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The Concept of Audience in Writing Reflective Essay

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Updated: Jun 25th, 2018

The writers, who want impress everyone with their skills to present effective essays, should take into consideration the concept of audience from the very beginning of the writing process.

Any type of writing may be easily failed in the audience is ignored or misunderstood (Sant, 2004), this is why it is necessary to keep in mind whom you are writing to and what purposes should be achieved at first. While writing personal narrative essay or persuasive essays, first of all, I try to consider two issues: those people, who will read my essay, and the thought, which may appear in their minds after reading my works.

The concept of audience is crucially important for writing both persuasive and personal narrative essays: it is necessary to evaluate audience’s level of knowledge, their abilities to affect your pieces of writing, and predict how the audience may accept information, presented in your essays.

When I started writing my persuasive narrative essay about the most challenging days in my life, I developed two types of audience for this essay: one of them were all those, who would read this work, and another was I, myself. I comprehended that writing a persuasive narrative essay turned out to be important for me as well as for those, who should read it. The readers got an opportunity to learn something more about my personality, my experience, and the situations I got into.

With the help of this essay, I could share the ideas of how to cope with the challenges and achieve success in different school activities, I could train and even improve my writing skills, and finally, I got a chance to evaluate my past once again to make my future better.

So, I realized that the concept of audience was extremely important for my personal narrative essay, and proper selection of the audience made me define how to write the process of writing:

(1) I should to underline why the chosen topic could be interesting to the others;

(2) I should clearly identify what the main themes would be in the essay;

(3) I should promote the readers to continue reading and assure them that my story could be helpful for them. By means of clearing up the audience, I provide myself with a kind of brief plan for writing.

Also, when I thought about the audience, I took into account the level of readers’ knowledge in order to decide what style of writing I should choose for my essay. I thought that my essay could be interesting not only for the tutors, who should evaluate my work and give me a grade, but also for those students, who faced the same or similar to mine challenges and wanted to find the solution, or even for myself, because with time, when I read this paper, I would realize how inconsiderable the problems used to be.

Another type of writing, I faced with not long time ago, was a persuasive essay. This kind of essay promotes rather a serious work, because even not strong enough topic may fail the whole work. The idea of terrorism came to my mind from the very beginning: the events of September 11th, 2001 were still fresh in my mind, and I had a burning desire to speculate upon this topic in my essay.

When I sat down to write my essay, I thought about the people, to whom my essay could be addressed, so, once again the concept of the audience became significant in my writing. Such topics like terrorism, human suffering, international relations, and wars have to be discussed at different ages, because even young students have to comprehend how important their participation in these fields can be.

I wanted to attract the attention of different people to my essay about terrorism and persuade them that participation of each citizen would be encouraged somehow. I just imagined that my essay would be available for any person of this world and tried to identify who would be more interested in the information, presented here.

First of all, any student could read my work, and I should persuade him/her that personal freedom should not negatively affect the fight against terrorism. Second, tutors, who would read my work, should realize that my points of view had solid background and I could logically present any idea. Finally, an ordinary citizen could read my essay, and I should involve him/her in the discussion about terrorism and about his/her role in interrelations, which may take human lives.

When I selected the audience for my persuasive essay, I comprehend that my writing should not be fulfilled with difficult terms to help any reader comprehend my ideas; several evidences should make my essay more powerful and persuasive; and, finally, I should use our everyday challenges in order to prove that terrorism arose somewhere near, within our society, and people should be ready to fight against it and not to develop it to the international level.

In general, the concept of audience in writing takes a very important place. When the writer thinks about the audience from the very beginning, he/she provides him/herself with a chance to create a brief plan of ideas, choose proper style of writing, and comprehend why this work will be important.

In my persuasive and personal narrative essays, I consider the audience, because such consideration helps me to understand that my writing will be interesting and even crucially important for someone. And when I realize that my words may change someone mind for better, I try to present the best work of mine and amaze the audience as better as possible.

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Sant, T. (2004). Persuasive Business Proposals: Writing to Win More Customers, Clients, and Contracts. New York: AMACOM, Division of American Management Association.

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