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Commercial Texts Selling Los Angeles Essay

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To better grasp the phenomena in Los Angeles, the author Sawhney draws the reader’s attention to the library staff, documentaries, radio talk shows, and publications that people are anxious to consume and, as a result, learn about the state of most things in the city. Los Angeles is distinguished by its analytical and staged viewpoint on technology, making the city unique (Sawhney 8). “Although a common dialogue, communal vision, and shared perspective may not be present, the city of Los Angeles sells itself exceedingly well” (Sawhney 7), making it a tourist attraction. Sawhney’s essay “Journey Beyond the Stars” explores many opinions about Los Angeles. Still, one of its key themes appears to be that Los Angeles is portrayed in specific ways in commercial texts or mainstream media. This essay seeks to make the reader understand how commercial texts make Los Angeles sell itself in today’s culture and the key features that these commercial representations leave out.

The American dream is theorized, created, experienced, and even lost in Los Angeles since the olden days. Los Angeles has heavily impacted both the spiritual and material forces of America’s development and growth. Photographs, dialogues, and other marketing channels are included to uncover the city’s culture, geography, and population. Sawhney is eager to expose the raw inconsistencies, gloomy paradoxes, and subtle ironies of the global city by unearthing the numerous forces that influence and marginalize Los Angeles. Sawhney’s essay seeks to look into how Los Angeles markets itself. One of Sawhney’s primary claims in “Journey Beyond the Stars” is that mainstream or commercial texts often show the city of Los Angeles in stereotypical ways. There are numerous distinctions in Los Angeles as it is defined as a tropical paradise with perfect weather.

Los Angeles has lots of things top-notch by selling itself, such as fascinating recreational facilities. L.A. is the world’s entertainment center, a cultural destination with more than 100 museums (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 3). The city of Los Angeles is regarded as a perfect destination with locations for tourists such as the Walk of Fame’s star-studded assemblage with almost 2,614, which are growing by one or two every month (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 3). There are also professional prospects, for instance, those offered in the burgeoning computer industry. As a result, the city promotes itself by providing an abundance of many possibilities.

In North America, the only city that has hosted the world championship twice is Los Angeles and will do so the third time in 2028 (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 4). Outside of Washington, D.C., downtown Los Angeles is the largest government center. Los Angeles is home to the state’s only intact wooden lighthouse and the state’s most historically significant theater district. In his book, Sawhney identifies the city as having a working wooden lighthouse and the largest historical theater district on the National Register of Historic Places. “Journey Beyond the Stars.” In terms of technological innovation and mechanization, Los Angeles is at the forefront (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 3). More than 24,000 art positions are available in the city, outnumbering those in New York (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 4). As such, the city is considered to be one of the most sought out in the United States

Los Angeles is at the forefront of several emerging sectors. With more than 23,000 art job opportunities, the Los Angeles metro area has surpassed New York as the most important artistic center in the country (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 3). Moreover, Los Angeles has a higher proportion of artists than New York and a larger total number of artists. The L.A. Times. Times is a newspaper based in Los Angeles, California, with almost 700,000 people employed in health services/biomedical industries and 190,000 in aerospace (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 4). The five-county region is also a key technology center with many people working in the aerospace sector.

Sawhney’s essay allows the reader to understand the city’s social, political, and cultural diversity. It also recognizes high-profile and renowned persons, writers, thinkers, and artists such as Gayatri Spivak, Mike Davis, and Deepak Chopra, who offer varied reactions to the city’s intricacies. Despite its beginnings as a shantytown on the margins of America’s manifest destiny, Los Angeles has risen many floors to become the Pacific Century’s main city (Discover Los Angeles para. 4). This can be seen in the city’s financial, digital, and cultural dominance in current culture, which appears to be unchecked.

The film, as well as other tourist attractions, depicts very attractive locations with bright skies. The west side, for example, is depicted in the “People’s guide to Los Angeles” as having gorgeous beaches and young tanned bodies shimmering on the sand (Francisco Alvarez Jr 80). This exhibit features famous photographs of Los Angeles transmitted to the rest of the globe daily via social media, television, and film. This essay focuses on the Westside of Los Angeles to better grasp the city’s prevailing narratives.

All of these appealing pictures and commercial representations of Los Angeles create attraction to the city. They also aid in luring migrants here with hopes of good health, riches, recreation, and celebrity amid the Westside’s sunshine (Fraley 50). The sun and blue skies indicate calm weather all year and a relaxed way of life. As a result, many people link Los Angeles with iconic images and numerous facilities that provide the most pleasant moments and recollections, as well as everyday celebrity interactions.

The “People’s Guide to Los Angeles” contains eye-opening alternatives to the city’s initiatives and traditional tourist spots. This essay shows that despite issues with sexuality, class, race, and gender, the city is the leader in many societal principles and considerations (Fraley 50). The book introduces readers to persons and events that have been overlooked by the mainstream media yet are important in shaping and growing Los Angeles’ history.

There are 88 incorporated communities in Los Angeles County, with populations ranging from 123 million people in Vernon to 4 million people in Los Angeles (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 4). North Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, the Eastside, the San Gabriel Valley, and the San Fernando Valley are the six regions of the city. This shows how big the city is in terms of size and how power plays a role in molding locations. Los Angeles is known for its different museums and exhibits and fascinating art and cultural events, and it is an ideal location for immersing oneself in culture and the arts. There are 225 theaters, 105 museums, and 55 spectacular structures designed by world-renowned architects in the city (“Facts about Los Angeles,” para. 4). In addition, the city is home to 17 of the world’s most beautiful gardens.

Sawhney’s essay recognizes that the city, which historically struggled with sexuality, class, race, and gender, is now at the forefront of world-class facilities and support. In conclusion, mainstream and commercial texts show Los Angeles in stereotypical ways by revealing the numerous factors that control and diminish urban areas in that city. The city sells itself by providing a plethora of exciting activities and recreation activities. In terms of technological innovation and mechanization, Los Angeles is at the forefront. The city offers a diverse range of options, from art and aviation to health and wellness.

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