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Writing Skills and Knowledges Essay

General Overview of my work during the past semester

During the past semester, I managed to undertake three key projects in the English class for the international students. The first project entailed the process of exploring an event. I was supposed to explore any memorable event that I had ever encountered in my life. The title of my essay was The Unforgettable Day. In order to produce an excellent essay, I made two drafts of the same essay before embarking on the final essay. In addition, I did a lot of personal homework, research and preparation before working on the drafts. The final essay was well written before submitting it to the instructor.

My second project dwelt on researching and documenting a Physics concept entitled Quantum Teleportation. It was quite a challenging but interesting concept to research and put on paper. Although it was initially rather detailed and complex, I did thorough homework and research work before I could start working on the drafts. Finally, I compiled the final paper using the detailed drafts. The project was remarkably successful.

The last project I carried out during the semester entailed making an observation. We were supposed to complete the project as a team and not individuals. The project was also prepared in order to be presented as a group. The fact that it was a group work proved to be quite involving. In addition, some members of the group could not cooperate fully in the course of the project.

Discuss your best paper

My best paper was the one that explored the physical concept on quantum teleportation. From this paper, I learnt that the most basic constituents of nature have special properties different from the properties exhibited by objects with significant mass. In addition, small bits of information known as qubits can undergo quantum teleportation. The physics behind the behavior of qubits, the fundamental units that constitute quantum information, are poorly understood. However, teleportation has been physically demonstrated in several experiments. The concept relies on the theory which states that at the quantum level, a change of state of energy at one-point results in a universal reaction which is a change in all fundamental locations in the universe.

Every small movement or change of state of energy at any point in the universe has equal universal reaction. This is known as quantum non-locality. It is a proven fact that many events where changes of state of energy occur in the universe cannot be observable by human beings. However, a few special events can be monitored with scientific instruments. Quantum non-locality is observed at two or more different locations resulting into teleportation. The energy state of one point is transferred to another point without any apparent transfer of energy.

This individual project exposed and enlightened me on how natural form of energy is transferred from point to another. My best part was the research work I carried out on the paper. I was able to consult various sources and link them together into a common pool of knowledge. Moreover, this project tested my ability in organizing thoughts and ideas into one piece of coherent writing. I must admit that the project was interesting though complex in nature. Nonetheless, it enabled me to exercise critical thinking skills that I had learnt in the English class throughout the semester.

Although this project was certainly my best take during the semester, it is imperative to mention that it could still be improved. For instance, the ideas in the paper need to be supported by references from independent, credible and diverse sources. Besides, the flow of ideas as presented in the essay still need to be reorganized into paragraphs with unique thoughts.

Illustrate your development as a writer

The three projects during the semester have indeed boosted my growth and development as a writer. To begin with, I had to carry out a lot of separate research and intensive reading on each of the projects. This was necessary especially in the process of making drafts that I would use for compiling final writings. It is prudent to note that developing as a writer entails the ability to conduct research, read and write. These three attributes have been part and parcel of this course throughout the semester.

In addition, the first project on exploring an event needed critical thinking and analytical skills. Any excellent writer should be analytical and a great thinker when analyzing events. I managed to acquire the aforementioned skills although I still need to perfect on the same.

Finally, working in small groups was equally instrumental towards my development as a writer. It enabled me to acquire additional knowledge from my peers through sharing of ideas and experiences. Moreover, working together in group presentation expanded my perspective on how projects can be compiled and presented in the most appealing manner.


In summing up, it is vital to assert that the knowledge and skills in writing that I gained from this English course are indeed gainful in enhancing my future writings. I am now more confident as a writer than before I started this course. Better still, I will continually implement the writing skills and knowledge gained during this semester in perfecting the art of research and writing.

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