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Dave’s ESL Café and Graphic.org Websites Evaluation Report (Assessment)

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Updated: May 10th, 2021

The website was found in the tenth chapter (Gipe 261). The complete list of website’s characteristics can be seen below (refer to the fig. 1):

Web page credibility checklist.
Fig. 1. Web page credibility checklist (Phillips 1).

It is easy to identify the website’s owner since his name is indicated in the website’s name. Although I usually do not like when individuals name products or services after themselves, I believe this website uses the name of the owner to indicate his passion for the subject. I like this approach because it feels as if the website’s materials are a personal gift from the owner.

The website has dozens of external links that mostly provide teachers with job opportunities outside the USA or Europe (in Asia, for example). They also link various outside sources about certifications for ESL teachers. Thus, the website provides useful materials not only to students (in the form of assignments and quizzes) but also to teachers who might want to research how they can advance their careers. As a teacher, I would actively use these materials because they can serve as a clear and easy way to understand tasks; they also tackle complex and confusing themes, which is a big plus.

Grammar and correct descriptions are a must for any website, but they are an inseparable part of an ESL website because its main aim is to teach English correctly. I appreciated the website’s attention to grammar because it shows that its creator respects the café’s visitors, both native and non-native speakers. The majority of the links is also new and frequently updated (for example, job offers and teacher’s resumes). However, the problem that I identified with this job offer board is that it is only available to employers who have paid for a subscription. Still, it is understandable as the owner has to keep the website functioning.

I would not say that this website is biased toward a particular opinion because in general, it focuses on materials helpful to teachers and students. It does not support or translate any discussions that could affect users. I like the friendly tone with which instructions and topics are presented, and they are also written in English that non-native speakers will understand as well.

One could argue that the point of the website is to sell some services (i.e., promote job offers in exchange for users’ payments), but it is not its main purpose. The number of materials, tasks and interesting facts that first and foremost target students outweigh the disadvantage of paid subscriptions. Furthermore, the website provides a great forum where students can ask English-speaking teachers various questions (Dave’s ESL Café).

As to website suggestions, I think it could contain more tasks and assignments for students who have an advanced or proficient level so that they could train too. Additionally, more information about the website and the owner should be available offline. This would positively affect the website’s credibility and promote it as well. I do not think that the website can have a.gov or.edu suffix since it is a private webpage that is not directly linked to the government or educational facilities. Nevertheless, without these suffixes, the website still can be perceived as a reliable one.

: Evaluation

The website was found in the 11th chapter (Gipe 300). Its evaluation according to the website checklist can be seen in the fig. 2:

Web page credibility checklist part 2.
Fig. 2: Web page credibility checklist part 2 (Phillips 1).

Although it is easy to identify the individual who is responsible for the content, this identification is possible because the website is on sale, and the owner asks any interested persons to contact them. In my opinion, this does not support the website’s credibility as any moment it can go offline. Although as such an available contact is a positive characteristic, the fact that the website is on sale might alienate some of the users.

It is unclear whether the materials have been updated during the last six months. Their newness is not critical, but users would appreciate it if the author indicated when graphic organizers were uploaded. It is possible to assume that some of them are outdated or irrelevant.

I could not locate other websites that refer to this website, although it is mentioned in the book by Gipe (300). Due to the fact that there are plenty of online graphic organizers available, this website is not mentioned by other web pages as many of them have the same content or materials. Despite this disadvantage, I appreciate the number of available organizers that teachers can use in class.

Unlike Dave’s café, this website focuses on learning materials only and does not contain any (explicit) advertisements. It is a serious advantage as not only it is easier to locate the materials but also there is no need to pay for additional information. I have not noticed any biased opinions or discussions, which also positively affects the credibility of the website.

I would also like to point out that although it is difficult to estimate when the website was updated last time, it contains little to no broken links, which indicates that the owner still pays attention to it. It actively promotes other free websites that provide materials both for teachers and students (The Graphic Organizer). I also like it because it is easy to navigate and user-friendly (despite its somewhat stiff design).

I have several suggestions how the website could be improved. First, one could create a catalog with materials that would be easy to navigate because for now, users need to click various links to find similar organizers. Second, more information about it should be provided by other websites. To do this, the owner needs to contact other similar learner-centered online sources so that they could refer to each other. Third, users should be aware of the website’s updates and how frequently they take place. Without these indications, it is difficult to estimate what materials a teacher or a student might have seen and what are new or previously unpublished.

Another, a more global improvement, would be possible if the owner could contact other individuals who have similar websites to gain more attention on other resources. It would both promote the organizer and ensure users that it is safe to use. As the site already contains more than twenty links to external sources, it seems that it is not difficult for it to cooperate with these sources and increase its presence and recognizability online. Nevertheless, as the owner apparently aims to sell the website, I would only advise creating an archive of presented materials so that teachers and students would still have access to them when the website is sold.

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