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Web Design Essay Examples and Topics

The Business Insider Website’s Evaluation

The design of the website will also be evaluated to determine how different sections are arranged, and if this makes it easy for visitors to browse the website.

Wikispaces Website’s Usability Evaluation

The results of the study showed that the website provides a good interactive platform that guides new and experienced on how to navigate to the desired webpages with little effort.

Lowes.com and Homdepot.com: User Interaction

Despite the presence of the basic elements and purpose of the online application, the websites fail to meet the users' needs in terms of presenting a variety of products of sale, which does not relate [...]

World Resources Institute’s Website Analysis

Since WRI intends to use its website to achieve the desired effect on the user, it, therefore, incorporates multimedia tools, the use of color, and the choice of words in the written text.

User Interface Usability on E-Commerce Platforms

Through the study of Suh & Chang, it was noted that complications in online user interfaces, especially in the case of E-commerce platforms) lowered the likelihood of application patronage or even the possibility of a [...]

CompleteQuarters Website Design

The first step that was considered in the design of the CompleteQuarters website was the definition of the purpose of the web site in question.

Gansevoort and Pennsylvania Hotels’ Websites

Almost every hotel or has a website that is designed to market the hotel. New York's Hotel Pennsylvania homepage contains pictures and advertisements for the offers the hotel has.

Johnson & Johnson Career Web Site Analysis

Nevertheless, a professional Web site must observe the guiding philosophy of aesthetic features, navigability, and functionality of the Web site. Web site designers for Johnson & Johnson applied the concept of Web site navigation during [...]

Personal Blog Design and Content Planning

As such, the site's main goal is to entertain people through a look at Jerry's life and by presenting various types of videos in what can only be described as "cheap comedy".

IBM.com Website and Human-Computer Interaction

The website even indicates software products, which are on offer and the savings in terms of percentage that the buyer would be entitled to when he/he buys the products online.

IBM Website and Human-Computer Interaction

Concurrently, it considers features of the website, discerns both positive and negative aspects of the website, captures opinions of other parties regarding the usability of the website, and provides appropriate recommendations relevant in this context.

The Avalon Project: Historical Website Analysis

On the footer is the physical address of the library and links to other administrative pages of the website. Among the prominent tabs on the navigation bar, at the bottom of the page, are links [...]

Creating a Kid Friendly Social Media Site

The goals of the site will determine the type of discussions to be held on the site. This stage involves putting down the specific content required for the site and the technology required to ensure [...]

Job Sites for Canadian Business School Graduates

Although Indeed.com is a very valuable resource, Monster.com seems a much better choice because of a better arrangement of information and the tools suggested for the users to adjust the search process to their needs.

Uber and Lyft Websites’ Design Evaluation

The analysis finds that the Uber website is much more superior to the Lyft website in terms of coverage. According to Leger, the usability of a website is reflected in the volume of traffic the [...]

Airbnb Website Design, Its Pros and Cons

The website is one of the primary channels of fostering the mission and vision of institutions. The design of the Airbnb website has numerous advantages.

Cascading Style Sheet Design

CSS design gives the designer a chance to switch the background image with another image during the design process. This is the hybrid design of both low-content and medium-content CSS designs.

Internet Communication and Graphic Design

To get a definition of graphic design and an understanding of the pieces of work that is produced by graphic designers To understand the extent to which the internet can help graphic designers in training [...]

Internet Art and the Introduction of Interactivity

For example, when examining the types of internet art created during the onset of the popularity of the internet such as the work of Claude Closky, Tim Rollins and Kristin Lucas it can be seen [...]

Interior Plants Density

The regulations require the designer to comply with the standards set by referring to guidelines for Indoor Environmental Quality in the new International Green Construction Code. The project elective clarifies the proposed changes and improves [...]

Rationale and Interactivity Design

The propagation of wireless technology has brought in a variety of mobile devices such as the Personal Digital Assistants and the wireless handheld phones that have a wide range of applications such as video messaging, [...]

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Users of a web site need to know the person they are dealing with in any activity they get involved in,the persons credentials,values,beliefs and ideologies that are captured in the process of web design.

The Concept of Metadata

Metadata is also used in the extraction and maintenance of information. It provides insight on the ways of creating data, the reasons for the data and the date of creation.

Interaction Design

The interaction designer is able to identify the needs of the users by first understanding the tasks that the users will be undertaking while using the system.
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