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Who Killed Daniels the Detective? Essay

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Updated: Feb 4th, 2022

Everybody was left breathless after the boisterous bang had hit the floor in the elevator on the 4th floor of the ‘De Javu plaza’. Moments later, white smoke was whirling from the ground where a metallic human-like sculpture was lying. No one could tell what had just happened as everybody was rushing towards the door to escape from the perceived tragedy. With 15 passengers on board, none of them managed to get out alive. Everyone was seeking to save his or her life without minding the other although it was the only right thing to do. But who could tell what had happened in an event that took less than a minute?

Detective Steve Daniels decided to unravel the mystery surrounding the ‘De Javu plaza’ incident. From the fourth floor of the De Javu Plaza, squeaking sounds like ungreased metallic tires could be heard rolling down at the speed of light. ‘Bang,’ the elevator hit the ground like a rock from the top of a volcanic mountain. It took only about thirty minutes before the detective and his tactical team arrived at the scene. The air was filled with distress signals from the building’s security sensors and the entire building was a beehive of panic. By this time, nobody had actually figured what was happening and the police in collaboration with the rescue teams on site were having a rough time maintaining and controlling the already panicked people.

Detective Daniels is a federal agent in the Special Forces and he was the officer in command at the scene. Little was known about him since he had just assumed office. Daniels, on the other hand, was determined and dedicated to performing his duties and nothing seemed to be more important than to get to the root cause of the situation in the ‘De Javu Plaza’. As he walked past the entrance, he looked at the fatalities whose bodies were lying down lifeless with a lot of sympathies. The impact of the fallen elevator was so great for any living thing to survive. He went past the body bags and approached the reception area where the rescue team had set up their base.

The detective, a very soft-spoken and humble individual, inquired about the tragedy and as soon as he had his briefing, he decided to go up to the 4th floor and find out what was going on. His humility and simplicity passed him for a junior officer although he did not fight to show or prove his position. He was a man who believed in the phrase that says, ‘Actions speak louder than words’. When he reached the 4th floor, everyone was quite busy trying to trace the steps of events to identify what caused the elevator to lose its speed and fall at such a fatal pace. Time was of the essence and no one was available to offer any explanation to the ranking officer on site. Nonetheless, Daniels did not seem to be bothered by the way he was undermined by his juniors. He positively assumed that everybody was under pressure to rescue what they could.

Earlier on that day, the administration had reported a faulty electrical line. The people responsible for the same were however not quick to respond despite the relentless requests to rectify the situation. Apparently, the problem was caused by a truck which lost its control and smashed an electricity post which brought the electric cables into contact with each other. This occurrence led to a release of extremely high electrical charge that consequently produced a high voltage that led to the abnormal speed of the elevator. As he was moving around the 4th floor, Daniels the detective saw a fellow officer who was a junior officer approaching in his direction. His attention was drawn to this particular officer as he wondered what the officer wanted to inform him. Then, two steps away even before the junior officer could salute his commanding boss, he slid.

Upon his sliding, and as the wise saying maintains that a drowning man will catch at a straw, he stretched his hand and unfortunately ended up holding one of the naked electric wires with his bare hands. Immediately, he began to shake as his body responded to the electrical shock. Detective Daniels did not waste time calling for help rather he quickly bent down and reached for one of his colleague’s hand. He quickly pulled him off the cable and pushed him over on the ground. He had succeeded saving his life but another tragedy that changed the whole situation happened. After the rescued fellow was resuscitated, he woke up asking to speak with Daniels. Daniels the detective came in and asked to be left alone with the injured officer, he had his gun with him.

Everybody left the room and the two were left inside. This was the last time the two men were ever seen alive. Only two gunshots were heard inside the room and a message was found written on a laptop saying ‘all I wanted was to die’. The case is still unresolved and no one knows what really happened since the gun was found lying on the floor. The gun used to shoot belonged to the junior officer but had Daniels’ fingerprints. The absurdity is that if Daniels wanted the junior officer to die, he would not have risked his own life while trying to save him. On the other hand, the junior officer was wounded and too weak to shoot without missing.

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