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Semantics Coursework

Semantics definition

Semantics is a literary field that studies meaning of signs, symbols, words, and phrases and how they are used in linguistics. It is a wide field of study which has two main branches: lexical semantics, which focuses on the meaning of words and their relations when used together, and logical semantics, which is concerned with references, sense, implication and presupposition.

Semantic properties refer to the parts of linguistic units that give its elements meaning of words or phrases. The property deals with the other meanings associated with the part, or any ambiguity resulting from the relation of the words in the phrase.

Semantics is essential since it determines how language users acquire a sense of meaning for different linguistic elements. It also determines how users understand the change in language over time, also referred to as semantic shift, and how languages are utilized in any social context. A group of words or a phrase that has been used to refer to the same object or concept is called a semantic field or a semantic domain, and gives meaning to a word in relation to the other phrases used together with the word.

Semantics feature analysis is a teaching technique that uses a grid to determine how a set of objects are related. This technique is the most effective in teaching kids by letting them analyze and complete the grids. This technique also enhances vocabulary and comprehension process in learning and the students are able to learn concepts while making connections.

Denotative meaning of a word is the cognitive or reference meaning that describes the central meaning associated with the word and can also change over time. Connotation is the effect the word has on someone which can either be personal or emotional. It is the basis of approved denotation, that is, a popular connotation is made a denotation that is standard over a given period of time.

The relationship between semantic development and reading and writing skills is centered on the use of words to communicate. Age is a crucial factor that determines the development of reading and writing skills. First, we note that at a young age children first seek to understand before learning to use the words or a language.

The word “Dear”

The word “dear” is a noun whose synonym is “precious”. The most important semantic property for this word is the rate at which its connotations surpass its denotation. The word means something that is costly or treasured. Some of its connotation meanings are either girlfriend or boyfriend and its use is especially common for people in a relationship.

Vocabulary instruction

Vocabulary instruction is a vital teaching technique that teaches students to read and improve their knowledge. It encompasses comprehension, fluency, word study and phonemic awareness. The understanding of how important vocabulary is to the learning process allows students to be knowledgeable about their background and enable them to have better comprehension in and out of class.

Common core standard tests have relatively detrimental impacts on vocabulary instruction, such as limited knowledge of English due to the limited exposure time provided to students as a result of studying for examinations and no broad understanding of the extensive impact of one’s vocabulary on their comprehension skills. Tests do not encourage students to explore more outside what they learn in class and worse still standard tests do not really consider the challenges of learners with disabilities.

One way of teaching vocabulary directly is by creating a word rich environment using word walls, reading a room, word jars, word books and vocabulary rings. This will enhance the ability of students to learn and retain this knowledge. Games such as boggle, Pictionary and scrabble can also be used to foster independent vocabulary learning due to their easiness to learn and remember yet at the same time they are still fun activities.

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