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English Language Learners Exemplification Essay

English language learners have a diverse range of needs that should be met by educators. This paper is aimed at examining the way in which my school supports these students as well as their parents.

In particular, it is necessary to compare the current strategies against the best practices recommended by researchers. Overall, it is possible to argue that such students should be supported by various professionals working in educational institutions. This thesis should be elaborated in greater detail.

First, it is critical to have school-wide commitment to the needs of students who are not native speakers of English. To some degree, this requirement is met in my school because the linguistic background of learners is considered by educators who do not teach English or literature. For example, one can speak about educators teaching mathematics, biology, or history.

They often modify their instructional methods when they interact with such students. However, this requirement is not met by all teachers. Some of them are not willing to consider the difficulties faced by these people. This is one of the challenges that should not be overlooked by school administrators.

In turn, it is establish connections to the culture and home of immigrants. For instance, the parents of these people should be able to express their views about education. The partnership with these stakeholders is important for the successful educational outcomes of students. In my school, the parents of immigrant children have this opportunity.

This argument is particularly relevant to individuals who speak Spanish. However, in some cases, a parent may find it difficult to communicate with educators, especially if they speak languages that are not widespread in the United States. Therefore, their children may have to act as translators. This is one of the main problems that parents and students struggle with.

Apart from that, it is critical to remember about the use of best methods in teaching English as the second language. In particular, one should speak about instructional practices that make English language learning both challenging and safe (Krashen & McField, 2005). In turn, they want to make sure that English language learners have an opportunity to use language for various purposes.

Moreover, they make sure that a student’s academic performance is not impaired due to their linguistic background. Additionally, the teachers often take part in the workshops that enable them to improve their instructional methods. Thus, to some degree, my school meets the standards, set for educational organizations.

In turn, my major task as a teacher is to create an environment in which students can effectively develop their English language skills. First of all, it is critical to develop a set of exercises that can enable people to elaborate their linguistic skills.

Yet, at the same time, I need to focus on the inclusion of these students (Reed, 2003, p. 36). They should not be alienated from other students. The problem is that they do not always interact with other learners; as a result, they cannot improve their command of English. Additionally, I will need to work closely with other teachers who do not know much about the linguistic education.

On the whole, these examples indicate that English language learning can be a very challenging and interesting process, especially if they are supported by the educators. The main goal is to create an environment in which English language learners are not excluded from classroom activities.

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