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HSBC’s Website Evaluation Coursework

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Updated: Jun 4th, 2019

As mentioned in the literature review, it is necessary that every business organization that engages in e-marketing ensures that it has developed a strong customer loyalty. This can be achieved through an unmatched design quality of their website, quality of the service offered on line and the efforts put by the company to ensure trustworthiness.

In this respect, this paper will analyze the e-marketing services of HSBC bank and determine whether it is well developed or there are some aspects that need to be developed. The services, website and trustworthiness of the HSBC website will be used as the basis of judgment.

Website design can be a source of customer loyalty if it contains characteristics like easy navigation, how attractive in appearance the website is and the overall layout. While content is the main theme of any website, other aspects like graphics and multimedia should be given an upper hand because they make the website appealing and attractive. It also makes it easy to use.

This should work hand in hand with relevant content to ensure customer loyalty (Zhou, Lu & Wang 2009: 328). Considering this argument, it is true to argue that HSBC has tried to a large extend to employ the use of multi media. In most of the stories and articles in their website, HSBC has incorporated the use of photographs to enhance meaning.

The articles in this website are financial articles that would be the most relevant to investors who need services of HSBC. For instance, there are news on climate change and the efforts of HSBC to participate in climate control. On the other hand, they have also written on the news of their program of education betterment. All these articles are characterized by photos and multi media related to them.

Other than news articles, the website also contains every necessary information for an investor who is also their potential customer. For instance, it contains their history which would be used to assist the customer to understand how long the bank has been in service and hence ascertain how much he should trust them. The long service will show that the bank has pertinent experience to handle any financial problem.

Navigation is another factor that leads to a cemented customer loyalty (Wa 2003). The website should be designed in a way that allows the reader to easily move from one page to the other. He should also be able to see where he is headed, where he is and where he has come from.

This factor has been well incorporation in HSBC website. Starting from home page, all other pages and sections of the website are clearly specified. For instance, the website is divided into several sections including about HSBC, the newsroom, investor relations, sustainability, careers, private banking, internet banking et cetera.

While at a given point, the region on the task bar is highlighted in red. This means that one is able to identify where his location is. He can easily move to other locations because they are clearly visible on the task bar.

Personal information and security are necessary in the formation of customer loyalty in an e-commerce venture. Every customer is very concerned about the way his information will be used. As argued by Oliver (1999), it is necessary that any website has privacy and security options that allow the customer realize that his privacy is not at risk. He also has to feel that his financial information is concealed.

This is very important when it comes to HSBC. Being a bank, the information necessary for efficient services might be very sensitive. For HSBC to ensure that its customers are safe and secure, they have developed a slot for internet banking. This part provides options for security of the client on the website.

Before logging onto one’s account, there are several privacy and security protocol that has to be followed. The client is required to provide a user ID which is necessary for security purposes. By developing this, HSBC was determined to ensure that the clients would feel safe and ready to invest their money into the bank.

Color is an important aspect of a website (Cyr, Head & Larios 2009). Good coloring can play the role of attracting customers and retaining their attention. In this respect, HSBC has ensured that this factor is strongly considered. Throughout the website, red color has been used extensively.

Apart from being the main color of the bank, the color red is sharp and can easily attract the reader of the website. Graphics, words and photos in this website contain a dominant red color (HSBC 2011). The consistence of red is therefore a deliberate effort to ensure that the readers are attracted and retained on the website. It is also a form of retaining customer loyalty.

Offered services also play towards ensuring that customer loyalty is confirmed. Quality services ensure that a buyer of the services or goods has the intention to buy again from that organization (Wa 2003). Quality services in terms of security, privacy and website accessibility are fundamental to customer loyalty. In the HSBC website, the quality of services is undoubtedly of quality. Every service offered is clearly outlined.

The services are not only easily accessible but also attractive. When one decides to use a given service, the website offers friendly services that offer privacy and security. Quality services also involve the determination of the type of clients who require the services and hence developing special pages for the different requirements. In HSBC, there is a clear distinction for the different clients.

For instance, there is a page for personal customers, business customers and corporate and institutional customers. Under these pages, there are further divisions for further diversity. The website has put into consideration the differences in requirements for people in the US, UK and China. Each of these groups has its special page.

Finally, transactional and informational trust is what leads to customer loyalty. As argued by Corritore, Kracher & Wiedenbeck (2003), trust and trustworthiness are different terms. Trust emanates from the buyer while trustworthiness from the seller. Therefore, a good website must ensure that it instills trust in the client as a result of its trustworthiness.

As mentioned earlier, every aspect of transaction and information that a client at HSBC offers is well backed by security and privacy options (HSBC 2011). Through these, a client is able to realize that HSBC is not just another scam on the internet. In addition, the client will realize that his information would not get to a third party hence placing his finances into likelihood of being stolen.

As a result, HSBC has ensured that every aspect of its website conforms to the expectations of an appropriate website. This includes the use of good web design, easy accessibility, use of graphics and multimedia, employment of proper information and availability of security and privacy options.

As a recommendation, HSBC should try to further improve their website through inclusion of other graphics. Other than pictures and photographs, decorative words should be further included. In addition, they could further improve their website through addition of investment news.

Most of the potential clients are investors making investment news one of the best catching strategy. By doing this, they will increase the traffic to their website and also customer loyalty.

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