Web Design Essay Examples and Topics

The Importance of Graphic Design Related to Internet Communication

Abstract Graphic design has significantly proved an important and integral component in relation to internet communication. Despite the different definitions of graphic design, the discipline has proved the fundamental worth in online communication in a world that has increasingly embraced the internet, merging the virtual and the real world into virtual reality. That is evident […]

Cascading Style Sheet Design

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) has been significant in styling Web text. However, CSS is now crucial in “positioning and styling content at all levels related to local, global, or in-line” (Eccher, 2011). Effective application of the CSS design can ensure that a single CSS document can control all styles of the entire Web site. CSS […]

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

According to Morrison, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of organizing and generating building data throughout the growth of a project. Indeed, BIM is an actual-time, three dimensional, vibrant building modeling computer systems where business people can enhance productivity during generating constructions and designs functions (2003, p.4). Actually, this process generates BIM that connects […]

Graphic Design in the Internet Communications: Let the Art Envelop the Whole World

The Importance of Graphic Design Related to Internet Communication Since recently, Internet and its specifics have become an integral part of people’s everyday lives, making the boundary between the virtual reality and the everyday world merge to a practically unnoticeable line. However, it cannot be denied that, despite the seeming similarity, the real and the […]

Discussion of the use and relevance of this architectural development process for some application of interest

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) TOGAF Architecture Skills Framework has benefits and relevance in reducing time, risks associated with training, hiring and managing IT system in professional manners. TOGAF makes communication system simple between employment agencies and organizations. It also reduces time wastages during interviews. TOGAF is also relevant in reducing time and costs […]

Role of Architecting in Capability Based Planning

Capability-based planning (CBP) entails the process of planning, delivering, and engineering of strategic business capabilities in an enterprise. This process is business oriented and mobilizes the requisite resources and efforts in every line of business to offer the desired capabilities. CBP incorporate various business models and is applicable in organizations where latent capabilities are essential […]

Internet Communication and Graphic Design

Introduction Wendy and Kati (2002) observe that the invention of the internet is considered to be one of the greatest invention and innovation in the 20th century. The internet has improved the way people communicate and accomplish different tasks. It is one of the greatest tools of communication which enables users to reach a wider […]

Internet Art and the Introduction of Interactivity

Thesis statement: The development of internet art is based on the thematic changes of the internet itself and is not based on outside cultural influences. When examining internet art, it can be seen that similar to physical art that undergoes stylistic trends and modifications over the years, internet art has also undergone an evolution towards […]

The Design and Limits of Company Website

Introduction Background of the study Often, emerging businesses demands information flow and dimensional communication systems modeled in websites. Websites are an essential tool for marketing, purchase, recruitment, customer services, and communication. Across the globe, small, median and large business organizations have embraced the essence of owning a website from which all its activities are centralized. […]

Interior Plants Density

Introduction There are varieties of codes regulating the design and construction of buildings and building interiors. There are also a number of standards and federal laws that regulate buildings and construction industry. The regulations require the designer to comply with the standards set by referring to guidelines for Indoor Environmental Quality in the new International […]

Rationale and Interactivity Design

Introduction The propagation of wireless technology has brought in a variety of mobile devices such as the Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and the wireless handheld phones that have a wide range of applications such as video messaging, three-dimensional games and other software. A mobile device such as an iPhones or a tablet PC incorporates various […]

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design

Web design is defined as the skills behind the creation of presentations. These are presentations of content particularly in the form of hypertext and also hypermedia. The presentations created by this art are then delivered to the target group by the use of World Wide Web. The end-user or clientele usually gets the contents by […]

The Concept of Metadata

The concept of metadata has gained popularity. Creation of videos and photography make use of metadata. It is also used in web pages and in a library to archive information. The metadata must always meet worldwide standards. Metadata is well structured using established schemes like models and standards of metadata. It has three categories. They include descriptive, structural, and […]

Interaction Design

The field of interaction design is very crucial to organizations that use the Internet to market their items and services. The efficiency of a web site rests on the skills of the interaction designer because he or she is the one who can make it draw attention from users or otherwise turn them away. Any […]