a lot of devotion.

Currently, people who are learning foreign languages are very few indicating that is not as easy. Translation and localization of products also require additional finances. Therefore, the costs involved in preserving multiple languages as well as the conflicts that emerge from the same are some of the most important disadvantages of having multiple languages.

In the view of the fact that language is an important aspect of culture, it is quite advantageous to have multiple languages since they mark cultural diversity. As much as human beings have had many inventions, studies of Divide indicate that of all the human inventions, language is the greatest.

There are several things concerning culture that can only be learnt and preserved by local languages, which are inclusive but not limited, customs, beliefs, norms and cultural values. Therefore, having multiple languages is very important because it helps in preserving the cultural heritage, which has been developed for many centuries. Apart from that, since the same creates cultural diversity, it can lead to meaningful cultural competition, which may be very beneficial.

The essay has indicated that there are both advantages and disadvantages of multiple languages compared to a single language. Currently, most of the languages are vanishing due to the emergence of international languages, which are becoming very popular. English is an important language in the whole world although the issue whether it is an international language or not is contentious. However, based on its speakers, it is clear that the language is quickly turning out to be important on the global scale.

Most of the English speakers are from the western world like the Americans and they are powerful not only politically but also economically. Study of history indicates that the international languages, which existed in the past like Latin and Greek, are marked by political and economic power. Therefore, if the current trend will continue, English will become an international language.

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