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Senses of Yellowstone National Park Essay (Speech)

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Updated: Jun 18th, 2022

I have several favorite places in the USA, but I believe that Yellowstone National Park is the one that is really worth mentioning. I was attracted by this place because it is known almost to every person in the world, and those who visited it seem to be deeply impressed by all its beauties and mysteries. Several years ago I finally managed to encourage my whole family to go to Yellowstone on holidays. We spent a couple of days exploring its magnificent scenes and then discussed them for more than three weeks. Since that time, I am willing to go back there with my friends to have shared impressions and experiences.

This assay describes Yellowstone National Park with its unspeakable and breathtaking views using my experience and several rhetorical terms, including metaphor, personification, simile, and alliteration. Please, follow me on the way to my favorite place.

Yellowstone National Park is a place that impresses all visitors with its beautiful nature. This site is so huge that it is located in three states at the same time, so you should go by car or rent it and spend several days traveling through it if you want to see everything. The park is full of various mountains and canyons that seem to form waves in the landscape and turn it into the illimitable ocean of green plants and brown rocks. Except for that, when driving along the old road, you can literary get into the clouds, as some places of interest are very high. When you look through this milk-white pall, the world around seems to fade so that nature becomes even more bright and vivacious as you come into the sunlight.

A park is a pleasant place for plants, as it does not lack water resources. A wide range of different trees, bushes, and flowers can capture the attention of true flora lovers. Along with the rivers, waterfalls, and geysers, they create an unspeakable atmosphere that can be experienced only in Yellowstone.

They sing songs together, share emotions, and complain about the things they do not like, as the wind changes. Water and plant music mean much for this park, as it allows the visitors to listen to Yellowstone’s heart beating. The sounds of volcanoes and geysers resemble one’s sniffing and blowing, representing the park as a slipping monster that is extremely dangerous when it wakes up but enormously adorable while watching dreams.

Being a reservation, Yellowstone tends to leave the environment in its natural state, not affected by human beings and their technologies. Unlike all those zoos that you can visit in your hometown where animals are held in cages and aviaries, the park provides an opportunity to get acquainted with different species of ungulates, fish, and birds. Personally, I had a chance to pet a real bison that was fearless enough to come close. Its harsh and thick wool cannot be compared to that any domestic animal has, which allows us to feel how the worlds of freedom and domestication differ even within one country. A lot of animals that leave in Yellowstone National Park got used to people around and are not afraid of them. Thus, it is even possible to touch the rough and hard antlers of elks that walk nearby.

It is impossible to call Yellowstone an ugly place that has nothing interesting to see; however, some sites in the park are full of sulfur and smell as a rotten egg, which affects people’s impressions adversely. Unfortunately, the odor is mainly gathered near the things that attract visitors’ attention, such as the Mud Volcano.

Even near the geysers, one cannot enjoy the smell of freshwater or grass because of the high degree of sulfur impregnation. Still, they say that several years ago the Park Service decided to implement changes to cope with this drawback. They started to dispense air freshener in order to make this odor not so unpleasant and noticeable, which appealed to the majority of the visitors. Even though the small remained, you should not be frightened by this fact, as some territories of Yellowstone reveal the true fresh scent of nature.

The majority of the visitors come to Yellowstone for several days that is why the Park Services made sure that everyone can have an opportunity not to stay hungry and find a huge variety of different products both in shops and restaurants. My family cooked for itself almost always so that the taste of Yellowstone does not really differ to me from the other places in the USA. Even in the restaurant, you can order a dish that represents international cuisine and is not extraordinary.

It is strictly forbidden to hunt in the park so Yellowstone is not the place where you can try one of the representatives of the fauna. Still, I recommend you to order fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season in the states. I am looking forward to seeing Yellowstone National Park again because it has an inexhaustible source of nature’s wonders.

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